Surfer Girl: Slim 360 to be unveiled at e3... 360 rebrand inbound

Surfer Girl has let slip that MS has a few tricks up it's sleeve for E3 and Natal - including the rumoured slim 360, a rebrand and a hint at a very big Natal game announcement

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Cylon2921d ago

MGS Rising is multiplatform

sinncross2921d ago

yes it is, but wouldn't it be funny if the MGS for Natal is MGS4!!!

as in an HD version of the iphone title.

Hallmark Moment2921d ago

Who said anything about Rising being exclusive or way it was mentioned?

Cylon2921d ago

So Kojima Productions is actively working on 3 Metal Gear Solid games?

Don't make me laugh bltch.

Hallmark Moment2921d ago

Say what!? who said anything about Kojima? Kojima productions is now split up working on Rising and other games. I'm willing to bet one of the new games will be a Natal game.

Calm down dude. Keep to PS3 articles.

Eamon2920d ago

LOL, read her latest post!!!

She's talking about Metal Gear Touch. They are going to port the iphone game to Natal or something.

I doubt Metal Gear Solid Rising will made for Natal.

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Jamegohanssj52921d ago

Oh wow Surfer Girl is back? Lulz.


La Chance2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

She's some mysterious girl (or guy) who was on this site like 2 years or so ago and kept dropping the craziest rumors...some of which unbelievably enough came true...while some others well...

Cant believe she's back lol.

thor2921d ago

At least it's not Gamesblow or Super Secret...

Megaton2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Super_Secret actually has a 100% correct track record, as opposed to people like Surfer Girl/Gamesblow/HHG who would be lucky to break 25% accuracy. They've proven that it doesn't matter if you get 9/10 things wrong, some people will rant and rave about the 1 you got right.

TOO PAWNED2921d ago

there is no proof that it is same person, it could be me. Seriously some of you need to grow up

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-MD-2921d ago

I don't see how Metal Gear would work on Natal... sounds dumb to me.

Barbapapa2921d ago

i can imagine hiding in a cardboard box lol.

matt2472921d ago

just like metal gear on the iphone

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