SFIV producer 'desperate' to make Darkstalkers sequel - and you can help

VGD: "Yoshinori Ono wants you to tell Capcom that you want Darkstalkers. After SFIV, you owe him that much."

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Simon_Brezhnev3154d ago

Well i dont want him touching darkstalkers. I dont want every character looking buff like SF4.

Sevir043153d ago

Both of which are great but The MTF is being used for MVC3 and it was also used for the RE5 and TVC.

Reibooi3153d ago


That was Street Fighter Style even back when it was 2d. The thinner characters don't look roided out in SSFIV for example Ibuki or Sakura.

Darkstalkers however never had that style and that's clear from what we have seen of Morrigan from MvC3. She looks incredible and it makes me very excited to see what other Darkstalker characters might be in the game(Felicia is highly likely) and makes me want a full sequel that much more.

Rock Bottom3153d ago

I really wanted a Darkstalkers sequel over MvC3.

Sano643153d ago

@ Sevir04
How do you know that they wont use the SSF4 engine when they haven't even confirmed that they would even make a new Darkstalkers game?

PopEmUp3152d ago

I think he work for capcom /s

skwidd3152d ago

..but I don't want it in 3d. I'm not crazy about the art style of SFIV and I agree they look sorta buff. But I think that has more to do with the style.

IdleLeeSiuLung3152d ago

I was a little dissappointed in how Morrigan looked in that trailer for MvC 3. For some reason, her face lacked the sexy more rounded look on her face. The concept art shown above though looks decent, but I like the slightly more cartoony look.

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Natsu X FairyTail3154d ago

They should go Ahead and release some of the older Darkstalkers Games on XBL and PSN so people can start getting used to the games again and refresh people's memory. I'd be happy to play has B.b Hood once again!

WildArmed3154d ago

I agree.
Esp. since I dont recall anything about the game, and i'm pretty sure i've played it before =/
Maybe i should go refresh my memory on Youtube?

Nha too much trouble

dirigiblebill3154d ago

I'm sure it's just a matter of time...

tiamat53153d ago

Actually I would prefer Rival Schools.

dirigiblebill3153d ago

I'd completely forgotten Rival Schools ever existed! Don't think I ever played it. Wasn't it more like Tekken than Street Fighter?

5tgyw3ty343153d ago

Thank god its more like sf. And its really good.

Redempteur3153d ago

actually i kinda want more rival schools than darsiders ..but i'll be happy with any as long as the game is good and after they dry their ressources making MvC3 ... Only after that project ..

5tgyw3ty343153d ago

Please, but skip that sh|tty 3d.

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The story is too old to be commented.