PS3 2010 Wishlist

With E3 just under 2 months away and their recent article on what they expect to turn up at the World's premier games expo the guys at Transmissions from the Void got thinking about what they would like to see appear on the Playstation 3 in the near future. What follows are the things they would love to see crop up on Sony's 7th Generation machine in the coming months...

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Raf1k13153d ago

Some nice ideas there. I think the merchandise shop would be pretty good to have but official online tournaments would be great.

sinncross3153d ago

- Move games:
Sony have a few things to still show off which are related to the Move. These include the new Echochrome and Ape Escape titles, as well as a 1st person Alan-Wake esque title with a 3rd person game where you are a magician.

- Local co-op:
Definitely something which Sony should get their 1st party devs to incorporate. We've seen that they can produce graphical beast: now we need to see this with good functionality.

- Gran Turismo 5:
Will definitely play a big part at E3 (it has to!). So many things to show off but I'm going to label one feature I truly want to see in GT5: ai bots in split screen multiplayer. A GT title has never had this before and many other racers do. Its a small addition (compared to their other new features) but I think it is something they should add, even if only 2 bots.

- 'Movie style' games:
Sure, why not: I think it would be a novel idea to see some exclusives that use a Heavy Rain esque title. Speaking of which, I think Sony Cambridge should jump at the idea of doing another 24 game. The series is about to end with a film being planned: maybe Cambridge could get a story in that takes place post-series, and pre-film.

- Online Merchandise store:
Novel idea. Though I'd like to see them add more things beyond this. Sony Music used to have the Connect store with music: add that to the PSN asap.

Obviously big game announcements will take place. I'm willing to bet that the Move and GT5 will take a good portion of the presentation so I assume Sony will be working on making killer announcements at the EU conference with their European devs instead of throwing too much into their E3 presentation and not giving some titles less airtiem then they deserve.


Waiting the Survival Horror exclusive for Move, finally.

HolyOrangeCows3153d ago

Just keep the great games coming.

-Alpha3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

-Twisted Metal Black 2 Trailer
-TMB2 Gameplay
-TMB2 Release Date
-Demon's Souls 2
-Demon's Souls 1 DLC
-Unique games only possible on MOVE and not the DS3
-Move price point
-PSN Premium features and price including a new layout, more media features, adding extra incentive for trophy collectors (notifying friends when you get a Platinum, leaderboards, etc), universal music, unique new features like uploading and recording gameplay for any game, more friends capacity, etc.
-New IPs from developers like Media Molecule
-New RPGs, enough of shooters for a while
-Trailers, trailers, trailers for all our announced games like TLG
-For the love of God, GT5 release date and show off the game some more
-Sega Dreamcast HD Online coming to PS3. I want Power Stone 2.

Edit: I don't think we'll know jack about Uncharted 3 for a while. Killzone 3 is a strong possibility as a teaser trailer.

I want to see Jak 4. Handled by Naughty Dog. It doesn't have to be a graphical beast, just a good old Jak game.

Also: inFamous 2 with online co-op.

Lionhead3153d ago

Nice list!

I'm all for it, need Demon's Souls 2 and Twisted Metal

Redrum0593153d ago

Good list and good ideas, but I would love see more on killzone3, uncharted3, the last guardian, ffvs13, and ff14.

Dee_913153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Integrated Video Capture 
would be dope

I wish PD would tell us a release date

edit- everything Alpha said

wicko3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

On top of those I wouldn't mind if sony made the PS3 a little more media player friendly, like add support for MKV and SSA/ASS subtitles, and a few other codecs they may be missing. Wouldn't need to transcode using PS3 media server that way. They might have to support NTFS as well for the larger files. Also would be nice to see menu items in the XMB/PSN store load faster.

As for games, I'd like to see some Coop in the next Killzone, and some more jRPGs along the lines of Resonance of fate :D

-Alpha3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

How many PS3 messages do you have? I had around 10,000 and it made loading my friends list really, really slow. I deleted all of them which took my PS3 like 40 minutes to do and now everything seems faster.

