RapeLay Coverage Hits Home for Teen Girl

While we often make light of reactions to RapeLay from the media and politicians, the recent reemergence of the game into the spotlight has caused a 14-year old victim of sexual assault to come out and publicly denounce the title.

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Anon73493153d ago

You can walk all you want, heck I'd encourage it......

Childhood obesity and obesity in general is a bigger problem than games that do harm to no one.

I don't necessarily like this game, because of poor plot design, graphics, limited options and the fact that the girls are too old and big.

Now if you don't mind, I'll be playing one of my eroge titles out of the thousands that I currently have on my hard drive and hurting no one. Problem pudgy?

Bereaver3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

You started off good, and then curved into the wrong area.

The fact of the matter is that these *games*, are just that. *games*

Nothing more, nothing less, unless someone doesn't have the mental aptitude to choose between right and wrong.

I mean.... if anything.... FPS and TPS games should be on the top of that list..... MURDER MURDER MURDER.... but then again.... How many gamers do you see in the news because of murder? How many gamers do you see because of rape?

Now sum them all up, and then count how many murders you see because of drugs, infidelity, money, or even racism.

I would never take heed to a 14 yo girl, that has yet but a small clue to this world she lives in. Yes, we all feel for you. We wouldn't of wanted to have been raped, and we know it has affected you and will continue to affect you. But as the first poster said..... These games were meant to be played at home and alone, or made fun of with friends.

-----WAIT WAIT WAIT *EDIT---------

In Rapelay you can't rape under aged girls. Those girls are college girls at the least. But the reporter said where you can rape under aged girls.

Anon73493153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

If that's what you're implying I did wrong.

Sure, she's young, ignorant and a rape(ish?) victim but I'm not going pretend to be nice on the internet because of it.

Although bubbles for you for being logical, smart and not making a big deal out of a game.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That video was full of BS, I figured people would notice that one too.

Government Cheese3153d ago

While its sad this girl got raped, she shouldn't be telling other people what they can and can't play. I mean you don't see murder victims denouncing shooter games.. OH WAIT LOLZ

I know the joke was dumb

Redempteur3152d ago

i agree with Anon ...she can complain all she wants that won't change a thing ...

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Mo0eY3152d ago

Okay, the comments were okay until people started making comments about the girls' weight.

She got fvcking raped, dudes. That will hang with her for the rest of her life - she won't forget it, and it won't let her forget. No matter how much therapy she goes through, it'll be there buried... And obviously it affects her enough for her to try and stop a video game that promotes rape. Bottom line, there are time to be immature guys and there are times to respect other people. Think before you post.

bjornbear3152d ago

also considering rape games =! rape

there can be a situation where a person who has the incline to resort to raping another person can either be motivated OR pacified by a rape game, so it works both ways, just like a violent movie/sport can inspire violence in some people, but it usually works as a way to "vent it out"

the girl got raped. that is horrible, and the act is wrong in reality, and although I find no interest in rape related porn, a person personal fetish/interest can't be prohibited like this if its represented in a more abstract manner (anime in this case)

so as long as there is a clear line between reality and fiction to the person, and no one is harmed in the process, i see no problem with that and i respect it

Theonik3152d ago

This is probably the only N4G story i hardly see disagrees on. lol
I agree with you guys, although i do not play that sort of game.

R6ex3152d ago

She said, "Rape isn't a joke & its very hurtful. No game like this should even be put out there!"

By the same analogy, FPS games where killing human being is also not a joke & its even more hurtful. So does it mean we should ban all FPS games ???!!!


HolyOrangeCows3151d ago

1) You can't sing.
2) If you trip over RAPE GAMES on the internet ("I found"), SPEND LESS TIME ON THE INTERNET. Exercise, perhaps.

That said, Rapelay is disgusting, but not hurting anyone.

DaTruth3151d ago

You guys will soon get a taste of what she felt when we rape your bubbles for making fun of her weight.

Videogames have nothing to do with reality and I'm sure people could come up with the idea of raping all by themselves or from an episode of Law and Order:SVU!

3151d ago
Anon73493151d ago

For starters, I wouldn't be surprised if you're extremely over weight and that's the reason why you're defending her over the internet or something.... or maybe you're actually some stuck up moralist.

