Dealspwn: Section 8 PS3 Review writes: "£20 might be a bit steep as the older 360 version is less than £10 with a disc. It's a lot of fun though and leaping over a base wall doing a one-man smash & grab is absolute dynamite. Get playing with a good crowd online and you'll be at it for hours at a time."

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La Chance3152d ago

Played the demo on Live a couple of months ago.

I advise my fellow PS3 gamers to stay as far as possible away from this.

pixelsword3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

...the name sucks. That name is also used for public housing. Now, if the guys who made the game once lived in public housing, I could respect that, but since nothing has been said about that, then I only can think that the guys didn't research the name before using it.

Besides, the only draw of the game was that you fell from 20,000 feet; you did that in Lair almost three years ago, plus you can climb back up to 20,000 feet.