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Submitted by SpaceSquirrel 2119d ago | news

ESRB summarizes Red Dead Redemption's intense violence, strong sexual content and more

The ESRB has released the rating summary for Red Dead Redemption, detailing the game's intense violence, strong sexual content and more. (PS3, Red Dead Redemption, Xbox 360)

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DanyBrown  +   2119d ago
"The game contains a scene in which two characters have sex on a table;"

Can't wait now.
RumbleFish  +   2119d ago
The question here is:
What characters? A boy and a girl? A man and a girl? A woman and a boy? A woman and a horse, goat, dog or whatever? Two girls? WTF? I wanna know!
Bob-Dole  +   2119d ago
This is Bob Doles type of game. It reminds Bob Dole of his childhood.

Bob Dole.
drummerx2709  +   2119d ago
@ Bob Dole
lol Those Bob Dole jokes are soooo old.
ThatArtGuy  +   2118d ago
Isn't that the point? Old jokes for an old person? (It's not funny if you have to explain it.)
Akagi  +   2119d ago
zeddy  +   2119d ago
kids will still play it anyway, who's going to stop em?
rdgneoz3  +   2118d ago
Kids will need a parent or someone older to buy it for them. So no one will be stopping them, they'll be encouraging them if the kids play it.
T9X69  +   2119d ago
Sounds like my kind of game right there. Bring it on Rockstar I'm tired of waiting.
TacoTaru  +   2119d ago
Too bad
I would have purchased two copies of this game to play with my teenage son. After reading this I will buy none. I certainly wouldn't want to play with the juveniles that are excited by this.
DARK WITNESS  +   2119d ago
I have to say I agree with T9X69.

I resepct your choice on the matter, I am 30 and if I had kids, well I would still buy it for myself but my own stash of games would be locked away anyway and if i ever cought them playing it they would be and a Crap load of trouble. I am sure though from all the trailers and videos it was kind of clear that this sort of content would be in the game.

and as he said.... it is R*
divideby0  +   2119d ago
Taco... I hear you...but than again if you look at all the games with this type of stuff in it...there are reasons for the rating system... and also welcome to playing current video games....sad but ME, GOW, GTA all have this type of stuff....
liquidsnake  +   2119d ago
Good to hear a parent is finally doing what a parent should.
I'm 22 with no kids so I'll play the sh!t out of this.
STICKzophrenic  +   2119d ago
I'm 27, and when (if) I have kids, I'll have them gaming as early as I can and playing all kinds of games, including this.
jagstatboy  +   2119d ago
anyone who would allow their children to play this, like that douche above, should be imprisoned.
electricshadow  +   2118d ago
@ jagstatboy
I wish that didn't sound as ignorant as it did. So, because his parenting choices are different from yours, he is automatically a douche and should be imprisoned? You're right, your logic doesn't have any flaws in it. It's the parents' discretion. If they think little Billy and little Sally can play it, they'll let them play it. I bought GTA III when I was in grade five. It's completely dependent on the maturity level of the child.
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T9X69  +   2119d ago
You said you was going to buy two copies of the game, which means you obviously seen the trailers, and the rated M sign with the list of why its rated M. So my question to you is, how is this article "surprising", I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I wasn't expecting Red Dead Redemption to be about horseback ridding with Ken and Barbie, I mean seriously its Rockstar games did you expect anything less than this?
lucifon  +   2119d ago
Indeed. After every trailer it clearly shows the M rating with a list of various reasons as to why the game has this rating such as Nudity and Violence.
TacoTaru  +   2118d ago
I didn't say it was surprising, I said it was "too bad". There is probably very little in the game that I would consider "over the line", but it will keep me, and people like me, from buying and playing an otherwise beautiful game.

The other thing that is sad is the drooling excitement shown by some of the folks because there is sex in the game. I'm not sure that losing the people that are buying for that reason would economically outweigh the number of people they lose that are like me.
rdgneoz3  +   2118d ago
Games are rated mature for a reason. Its for mature people. If you're not old enough to purchase the game on your own or not mature enough to handle the content of the game, don't get it or play it. Swearing in games? Tell me you never swear before saying anything. Sex in games? Tell me you're still a virgin or only have sex for procreation and that you've never watched a movie that had a sex scene in it, before complaining. Also, the main star of the game states he's a married man as unknownhero1123 said.

I for one, will be getting the game and enjoying it with a few friends who are mature enough to enjoy it.
TacoTaru  +   2118d ago
@rdgneoz3 I don't quite follow your logic. Swearing in games is okay because you swear IRL. Sex in games is okay because you aren't a virgin. Blowing peoples heads off in games is okay... ?

Because you do it in real life doesn't mean it needs to be in a game. Have you watched the old John Wayne westerns? They were excellent without hardly a damn or hell showing up. Clint Eastwood was a little rougher but those movies were still watchable with an early teen.

Also, I'm not sure that swearing or sex is a sign of maturity. I don't consider all those people that get arrested in "Cops" on TV mature although I'm sure they are all old enough to buy the game.
bjornbear  +   2119d ago
wan't wait to get me some cowgirls
n do em while i shoot s'me bandidts =D!
unknownhero1123  +   2119d ago
sorry, marston can't have "fun" with other women.

"As with all of Rockstar's open world games, Red Dead is divided into missions, specific tasks that advance the story in small chunks, such as earning a sheriff's trust by helping him bring in the local "most wanted." Marston is just as deadly with his rifle as GTA protagonists have been with semiautomatics. He doesn't, however, engage in any of their controversial sexual behavior. "I'm a married man," Marston says early in the game when told about available "female company."
bjornbear  +   2119d ago
you are right...
you had to ruin it didn't had to remind me of that part of the trailer...x( YOU RUINED IT!

*cancels pre-order*


xD juuuus kidding =3
ian72  +   2119d ago
A proper wild west setting in a game is going to have swearing, sex, brothels, violence, murder etc. That is what happened at that time in history. If you take out all of these things then you're left with a very boring game, which no-one would play.
Lirky  +   2119d ago
Interesting i remember i read the heavy rain one from esrb and then when the scene came i felt spoiled because i read esrbs description and the scene had no emotion or feeling to it lol. Im glad i can deflect from ever getting spoiled like that again lol.
bloodybutcher  +   2119d ago
i was going to say that i can't wait for this game to come out so me and my friend can ride together,you know, two cowboys having a great time together...but it sounds so Brokeback Mountain :D oh well. i'll get it anyway:D
divideby0  +   2119d ago
This is so much looking like the game which MP is gonna carry me until we get to the Fall...
As much as I am enjoying BC2, (just got the 48 hr play thang) I am getting bored with it..I have unlocked everything and if it was not for playing with budz and just enjoying gaming, I wouldnt be playing BC2 now especially in a quick or pickup match..
Frulond  +   2119d ago
The “strong sexual content” descriptor is particularly interesting given the number of controversies involving sex in games.


BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2119d ago

I hope you are ready to some Broken Back Mountain Parody. /jk
SephireX  +   2118d ago
This won't see the light of day down under. They're too damn conservati8ve there anyway. They'd ban living if they could.
nygamer28  +   2118d ago
their was a full sex scene in GTA4:TBoGT

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