Why Hollywood Should Stop Making Videogame Movies

GamerNode's Tyler Cameron writes:
"Turning a videogame into a live-action movie always sounds great in theory. Numerous aspects of games translate well into film, like moments of pure action and high adventure, not to mention the undoubtedly rich universes and characters videogames encompass. With so many games ripe with hundreds of stories just waiting to be told, why is it that with all this potential, videogame movies generally suck?"

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italianbreadman2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

This is all so very true. I remember when I first played Max Payne. I thought it should be a movie.... Yeah, not the movie that was made, cause that s*** SUCKED.

Gun_Senshi2827d ago

In Max Payne One, they kill his family and he gets the blame

In Max Payne Two, QQ Mona QQ

If thats not Enough, in Max Payne Movie, he gets to fight CGI Monsters!

DanCrabtree2827d ago

hahaha the mario brothers movie... wow that was awful. but a lot of fun.

mrv3212827d ago

I wish we'd give our video game plots and stories to either a indie group or eastern europe and see what they do... it's not like we'll be disapointed.

italianbreadman2827d ago

Give it to anybody besides those who have been doing it so far, right? Jeeze. They stink.


The best Movies based in Games are:

Silent Hill and......I think that's it.

Waiting Silent Hill 2 incoming 2011 (

peeps2827d ago

yeh i actually felt silent hill was a decent film but could be better tbh. am looking frwd to SH2 though

italianbreadman2827d ago

Yeah, I kinda liked Silent Hill, too. Still not as enjoyable an experience as the games, but alright.

bjornbear2827d ago

silent hill did remotely capture the vibe of the game and consisted of a fair story and narrative =)

that and Tron are the only "video game movies" that are worth mentioning

Marojado2827d ago

Haha, this is the only reason anyone needs to stop making movies based on computer games.

To be honest, my immediate thought was something similar.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Uwe thinks their movies are somehow good to make movies like that.

Also he hates Michael Bay:

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The story is too old to be commented.