Jet Set Radio On Xbox Live Arcade?

EP: Really, right now the rumors about the Dreamcast games on Xbox Live Arcade is going well. This time it was the turn of Jet Set Radio to Shine in a mysterious screenshot of the Dashboard.

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Natsu X FairyTail3154d ago

Please let it Be. Fingers Crossed!


I hope this is real!

The Classics never die!!

-Alpha3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Dude, wish the rumors about DC games coming on PS3 were true. I hope they don't become 360 exclusive, I know there were rumors for PS3 to get DC games not too long ago.

Good to see DC being supported somewhere this gen, that console truly was a classic. I would kill for Power Stone 2 HD Online. Don't care where it comes at this point but I need my Power Stone fix. I still have a DC but nobody to play with :(

La Chance3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

As much as I would this to be true...come on guys...this is too good to be true.

If I didnt have a 360 I would buy one just for it, thats how much I want a JSR/JGR on the 360.

Bnet3433154d ago

The screenshot looks a little fishy to me but if this is true this is incredible news. Only god knows why Jet Set Radio Future didn't make it to Xbox Originals, one of my favorite games of all times. It's possible though since XBLA is getting Sonic Adventure. Throw in Shenmue and Power Stone with online while you're at it I think Sega could make great sales.

Brklynty13153d ago

This is all pointing towards the leaked Sega/Sony document. It said Sony would choose the games they wanted exclusive right? Good to see that SOME companies want all to be happy, if it was reversed? Boy there would be chaos. Oh and btw whoever has been doubting the document? All things from it have come to past from the Bayonetta Demo, to the sega roster racing game(Sonic and sega all star racing), the PS motion controller to release in spring(it was the intended release date at TGS), and some other might come as well including PSN premiun which was in the document and we all know is coming and PS2 games on PSN. Well can't wait, loved my dreamcast when I had it, Sonic adventure 1/2, crazy taxi, powerstone, OMG!

Wizziokid3153d ago

This would be a day 1 purchase if it's true, I loved my dreamcast and I wish it didn't fail so they could of made a successor but people just wern't ready for it back then.

Perjoss3153d ago

This is great news, but personally I'd rather hunt down a boxed version on ebay that is in really nice condition, after all that is a piece of gaming history and a DLC title just does not have the same collectible appeal to me. Great news for people that don't care (or don't have space) for boxed games though. PoP:Sands of Time next? :)

AAACE53153d ago

Shen Mue...boom,boom.... Shen Mue... boom,boom......

GenghisKhan3153d ago

yakuza 3 is infinitely better.

Solidus187-SCMilk3153d ago

But it is awesome and people would probably buy it. Id probably buy it if it was in HD/60FPS.

they should also release JSRF. They should have as one of the xbox originals.

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Abash3154d ago

I can't wait to buy it! I love Jet Set Radio

Blaze9293154d ago

Continuing with the onslaught of Dreamcast games on the 360! This should be sweet!

gillri3154d ago

awesome and Jet Set radio future please

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