Xbox-Twitter Who?

TGH Writes:

"Are you an Xbox 360 owner? If so, you probably have seen the Twitter application on the dashboard, or perhaps even have a Twitter account you frequent online. But, did you know that on the site, there are many Xbox personnel who can keep you up to date on the latest news, support and even giveaways! Here, we run through the most important and prominent figures in the community. "

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mittwaffen3067d ago

too slow; i spend like 4 minutes loading it up before i can tweet/

Wizziokid3067d ago

4 minutes?? What speed is your internet?? take me about 30 seconds to load the data.

AliTheBrit193067d ago

Probably your speed then buddy

Becuase my Twitter app loads almost instantly, never had a problem, same with Facebook.

EvilBlackCat3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

That is what i call "Trolling a la Loyalist"

WhittO3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

30 seconds to load tweets ? lol

Still, good having Twitter and Facebook apps, despite what negatives they have.

MS and Sony should include Firefox on their consoles! They could help make a console specific interface etc.

The Great Melon3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )


Microsoft put Firefox in their console?! Blasphemous! They would never do such a thing.

WhittO3067d ago

Ye haha, but atleast IE, even that is better than no browser at all (....only JUST)

Corepred43067d ago

i'm sorry man but that post sounded gay! lmao
"too slow; i spend like 4 minutes loading it up before i can tweet/ "
lmao!! maybe its just me but everything about twitter and "tweeting" sounds stupid.

mittwaffen3066d ago

I dont save the log in because little kids use it; I mean -that plus getting a keyboard to use with it......
Its easier to do on your phone and pc - facebook/twitter is crap compared to the other options.

Like give me a break; if you twitter you have a cellphone- why not just pull it out of your pocket instead of using the inferior method?

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ShadyDevil3067d ago

Twetdeck. Its a lot better than the actual site.

3067d ago
MaximusPrime3067d ago

been doing that on ps3 long before xbox 360 started it.

jashwin3067d ago

same here. The only thing I now want is mkv support and firefox on my ps3..but thats never gonna happen :(

MaximusPrime3067d ago

obviously someone who disagreed with me never own a PS3..

Brklynty13067d ago

Its much better on a smartphone, but I guess having it on consoles isn't so bad.

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