As stated before, it's not even likely she was raped... all it states is that she was sexually assaulted.

More importantly, why is wrong to "make fun" out of her weight?

Don't you think it's ironic fatty is doing a walk to ban a game that's not even released in her area? Hopefully she lost some weight from it.

inveni03151d ago

Okay, okay, okay. What we have here is a classic double standard. I'm not going to say that rape is "fun", or a "joke", or that it doesn't hurt real people. And I won't say any of those things about war, either. But people really have a hard time telling the difference between reality and fantasy. A game about rape is no different than a game about cruising the streets of Liberty City, shooting cops and innocent civilians.

I'm sorry that someone had the nerve to touch this kid, but the bottom line is that removing this game from market won't stop all. Just like removing GTA4 won't stop street crime. Just like removing COD:MW2 won't stop war. The only people that benefit from not being around games are people with severe mental disabilities that prevent them from knowing the difference between reality and fantasy..right and wrong. And recognizing that difficulty is on the parent, teachers, and anyone else who is constantly around that person in real life situations.

DaTruth3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

No, not fat at all. Just the prospect that she might have comforted herself with food and for that, no one could really blame her. Her father may have raped her when she was small and if it helped her to eat up, more power to her.

But I am very much against fat people eating up the world's food supply, raising food prices for us all and helping to starve people in poorer nations. I am in no way a fat person supported, I just believe that you don't make fun of people who have suffered severe trauma. Haven't they suffered enough???

Ontopic: There is no chicken or egg! The games exist because of something that was created and perpetrated 1000's of years before the inception of videogames. I'm sure if aliens existed, they wouldn't take a liking to the idea of shooting aliens!

Edit: And I didn't actually take anyone's bubbles, it was just a joke. I wasn't vehemently defending anyone!

Eamon3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Anon7349, I think it's sad how you simply did not get any point this 14 year old girl was making and then you simply insult her by calling her obese.

What would you have said if she was a pretty slim girl instead?

Your selfishness and ignorance are an insult to sane people.

Maybe when you get raped one day, you'll understand...

superrey193151d ago

While I personally think this game is pretty f*cked up, the main thing that pisses me off about it is that now all the anti-video game people out there will have more ammo for their arsenal, "Video games promote RAPE!!". Can't wait to see how Fox twists this story.

Giriath3151d ago

I'd like to strangle whatever politician or news magazine employees are using this girl to speak for them. I find it highly unlikely she heard of the game herself and decided to denounce it.

DarkSpawnClone3151d ago

as some one who has 2 family members that have been raped i can tell you that i agree with this girl all of you have made some points but comparing rape vs killing is a much different story then you make it out to be,most people who have been raped wish they where dead it destroys there life's and they hate them self's and mostly they think that people will judge them and think of them differently it haunts them there all there life.“This game is wrong. It needs to be stopped. No game like this should ever be put out there. Rape is not a joke. People seem to think that it is. They don’t take it seriously, but rape isn’t a joke. It is very hurtful.”
shes not telling you what to play. and saying rapelay saves life's is just stupid and ignorant if some one wants to rape some one there going to go out and do it there not going to look at a video game and say to them self "Oh well this will do,I'll just rape a video game character on my computer" bull sh!t,some of you give this game excuses its stupid,its less of a attack on games and more of an attack on rape.she even clearly said that "No game like this should ever be put out there" she is not talking about cod and any other game,shes talking about rape games,

rexus123453151d ago

Rapelay promotes rape. Soooo..... MW2 and Halo promotes murder? Starcraft or some other RTS promotes mass murder and genocide?

Nevers3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

is ignorant and stupid. Defending forms of rape is even more dispicable. After reading some of this BS, you've taken a good portion of my already fragile faith in humanity away. Kudos to you.

Guess this is a lesson some can only understand when confronted with rape first hand. A process I would not wish on my worst of enemies.

f7897903151d ago

Rapeplay is as much of a game as DOA Volleyball is. The truth is they're both interactive porn. The question is if this game encourages rape or not.

rexus123453151d ago

Some people's ability to bloat a subject out of proportions is amazing, it's gone from a virtual porn to a real life rape incident to humanity's moral descent (@1.23).
Instead of venting anger and grief at some zeros and ones, how about lobbying for some cause that can actually help, such as harsher punishments for rapist and pedophiles, which I personally support. But no can do, because that would not get aired on TV.

