The Past, Present and Future of Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 hasn't exactly had a smooth ride to this point, what with the dreaded Red Ring of Death hitting the system hard in its early days, but the console has now hit the 40 million sold milestone. And with the Natal motion control system due to be released by the 2010 holidays, the future is looking positive.

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xaviertooth3127d ago

xbox 360 from the beginning of its life has no future with its subpar technology.

Wrathman3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

xaviertooth from the beginnning of her life,has no future, with subpar intelligence.

see wot i did there!

the future of xbox is extremely bright.natal,slim and then inevitably a new console that will take a huge dump on the ps3.leavin ps3 fanboys without a reason to live.they will act like suicidal people from M.Knight Shyamlan's the Happening.spontaneously killing themselves.

that will be a good day for common sense.

green3127d ago

SOftware front, i think the 360 is doing well with games like Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Crackdown 2 and Alan Wake all dropping this year. 360 also has strong 3rd party support which is also vital to the success of any console. And if Natal delivers and the rumors or a 360 redesign are true, then i see much better times ahead for the 360.

La Chance3126d ago

Never felt so happy to be a 360 owner, no kidding.

BrutallyBlunt3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

I agree with the redesign of the system. To me it marks a fresh start and what better timing than to do it with Natal. I think the new model would hopefully bring in more confidence of hardware reliability too even though Microsoft has improved the system over time. If it looks different consumers are more inclined to feel as though it is different.

As for the future of the Xbox 360 I think it looks pretty positive. Although Natal to me seems like a major wild card. It could be a real momentum builder for them and it could also be met with lukewarm results which will mean the potential may not materialize.

I'm just hoping Microsoft supports the system more with their own games and not rely so much on 3rd party publishers. If they really want to stay as a major player they will need more than just Xbox Live. Natal could be a great addition to making the Xbox brand more diversified and more appealing but they will need their own studios to lead by example. Rare, Lionhead and Turn 10 are not enough IMO.

Brklynty13126d ago

But a slim model won't fix RRoD, because that's where Microsoft gets the $$$ from. But really, does 360 need a slim model? It wasn't a freakin mammoth like the original PS3. It could have done without the external power supply though.

Ghostsmoker3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

the 360 is absoultely ready for the future. I wouldn't say it has the best line-up cus I'm a huge PS3-Fan too and love PS3-Games ... but you will have a good time owning a 360 this times.

morkendo3126d ago

i once was going to buy 360 @ launch but RROD stop me and im still afraid to buy one. im sure MS would nickle an dime me to death.

jaysquared3126d ago

"But a slim model won't fix RRoD, because that's where Microsoft gets the $$$ from. But really, does 360 need a slim model? It wasn't a freakin mammoth like the original PS3. It could have done without the external power supply though. "

Really? How is M$ making money from RROD when they cover it for 3 years? Pretty sure extending the warranty and the cost of fixing the consoles has hurt them more than it has helped them. Also a slim model is a great way to get more sales! Look at the PS2 how many slim redesigned did that thing have.. If the PS2 never had redesigns it would've never had sold 140 million consoles.. I always say that the actual PS2 owners are probably at 60-70 million people because there were many who had a PS2 but upgraded to the slim one.. Same thing with the PS3 now..

Fanb0y3126d ago

Microsoft does NOT generate money from RRODed consoles.

From people re-buying consoles? They're obviously a minority, when broken consoles can be replaced by Microsoft for free as long as it's within the 3-year warranty, which is re-newed every time.

Microsoft loses money every time someone sends their box in. Of course, by now they made the process streamlined and efficient in order to prevent significant losses.

Brklynty13126d ago

The warranty is for 3 years, for the ORIGINAL bought 360, not the refurbished model, my bro tried, no go, they told him its only valid for the purchased 360. So after everyones refurbished 360 breaks down, they have to buy another 360. Guys be serious, M$ claimed they invested
1 BILLION dollars into fixing RRoD. 1 billion and its still not fixed? Come on guys whether your a gamer, fanboy or consumer period, that's a little fishy don't you think? M$ does the same thing for its windows product. If microsoft makes a perfect item, there would be no need to rebuy it since it won't get broken. Vista is the perfect example, it was all messed up, with black screen, and other features that messed it up, yet it still sold, just because M$ said it was better. The same with Sony, though DRE was nowhere near the % of RRoD, it still effected some people and they had to rebuy a PS2. M$ makes money through non gaming tactics. Think about this last 1, 1 million users banned right before MW2 drops? Come on guys.

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Wizziokid3127d ago

I agree with everything you said also if the dreamcast game rumours are true that would be an awesome addition to the consoles Arcade front imo.

La Chance3126d ago

That would just be so freaking huge...

AK463126d ago

lol i thought this article was going to be an in-depth analysis of what the headlines say.

Reading the article gives me the feeling that everything is hunk dory in M$ land. The article fails to mention any negative consequences that may pop up like loosing 3rd party support for their so called exclusive games or If Natal flops, etc

BrutallyBlunt3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

I guess people like yourself want to be consumed in negativity. The article starts off by saying the Xbox 360 hasn't exactly had a smooth ride so far. As for Natal most sources say positive things about it and the possibilities of what may come about. It's the people who sit and analyze the demo videos all day long looking for things to not like about it are the ones who want to overshadow all of that.

I imagine most people who actually try Natal will have a positive feeling about it and any real gamer out there would start thinking of ideas of some things it could be applied to. Not it looks stupid or it's not going to be very accurate and this and that.

Needless to say whatever happened to just having fun? Instead far too many are fixated on the console wars and want to be their own version of Simon Cowell with a keyboard in front of them.

no_more_trolling3126d ago

nice read

im pretty happy with my 360 so far

hopefully no trolls will come in

please stay away troll, u know yourself

Inside_out3126d ago

The only thing holding 360 back is Japan...They, Japan, will never support a American console built in the sworn enemy of the empire...Korea...plain and simple...But, M$ just won't give up...keep throwing buckets of money at Asian developers....sad really...

Industry types can't believe how strong 360 is...even after a price drop, Sony still struggling....loosing a fortune on every PS3 made....Built in Wi-fi, blue-ray player, free on-line....look how much money M$ makes on their on-line pricing and DLC...MW2 DLC outsold UC2, GOW, HR, heck any game this yr on PS3 and that was DLC...

Trust me, after E3, things will look different....M$ will have a price drop this year, add Natal and 360 sitting pretty....Rumor is 360 + Natal for $299...What's Sony gonna do then?...

Lets not forget ME2, Conviction, Alan Wake, Crackdown2,Fable 3, Halo Reach, and Natal PLUS all the multi-plats,Lost planet, Crysis, Medal of Honor, Brink, Cod7, Red dead Redemption and whatever surprises that are mentioned at E3...Most if not all Multi-plats sell better on 360...FPS MW2 360 out sold PS3 VERSION 2 TO 1...THOSE GAMERS HAVE NOT DISSAPPEARED...Expect ALL shooters to do better on 360.....M$ is crying all the way to the bank....

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