TheBitBag: Video Game Warzone #86

On this episode of the Warzone:

PR nightmares
Halo Reach MP video
EA Event
Red Dead Redemption MP
Final Fight DRM

Gang Starr
Moment Of Truth
"In Memory Of"

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OOG2920d ago

Pretty good episode. Lets you see how it to deal with some of the companies when getting ready for E3 etc. Also we got to hear about some NBA JAM!!! for the Wii... sounds like a blast from the past.

OOG2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

ty for the disagree... I feel sad inside now :*(....

Anyway enjoy the show!

MS deff needs a better community team again....

Also RED DEAD FTW! cant wait

Persistantthug2919d ago

If anyone disagrees or has there own better alternative, I would very much like to hear your option-opinions so I can check it out.

Seriously though, these guys really do have something here.

R_19932919d ago

What makes it so awesome is that it's very well argued, and usually they all have different opinions about different topics.