I'd like Sony to redesign the XMB in-game. There is so much stuff that we don't need and it bogs things down. A simple friends list, trophy screen, music screen, etc. would be nice but things like video, settings, etc. aren't needed and should be accessible after one quits a game. It could speed things up a lot.

The 360 has a nice simple layout. It doesn't load the whole NXE, just a simplified list that is fast and quick.

I would love a redesign. Nothing big, the XMB is nice but Sony needs to streamline more things. For example, the message boxes are such an ugly gray color and the lines are annoying. How about making it match the color of the Trophy ID and removing those annoying lines? Personalizing your XMB can really go a long way. Custom themes are great, but I'd love if we could take them in-game. The PS3 is a great machine but there is so many small, but effective untapped potential features for the system and PSN that are yet to be tapped. A simple face life can go a long, long way in terms of aesthetics.

KiRBY30003153d ago

I want AGENT, trailer and gameplay.

wicko3153d ago

I had barely any (under 100 with both sent and received), I don't use the messaging system very often. Also, I just recently had my 60GB YLOD on me so when I backed that system up I don't think it transfered any messages over, which would have been almost 3 years of messages. Only had the slim for about a month or two now. It was probably worse on my old PS3, but I know stuff like PSN items take some time to load even on a fresh machine. Trophy lists can take a while too.

This reminds me that Sony should implement a way to access all your data on the PS3 harddrive even if the machine it belongs to is dead. I got lucky and revived mine but I imagine some might not be so lucky.

And I agree, the XMB in-game should be slimmed down. Like you said a lot of the options are inaccessible anyway, they just tell you to quit the game to access them. Trimming that down would improve loading performance on the ingame XMB. The guide on 360 is a good idea, but I don't think its necessary to implement an entirely new interface for in-game XMB.

There are some convenience functions that would go a long way though, like how the 360 allows you to view an invite you've just received by pressing the guide button. Stuff like that would be nice to see. The aesthetics don't bother me too much though. Oh, and it would be nice to allow more characters in the message title. My friends and I don't usually write anything in the body of the message, just in the topic so we can get messages across quickly and not have to open the message itself. Of course, we're using something in a way its not meant to be used, so it would be better if Sony implemented some kind of quick message system, similar to twitter but only to specific people or groups.

Redempteur3153d ago

i have over 9000 (pun intended) mail in my xmb and it would be great if there was a nicer way to handle the psn messages ..

ThanatosDMC3153d ago

PS3 Monster Hunter game that last forever would be great. Frontier meets Tri + HD would be awesome.

vhero3152d ago

More Games With Local Co-Op - What he puts here is exactly what I have been saying is wrong with the modern games market. We need more offline play rather than just online. Nothing more fun than playing with friends at your house rather than being forced to play online.

jeseth3152d ago

GT5 : Has to release this year. Period.

Agent : Gameplay, details.

Resistance 3 : How are they going to continue with this story after the end of R2???

FFvs.13 and FF14 : Release dates, gameplay.

Here's a strecth and would make my year, and next year too!!!! Final Fantasy 7 remake exclusive to PS3. But it won't happen.

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taktak3153d ago

I want 1080p in all my games, even if it means releasing the PS4.

OpenGL3153d ago

If you're so eager for a hardware upgrade why don't you just start playing games on the PC? I play on both consoles and the PC and I'm not ready for a PS3 / 360 successor.

DigitalHorror813152d ago

Most games are only 720. I want to buy a bigger HDTV but am holding off until PS4 for that. Right now I have a 720P 32 inch Samsung 6o Hz that I sit very close to. LOL :o)

It's a great HDTV for the 377 we paid for it on Black Friday. :o)

KonohagakureFC3153d ago

Modnation Racers!! 4 player split screen

Imalwaysright3153d ago

TLG, FF Versus and FFIX on the PSN.

ian723153d ago

My PS3 wishlist is very small. All I really want is GT5. This game will take up literally 100's of hours gametime. I love prologue and even other racing games, but I need the daddy of racers.

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