$1,000,000 Graphics Card Leaked

Found on Ebay, is the most powerful, and the most expensive graphics card ever to be leaked! The sale on Ebay was, earlier this morning, at $500,000, and has already skyrocketted up to $1,000,000, with a total of 40 bids. Follow the link to find more information and pictures of the unbelievable card!

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ConnorSmith3129d ago

It very well could be. But someone must have the money to be buying it, or a tech site as stated!

Raf1k13129d ago

I would never have thought a tech site would have that kind of money for anything let alone a leaked product on ebay. Will the extra hits make up for it?

cheese3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

It's part of their viral marketing campaign. The higher they pay for their own product the better.

mauleriscool3129d ago

lol their not messing around

vhero3129d ago

bet they dont pay last time this happened it was a couple of scam buyers doing it to just to wind up the seller.

pixelsword3129d ago

A graphics card that can play Crysis @ a solid 30 frames per second.

STONEY43129d ago

"A graphics card that can play Crysis @ a solid 30 frames per second."

I can play Crysis at 1920x1200 maxed at about 45-50 fps, and it sure as hell didn't cost me anywhere near $1,000,000.

Bubbly3129d ago

One million?! It better come with a sandwich maker and a hole, if you know what I'm saying...

Danteh3128d ago

wtf? its 10.000 dollars (double of what they payed for the iPhone 4G)

dunno why the writer can't see that commas separate DECIMALS, but please change this very misleading title -_-

Leio3128d ago

Since when 10.000 = 1.000.000 ? The title is very missleading :(

xXRight3yeXx3128d ago

It's 10 thousand dollars you idiot. Not 1 million. Anyway, he said 1 thousand will be produced and you will never get your hands on it. If it did it'll cost you well over 1,000 dollars so, why the hell would a graphics card be charged $990,000 more just because you got it first? Logical sense. Duh? 1,000,000.....LOL...I'd buy 5 Ferrari's witht that money.

cliffbo3128d ago

sounds like a publicity stunt to me as ati are playing catch up after nvudia`s latest gpu.

anyway who would spend that much on a card that will be out of date 6 months later. lol

geth1gh3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

"its 10,000 you idiot"

^^don't hate if you don't know what you are talking about. I don't know what happened but when I checked this article yesterday and followed the link to ebay it was defiantly at $999,999.99

barom3128d ago

I actually got an email from XFX where they said this graphics card was stolen. They said it was #68 or something. Actually here is one of the emails I got.

Dear XFX Followers,

Thank you for participating in our latest XFX HD 5970 Black Edition Limited marketing campaign. Thanks to you, our Gamertainment Campaign was a huge success.

We received thousands of e-mails from fans giving us leads as to where to find our illusive product #68.

In return for your rabid participation one lucky winner chosen at random from our worldwide database of fans will receive one of these coveted XFX HD 5970 Black Edition Limited graphics cards. So, if this email has been sent to your email address, you are eligible and no further action is required.

The winner will be announced on the XFX HD 5970 Black Edition Limited's official launch date on our XFX Girl Facebook page. Be sure to check there to see if you are the lucky winner!

The item listing of Product #68 eBay is a valid auction. The winning bid is a binding contract and the winner will be committed to purchasing the item. This particular card will be a fully warranted product from XFX. In addition, this highly collectible merchandise comes with the wooden crate featured in the videos and signed by the XFX girls and cast of the promotion.

Watch the official debut of XFX TV and the Gamertainment promo for the XFX HD 5970 Black Edition Limited and check back for more Gamertainment releases coming soon.


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captain-obvious3129d ago

PC fanboys: oh yah thats so cheap

coolcole933129d ago

PC fanboys: this will do for a week or two.

HolyOrangeCows3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

PC fans: What are you talking about?

sid4gamerfreak3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Console Fans: STFU. There r many cheap graphics cards out there for 100 dollars and less which will pummel the console. So what were you saying again? Expensive?

