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Black Mesa: Brand new HD Screenshots emerged

PC Games published six brand new high definition screenshots of Black Mesa, the upcoming Source-Engine Remake of Half-Life 1. (Black Mesa: Source, PC)

darkmurder  +   1742d ago
Great now release plz kthx
FasterThanFTL  +   1742d ago
Can not wait to play it
theunknown  +   1742d ago
Forgot it existed.
PainisCupcake  +   1742d ago
Which will come first Black Mesa Source or Episode 3 lol
Eamon  +   1742d ago
lol, the million dollar question
Chubear  +   1742d ago
Black Mesa
PainisCupcake  +   1742d ago
Obviously it will be Black Mesa Source, we can actually track the mods progress unlike Episode 3 which we have heard nothing about for nearly 3 years lol
duplissi  +   1741d ago
so much for regular episodic content eh?
Vip3r  +   1742d ago
Probably the best mod of all time.
Redgehammer  +   1742d ago
duplissi  +   1741d ago
and..... i absolutely cannot wait to play it.
TABSF  +   1742d ago
I really want it

Please release soon

I would <3 you modders
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1742d ago
I cant wait to play this
Ive played HL1 sooo many times, this should be great.
kraze07  +   1741d ago
Forgot all about this but it's good news. Definitely looking forward to playing this.
kasasensei  +   1741d ago
I will pay you for that, you hear me?

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