Redrum0593151d ago

a girl with importent things to do would give a rats azz about this game. survivor, survivor my azz.

tplarkin73151d ago

The girl is free to petition for or against any game for any reason. Also, there is such a thing as right and wrong. It is wrong to make a game that glorifies rape.

I think the confusion in some of the comments is the role of government. Many of you assume that she wants to censor the game via the government. But, she was not doing that. She was simply voicing her opinion and getting support via her friends.

tplarkin73151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Sex in video games is a temptation.
Violence in video games is an illustration.

That's why seeing nudity is worse than seeing a bloody headshot.

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mrv3213153d ago

Strange isn't it that this game was released liked 4 years ago AND THE ONLY THING KEEPING IT ALIVE IS PROTESTS.

This is quite simply the biggest and most futile thing I've seen, you are protesting against SOMETHING THAT IS EFFECTIVELY DEAD and your adveritising it by doing so. Shut up!

Also, why is rape any worse than murder? Is it because America looks upon murder differently than Japan? Japan a country which promotes sexual activity.... interesting isn't it that the country that sells these types of games suffers a lower rape count than America... don't you find that interesting? Because I do.

How about this, if you don't like it, don't play.... this game is no worse than FPS's really. When you look into what your doing, for example in [email protected] in the final mission your most likely killing children, and if I remember correctly your killing injuured civillians, no matter how you dress it a kid is still a kid regardless of uniform. So please let's not go all anti-Japan/Asia because last I check Japans crime rate is lower than America percentage wise. I would like to bring up the fact that in America you ALLOW GUNS! Yeah firearms. And I simply cannot fathem how that is attacked less than FPS's and Mass Effect. So let's not delve too deep into ethics here because no doubt we've all KILLED thousands of people just because their inbetween you and point B. Or how about No Russia.

Is all America media like this? I hope not.

Do I condone this game? Yes, I suppose I do, freedom of speech is worth the price no matter the cost... but will I play it? No, it's not within my ethics I just hope the people who play this can differentiate between this and real life which for most people isn't a problem.

You can still download it online? Is that your serious argument? I hope not, because you can download a lot worse than that. If your that stupid shut down the internet that's the only solution.

The thing is you could find worse on youtube, just imagine how MANY REAL people have died in stock footage of WW2 than in my opinion is worse than any game.

DaTruth3151d ago

Come to think of it, this and articles like it are the only means by which I know of this games existence!

n to the b3151d ago

well u know the saying... 'no publicity is bad publicity'...

any1 wonder if RapeLay sales have jumped along with the various articles denouncing it?

almasy9193151d ago

I agree with most of your points but you're incredibly naive on this point. Having lived in Japan, that place is so unresponsive to anything close to sexual abuse it's not even funny. Easier to blame the victim and ignore it. But gotta save faces amirite.

As for American media, if you're talking about news, yes it is like this all the time. Especially local news channels.

Cevapi883151d ago

i can understand denouncing the game...but bringing back those memories into the lime light...i just dont think that was a good is this going to make this young girl feel any better about the situation she went through??

i really dont get it...i feel bad for the girl...but raising awareness of such heinous acts through video doesnt have the same effect...we see such scenes in movies...and videogames do take it to another level...what people should be asking is on what basis or criteria did this game even get approved??

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qface643153d ago

geez man just let this whole thing die this game is YEARS old and i might add there are far and i mean FAR worse games out there

just let it die already the game is ancient its been banned its over

mrv3213153d ago

I think it's an advertising campaign... it's really clever actually.

dktxx23153d ago

I'm with Carlin, rape can be funny.

rezzah3151d ago

you knw what, the thought of being raped is just a hilarious thought! Man i wished everybody can get the chance to be raped.

IF you havnt yet I suggest you find someone to do it for you, that way you can laugh about it while some guy brutally rapes you. Hey while he's at it you better make sure he doesnt kill you right after. you know like slit your throat cause then thatd just suck right? Cant play no more video games =(