Come back to me when the console can acutally do full hd. Which will take another generation...

captain-obvious3128d ago


i have a gaming PC
and i do think that PC is > consoles
but some of you guys go as far as making us believe that a gaming PC is cheaper than a wii

now you can get some good deals and make a decent PC with like 300$
but still if you want top notch sh!t you got to pay big cash

Neo6043128d ago

somehow PC is not for game to me, I don't quite know why even it's superier.
I think the main reason is the variety of games. In that concole rule.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I wonder what is that control with sticks that PC Gamers have for Gaming or even the motion controller to play Wii Games in the PC.

BloodyNapkin3128d ago

Yeah if you catch a deal on a crappy e-machine or something like that. But you are not even going to build a half @ss gameing machine for 300 bucks.

dalibor3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I take it you don't know but you can actually use a Ps3 & 360 gaming pad for any pc. All you need is to download the drivers that will make your computer recognize the controller and viola. My desktop is like 7 yrs old with xp so if it can work on my computer is sure as heck will work on many different ones. I use my Ps3 pad to play legal emulator games from different console from past generations. There are legal and illegal emulators out there from what I found out.

geth1gh3128d ago

You are correct, but you can't play games without having everything else, motherboard, cpu, ram, etc.

Now how does that total compare to the $300 ps3 slim, or better yet, how will it compare to the supposed 360 slim if it comes out for the rumored $150 price point.

I am not hating on pc gaming. There is no question that you guys have the superior technology. But in my broke ass position, I don't really have an extra $800 to spend just to play games that run a little smoother at points, and can push out slightly better graphics at the same time.

If I had the money I would have a gaming pc, but in a perfect world...

On top of that you have to upgrade it every 2 years, as while the console owners get games specifically designed for there system which continue to push it over the years. (example, compare the first resistance to games like killzone 2, uncharted 2, and god of war 3. you would think they would run on 2 different pieces of hardware.)

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saywhat3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

You mean 5850 costs £220.
the 4850 can be had for about £70.

Ooops was meant to qoute Raf1k1

sid4gamerfreak3128d ago


True, but look if youre trying to compare the price of pc to console you must add in the televion cost plus the console, otherwise its not fair. 1080P tV - 1000 dollars plus wii 200 dollars = 1200 dollars plus expensive games
Good PC - 800 dollars plus cheaper games

Which one is the better investment?

brando_093128d ago

Who would buy a 1080p TV for a Wii? Your TV will hate you.

GG to XFX tho, crazy marketing - I like it.

Perkel3128d ago

Which one is the better investment?"

probably console because you will play on 40" tv not lame monitor..

BloodyNapkin3128d ago

WTF...i mean really WTF. If you do not already own a TV then you need to stop investing into your PC and buy a [email protected] TV. Regardless how you slice it a console is far cheaper than a PC.

PotNoodle3128d ago

A TV can be added into the cost, it serves multiple purposes. You know, like a PC does, a PC isn't just for gaming and watching a few films, it'll do thousands more things than what a console can do.

Exclude the price of a good tv, and then you should exclude the price of all the components in your PC that you would consider aid the running of games. There is £400 straight off my PC. You don't have to pay much at all for a PC capable of running games better than consoles, and you save more than the difference on the games you buy in a year.

BloodyNapkin3128d ago

WTF, Everybody already owns a TV be it a SD TV or HDTV. Regardless if you own a console or not people already own a TV, unlike people just don't own a computer monitor with no computer. So no a TV can not be factored into Price. And considering you can use your PC monitor with the consoles also. Did you read your comment before you posted it? Ok give me a price of a gaming machine just as good or better than a console with links and stuff. Just the PC itself no monitor or anything else.

PotNoodle3128d ago

And everyone already owns a PC, be it capable of running any decent games or not. Most recent PC's will run games at better than console settings with a graphics card update.

