Sakamoto says Team Ninja collaboration on Metroid: Other M "feels destined"

VG247: Yoshio Sakamoto has said that the reason he and the development team chose Team Ninja to work with on Metroid: Other M was because of the developer's experience with console titles.

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eagle213103d ago

I am playing the Metroid Prime Trilogy right now and it is perfection. Gosh, I love Metroid. I will be downloading Super Metroid next to gear up for the Aug. 31 release of Other M.

Gr813103d ago

The grade A Moron who disagreed w/ you? LoL.

Sunny_D3103d ago

That some good omen sh!t right there, lol.

EvilTwin3103d ago

4 disagrees now? Fools.

DL-ing Super is a must. It deserves a spot on your first menu screen.

fossilfern3103d ago

LOL who disagreed with him ? Anyway, yea Metroid is a fantastic series of games i really cant wait untill other M but its been held back :( i can never get bored of Super Metroid :D even after like 16 years (?)

ABizzel13103d ago

Easily the second game I'm most looking forward to on the Wii this year. Just behind Zelda.

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Gotta play Metroid on my PC.

The 10th Rider3103d ago

I'm not going to lie, I saw the first trailer and though it looked awesome. Heard it used only the Wii remote and my opinion lowered. But now that I've seen some gameplay it looks like pure win.