Where the Xbox 360 went wrong

Whoops, there is a problem with the console failing in significant numbers after all, said a reluctant Microsoft this week. So what is the cause? Charles Arthur investigates...

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Also Known As3843d ago

why N4G allows articles from questionable websites that may be created by the sony camp be approved i'll never understand.

coolmatrix3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

NO RECALL but lots of MARKS to buy this crap

And here...

Too bad for you LOSERs that keep buying crap...


jromao3842d ago

Don't we see here in N4G, 24 hours a day, news trying to "kill" PS3 power and sales, some news repeated, who is paying for them ??

You get worried about articles where the truth about xbox 360
and the crap MS sell to gamers ??

I posted long time ago here in some article that "time will speak the truth", now it's the time, PS3 is at this point rising, E3 trashed a lot of that infamous news about PS3, and the near future will be enough to see PS3 spreading.

Mycococo3842d ago

it is really hard to fathom how you could possibly question how bias this site is and place the blame on the ps3 and its fans. YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT FREQUENT THIS SITE! you got it mixed up all the bias comes from the xbox camp.

oh and this is what i have to bring out about the article...
"Moore repeated his insistence that the Xbox division will move into profit next year; having shovelled the billion-dollar faults back into 2007."
most likely in 08 they will rlease a new version of the 360 to ramp up sales...but wii will have a reitteration and the ps3 will be fanless with65nm chips just like the 360.

sony fan3842d ago

Even though they have extended the warranty ever since the first 90 day warranty expired until just a couple months ago before they announced a three year warranty lets all bash MS like this article is true, because hey WE ARE SONY FANS!

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Bloodmask3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

has been overrun by Sony boys. They should rename it Sonytopia.

All the same people that reported the Gears vs KZ2, which said Gears still looked better, all approved this story.

And stories of this nature have been posted a million times over.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -
Yes I did approve this story only to prove my point. And I also posted another one about RROD.......Enjoy

ErcsYou3842d ago

you approved this story too!!! why? i agree that these 360 failure story are boring now. they bring nothing new to the table

Brian3603842d ago

You also approved this story

BBsin3842d ago

lol... caught red handed!

DrPirate3842d ago

I didn't. Console wars are boring now. Now it's all about the games.

Both sides have an excellent line up. The fun starts here. No more bored and angry fanboys.

Also! As for that KZ2/Gears comparison. IMO, Unreal 3 (PS3) looks better then Gears. Only Epic Games, can outdo Epic Games :P

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dachiefsman3842d ago

How many articles need to be posted to point out the obivious?

Some of these contributers have been watching to much Rain Man.

Crotin3842d ago

I like Sony and all...but I'm noticing this change of balanced news as well. It was refreshing to see good news for Sony, but now that the 360 is starting to get bashing articles it's starting to get annoying again..

LeonSKennedy4Life3842d ago

Don't blame N4G. It's a user-run site. You should know this by now.

The 360 DESERVES to get bashed. The PS3 and the Playstation fans have been getting CRAP from YOU GUYS for the past year and a half! Why can't we do it back? Or is that too mean? Maybe you should've thought of that before you ran your mouths!!!

Look at me...I'm Microsoft and I can lie to people all I want and get away with it...but when SONY does ONE THING gets bashed! Why? Because of immature gamers that entered the market around the time the original Xbox and Halo came out. I hate you all.


Daz3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

no one deserves to get bashed its just some people dont know good games when they see them because it not on there system it sh1t (fanboys). Also ps fanboys started it all this when the first xbox came out.
Sony gets bashed for saying things what it can do 4D for intence thats why. Also your retarted Fanboy

iceice1233842d ago

And you just called Xbox fans immature? So much irony yet you fail to see it? You were the ones who deserve the bash, and still very much do so. unless of course you're into paying 100$+ dollars on a console weaker than my 360, has less games than my 360 (good ones even). Has inferior online to my 360. Just over all inferior, just like it's fangirls overall comprehension skills.

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