Map Editor in Halo 3 Seems Likely

Check this out. Speculation on an option spotted in one of the screen shots. This looks to me like it is a map editor for sure.

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live3603843d ago

I thought people would have been pretty interested in this.....seems legit to me

Schmitty073842d ago

Doesn't make me interested.

coolmatrix3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

NO RECALL but lots of MARKS to buy this crap

And here...

Too bad for you LOSERs that keep buying crap... ELITE MARKS for $479.99

Skizelli3842d ago

Good job, coolmatrix. Ignored by 12 people. Make that 13. Grow up.

i Shank u3842d ago

if true, a good map editor will blow the replay up on this game, hope they make a option where you can host your own custom map and people can join and they d/l it real quick.

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live3603842d ago

Why not? This will be awesome if true!!!

the_round_peg3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

The map editor feature alone will make Halo 3 better than Killzone 2 again.

This is just the secret weapon Halo 3 needs to defeat Killzone 2.

rev203842d ago

Worried are we, otherwise there is no reason to even mention the game plus there not even scheduled for release anytime near each other lol

Hayabusa 1173842d ago

Since when was Halo 3 compeing against Killzone 2? Halo 3 will be the game it is, and Killzone 2 will be the game it s. I hope both of them are brilliant games.

live3603842d ago

I dont think it even needs it to defeat killzone. That is going to happen anyway. This is just icing on the cake

VirusE3842d ago

No matter how good killzone is halo 3 will sell more simply on brand name alone. I personally will buy both but I am hesitant on getting killzone even though the graphics rock and this is simply based on how crappy all the games guerilla has made in the past. I know I am not alone in my opinions about the first killzone and I feel that this along with the smaller install base of the ps3 will spell victory for halo 3. This isnt based on fanboy lust for halo this is based on a logical business perspective so please dont flame me.

Bloodmask3842d ago

I just wonder if you will be able to use your custom maps online. It would make maps for custom games limitless, and add tons of replay value.

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The story is too old to be commented.