What i was doing was making the comparison, you don't JUST use your TV for gaming, you actually watch TV on it - which is why it is a bit silly to include that in the price. Same with a PC, you don't JUST use that for gaming, you do so much more with it, so the price isn't £xxx for a PC that you will do nothing but play games on and maybe watch some movies, it is £xxx for a PC that you will play games on, do your work on, browse the web on, video editing, software development, i could go on forever!

So really, when comparing prices of the hardware, you should include hardware that is required to play games well, as long as you have a fairly recent CPU and have over 4gb of RAM, a graphics card upgrade will do for most PCs, and that is most certainly cheaper than a console.

I'm sticking by: PC Gaming is cheaper than console gaming, i love my consoles too (360, Wii, PS3), my PS3 just died and i hate being without it (brand new slim coming tommorow). But if i look at my PC, i went well overboard with all top spec stuff, you don't need to do that - you can pay wayyyyyy less than what i paid to get games to run at levels that a console won't reach.

You don't need full spec components, and a console gamer of all people cannot make that argument.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Consoles gamers only of this days, sigh.

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Raoh3129d ago

LOL i just went the cheap route last week when i built my new pc and bought an ATI 4850 for $169.00

Raf1k13129d ago

4850s are great. That's dirt cheap though considering it still costs about £220 here.

TheFlyingPenguin3129d ago

i saw a preowned 4870x2 for £125 at CEX.

Lich1203129d ago

A buddy of mine got a 4870 from newegg a few months ago for $98. It was a pricing error... but still a very good price.

Dac2u3128d ago

Ouch, I hope that's not $USD you can buy a 512mb 4850 for $100, you can get an Radeon HD 5770 for less than $169, which mostly outperforms the GTX 260.

nnotdead3128d ago

ouch. the most expensive 4850 on newegg is $129. good card though. i bought one about 2 years ago, and it still runs every game well.


That price you could get a 5770 or a 5850.

Raoh3126d ago

I meant to say the ATI 4890 not the 4850

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ClownBelt3129d ago

Sold! I just hope this graphic card can last me three months before I upgrade again, because I'll be pissed.

xTruthx3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

lol u haven't gamed on pc have you. Haven't upgraded in 3 years yet i can run 98% of the games on max. That 2% is crysis and GTA4

Edit: I wished every time you would disagree with some 1, you would have to explain y. Because I would love to see the response of the one's who disagreed.

gamingisnotacrime3129d ago

out of 100 games, 2 dont work with your PS
well that is awesome if in those 98 games are the latest kick ass games

DeathMetal3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

you'll play in actual HD with 60 FPS on your precious console LOL, and maybe some AA just maybe, My Pc is 3 years old and still spanks whatever you got, AHH the ignorance. Yep the consolse will last for 10 years with 576P Yikes

jerethdagryphon3129d ago

rafik dont know where you buy parts from but a 4850 shouldnt cost more then 90£

and a 5770is only 125.

shop around youll find better pricing

evilmonkey5013129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

my 486 beat up your 386

ClownBelt3129d ago

Jeez guys. It was just a joke lol. I would love to play on PC since there are TONS of games that I want to play on it.(especially Diablo)

Diablo alone is enough to spend money for a gaming PC. I just played it on a rental PC back when I was in my hometown.

nnotdead3128d ago

its seems that a few PC gamers are a little touchy tonight. love playing on my PC but lets face it. every 3-6 months something better comes along. i got the joke

BloodyNapkin3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

"Haven't upgraded in 3 years yet i can run 98% of the games on max."

Ok, enough is enough. I understand people like to prove people wrong. But this is getting way out of hand. Sure people will click your little agree button for the sake of arguing. But you sir are lying straight out your teeth. What you dont think no one else has a PC? I have a dual core with a geforce 9800 with 4 gigs of ram, and i can hardly run most games maxed out. And all new games i dont even come close to maxing out.

Read above...

