Chrome 2 on hold

Developer Techland just revealed a new racing game but players wondered what happened to Chrome 2, the sequel to the well known first person shooter. The answer is: It's on hold. Techland confirmed this to swiss gaming site

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TheProfessional3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SpecForce was extremely legitimate, I couldn't wait for the next Chrome and this has been "in development" for years. (Duke Nukem Forever Syndrome) The worst part is this would've been on Techland's new engine so it would've looked amazing. I love throwback PC exclusive FPSs from PC developers. WHY ARE THEY CANCELLING IT!? For a f#**ing racing game? ARE YOU F**#ING KIDDING ME?!

treeson473132d ago

whoever disagreed with this comment needs to go !uck themselves. racing games over classic throwback PC games?! go play DIRT 1 and 2, or sit tight for GT5. jesus, what the !uck is wrong with people.

JsonHenry3132d ago

Are racing games that popular?