Machinarium On Mac For Free Today

Today only The Mac Game Store is offering the award winning adventure game Machinarium for the cost of absolutely nothing.

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V_Ben2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

"Public service bulletin: that "free" deal for Machinarium? NOT AUTHORIZED, DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Boycott em! They're screwing Amanita out of $$$"

^from Phil Fish (Creator of Fez's twitter)

Don't download this, you're not supporting the developer. Buy direct.

and yeah, its now expired.

bym051d2827d ago

Expired yesterday. Nice post.

thewhoopimen2827d ago

I should bubble you down contributor for providing pointless expired offers.

Darkfocus2827d ago

it was probably posted before it was expired and it didn't get approved till now

thewhoopimen2826d ago

I'm kidding. It did get my hopes up for nothing though... ;)

Killjoy30002827d ago

I was sad to see that this expired, so I tired it out by downloading the full game on Pirate Bay. I like it enough to buy it. One of the most unique art styles I've seen in gaming. It looks great!

RyuDrinksTheDew2827d ago

good thing i already bought it. :)

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