Man you PC guys amaze me. I am glad i never acted this way when i was big into PC gaming. See for some people it is all about the games which someone posted a link for all the pc games coming out this year. It was very pitiful to say the least. Just cause you keep throwing money into you're gaming machine every year or two, doesn't give you a reason to knock people that spend their money else where. Soon as i quit PC gaming and started taking that money and saving and spending it on more valued things for myself, i realized i was wasting my money. Thats my opinion and alot of people might not see it as wasting money but i do.

xTruthx3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Lmao kid your just gonna regret that, ill start posting pics. Lets see how much of a liar I am. Hey Give me a name of a game you want me to show you on max that isn't crysis or GTA4. Mass Effect 2 ? CODMW2 ? or w/e you want

Your talking to a guy who builts PCs but OK!, Ill play along!

My setup

Core 2 Quads
4GB of Ram
2 8800GT's
700W PS
XFX 680i LT Mobo

BloodyNapkin3128d ago

You know that mean's the highest supported resolution by the game not your monitor, right? I have 6 PC's that i built sitting in a lan room and 2 laptops. So does that make me special like you? And if you can say you can support the highest resolution of all games then we will move one and i want a video of starting the game and maxing the resolutuion and AA and AF and stuff like that, then shows thats it's playable and i will bow down to you.

xTruthx3128d ago

ok so by your logic, I would have to buy a monitor that supports 2560x1600 res for me to enjoy it on max ? because the game will run on max to w/e ress you want. Just because the game's supports a maximum ress of 2560x1600, doesn't mean I need to go to that ress to really max out the visuals, so wth are you talking about ? the game gives you the maximum output for textures, AA, AF & etc. The monitor only limits you to resolution, not texture quality or anything else.

BloodyNapkin3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Well first off, One of your quotes was "Haven't upgraded in 3 years". which is odd cause you said you have dual 8800 gt's. Which did not come out until October 29th of 2007. Which probably you did not buy until you got your taxes in 2008, considering you already probably had some 6000 series geforce cards sli. Just cause that mobo is old, it came out around the time of sli 6200's. But part of maxing out a game is max resolution and max AA, AF and textures and such. But if you still want to try to show me up then i will pick just one game and if you want to show me something it will be JustCause 2.

2Spock3128d ago

Truth Hurts doesn't it......The irony

xTruthx3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

You do know I don't live in the U.S right ? PR doesn't go by those laws. " But part of maxing out a game is max resolution" What ? lol I have the option to what resolution I want, I don't need to go 2560x1600 if I don't want to, if you have a monitor to support it then go with it and max it out on it. Ok my math was a lil bit off when i said 3 years exactly, need to go back & take my math classes but its been almost 3 years.

2Spock3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

"You do know I don't live in the U.S right ? PR doesn't go by those laws. " But part of maxing out a game is max resolution" What ? lol I have the option to what resolution I want, I don't need to go 2560x1600 if I don't want to, if you have a monitor to support it then go with it and max it out on it. Ok my math was a lil bit off when i said 3 years exactly, need to go back & take my math classes but its been almost 3 years."

Well considering Bloody is out of bubbles i will continue for him. Cause you struck a bad chord with me also, but i think i am less civilized than him. What part of maxing out a game don't you understand? You said it, if you do not understand what it means then please do not use that word. Maxing out a game means maxing all the setting's, right? Resolution is a setting and it affect's how graphics look. But go ahead and post a vid of justcause 2. Your math is a little off? You say still almost 3 years when he clearly proved you wrong of no less than 6 months. And i am sure you did not buy them day one like he said more like when you got your taxes which was in reality little over 2 years ago. You know 6 months in the PC world makes a big difference a whole new video card will release in that time. So really you two shouldn't even be having this conversation cause you lied in the first place.

xTruthx3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Do i need to repeat my self ? I live in Puerto Rico, I don't pay taxes right now. I bought them on November from tiger direct. I didn't have to WAIT FOR ANYTHING. Just cause 2 is like GTA, open world so its OBVIOUS that I wont be able to run it on every setting on max.

