Top 10 Celebrities in Video Games

Although many may not realize it, celebrities are becoming vastly involved in video games. Not only are video games becoming areas of interests for struggling/lower-class actors, many top-notch celebrities are beginning to support, or even play, video games. In fact, some of them may surprise you.

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ConnorSmith3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

oops, ignore this :(

2FootYard3130d ago

I shall do no such thing! Explain the meaning of your comment!

sumo3113131d ago

I love that dude, very good with the Splinter Cell series, and with his movies. I hope he continues, but he has def slowed down lately :(

ConnorSmith3131d ago

Yup, he has done a great job in almost everything he has done Superb Voice Actor!

Timesplitter143130d ago

Everytime I see his face, I remember Starship Troopers

Anorexorcist3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

"See You at Tah Pahty Richta!!!"

Yeah that line didn't exactly come from Michael Ironside, but that came from possibly his greatest death scene in a movie.

weazel3130d ago

"getchooo ass two maarrs!"

bruddahmanmatt3130d ago

No Brian Cox as Scolar Visari from Killzone? No Gary Oldman as Sgt. Reznov in WAW and Ignitus from Spyro. No Elijah Wood as Spyro? No Ray Liotta as Tommy Vercetti? Hell practically the entire cast of Vice City (William Fichtner, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds, Gary Busey, Danny Trejo, Philip Michael Thomas) consists of well known names.

Therealspy033130d ago

quite the worthless article.

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AliTheBrit193130d ago

Lack of the amazing Stephen Fry FTL.

On a SORT of related note, anyone else notice the guy who plays Earl in My Name Is Earl doing the voice of the coach in Skate 3?

ZombieAutopsy3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

He was a skateboarder back in the day and he even had his own skateboard company not too long ago and still does i believe.

Qui-Gon Jim3130d ago

Yeah, if I remember correctly, he was actually a championship skateboarder, and even invented a move. To me though, he will always be Brodie from Mallrats.

Nebulas Zero3130d ago

Robin Williams at #4? Seriously? Also, love how he has no clue about Michael Jackson's role in Sonic 3's music.

But then, what else can you expect from a writer who's yet to have his braces removed?

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The story is too old to be commented.