Starcraft 2: 7 Minutes of pure Singleplayer Gameplay

Brand new gameplay vid from the Wings of Liberty Campaign of Starcraft 2.

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Noctis Aftermath3130d ago

Looks great, pity you have to pay extra for the zerg and protoss campaigns.

toaster3130d ago

I'm sure people won't mind, it's Starcraft we're talking about. I'm just hoping the AO rating in Korea won't stick because that's the heart of Starcraft culture.

El_Colombiano3130d ago

I mind. I mind very much. Just because you have a strong name in the industry does not merit an insane price tag on the product.

presto7173130d ago

this is starcraft we are talking about. Even if Blizzard were to charge 80 bucks for each I would still pay.

It all depends on if you feel you are getting your money's worth. If you are, then why should others care?

Darkfocus3130d ago

are the other campaigns just expansions or are they going to be full price? because there's no way I would even consider buying them if they were full price.

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Obama3130d ago

I bought a new pc just for this game even though the system req is not that high.


You should build it, cheaper and more performance.

captain-obvious3130d ago

yah im building a new PC soon
for this game and i want to play BF:BC2 on DX11
along side some other games i want to try


The 1st game from my Wishlist 2010.

JonnyBigBoss3130d ago

I'm getting this on release day. I hope they announce a date soon...

magicwalnuts3129d ago

LOL @ everyone just assuming their getting ripped off by what could arguably be the greatest game developer of all time.
1st: nobody knows how they will price the 2nd and 3rd parts so lets not jump the gun here and assume they will be all 60 bucks

2nd: Your paying for three full length single player campaigns equaling the length of the entire original SC single player campaign respectively.

3rd: all of the campaigns come with a fully interactive meta-game, and if you haven't seen shots and vids from the Hyperion meta-game you're missing out cause it looks awesome.

4th: Starcraft revolutionized story telling in the RTS genre, It rivalled Westwood with cinematics, and 1up'd them with a massive backstory (featured in my favorite game manual), and character development. Deep characters died through sacrifice (Tassadar), fell in tragedy (Kerrigan), and rose to dictatorship (Mensk). With the tripled game length we're likely to see this kind of stuff on a massive scale, equal to many, many sci-fi movie's lenghts of entertainment. If you don't think that's a good deal then your a damn idiot.