And I lied ? I though it ha been 3 years, I built PCs. How am i suppose to know exactly what time i built which, I'm human you know ? its been almost 2 and a half years, not 3 exactly my mistake. I do not need to lie on the internet.

Srry to disappoint you if by me not running a game on a maximum resolution doesn't = max settings for you. But for me and others does, many of us only focus on the texture quality and basically everything else that isn't the resolution.

It doesn't matter if every 6 months a new card comes, its like every car each year. The performance difference isn't by much, look at the 9800GT benchmarks vs the 8800GT benchmarks. Its basically the same performance, if you did game on pc you would know the are still using the same engines on many pc games. Now cards that are 2-3 years newer, those make difference.

I know you don't care about this, your just doing this for an argument.

2Spock3126d ago

"Lmao kid your just gonna regret that"

No i think you regret even opening your mouth. Considering you have gotten burnt on everything you have said. But i am glad you are still posting and saying that you lied and that you can't run justcause2 and it doesn't even matter about resolution. But hey if you want more games i will give them to ya. Like rubbing salt in wounds.

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat

You know what really i could post nothing but directx 11 games and you couldn't run them max, cause your video card does not support the features. So basically you would just be running a stripped down version and even then it wouldn't be so well. Maybe next time you think before you speak.

xTruthx3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

lol y did I even waste my time, I'm talking to a 10 year old. Just go to toms hardware and see how much 2 8800GT's perform on those games. Pretty sure I'm not gonna dl em(especially stalker which is old), and dx11 lol ? It will automatically run on dx10 on my cards lol(You just showed me how much you know). So ill still be able to run them on max, oh yeah max for me not you because i would need 2600 ress to max it out. But my monitor gets to 1400 ress only so I guess I wont know till I buy a better monitor.

Yeah I have gotten burn on everything I have said ... I can only say "LMAO" to that. Keep looking on google on games that max out most cards LOL!

Ill do it for you


And that kid only has 1 8800GT and a dual core

Ill find you the next link you I CAN KEEP GETTING BURNED like you said ... ROFL

xTruthx3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Lol I don't even have to look for bench marks to know I can run The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom on max(Oh yeah srry, for you it isn't max) when the recommended settings are

* OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2
* RAM: 4 GB
* HDD: 8 GB free disk space
* Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory with Shader 3
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
* DirectX: Version 9.0c

My pc has double the performance of the recommended settings lol, do you even think before posting games ? First STALKER and now this. Google isn't working too well for you huh.

2Spock3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Just post the Sh1t or shut up. You have been burned enough already, so probably the best thing for you is to keep quite. Cause we seen he hiding in your shell and that big yapper shut when he caught you in a lie then you said you couldn't run justcause 2.

So he proved his point and take it further and run with it i challenged you and something easier and instead of doing it you run your big yapper and act like you are high and mighty now? Quit acting like you above people when your about the dumbest person on this site. I know directx 11 games will run in directx 10. But if you can not run them in directx 11 then you are not maxing them out. Your problem is you are so anxious to prove somebody wrong and act like a tough guy, it just show's stupid and blind you are.

But anywho give me some vid's of your crap running those games in directx 11 and max graphical setting and i don't care what resolution. And we will call it the day. Cause you said you could max all games out besides 2. What you should have said i could max all games out to my graphical limitations.

xTruthx3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

LMAO! its so funny when I'm talking to you because you clearly don't know much about pc's and start posting games you searched on google acting like if they needed so much GPU power and they don't LOL. You do know that not all newer vid cards & games support dx11 right ? So dx11 is an option you have lol. Because if dx11 was standard, every new game on pc would support it and every new vid card would include it. Games have different dx supports, some run on dx9, dx10, dx10.1 and dx11 lol

Y would I dl those games when I gave you a link to benchmarks of weaker PC's running the games you gave me on max, with 200fps lol.