When Will The PS3 Tie The Xbox 360?

It's probably safe to say there's about a 5-million-unit gap in worldwide sales between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. They've just announced that 360 sales have hit 40 million and at last count several months ago, the PS3 was at about 34 million, so 5 million seems to be just right.

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FangBlade3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

ROFL you can clearly see that this is a respond to the "PS3 and Xbox 360 gap soon to be just 4 million". Damage control at its finest.

On topic: I think the PS3 will outsell the Xbox 360 by the if 2011.

RageAgainstTheMShine3131d ago

sipped not sold.
We still have to hear from M$ hard numbers of units sold. Maybe they are still reconciling the number of replacement units to deduct them from units sold because replacement units do not count as sold units.
Only Nintendo & Sony declare units sold. So those 360 numbers in vgchartz are shipped not sold.

frogdefdaa3131d ago

with the release of Natal in Q4, no luck for PS3 to follow up Xbox 360..

NateNater3131d ago

You really think Natal is going to push millions of 360s? Stop over-hyping it.

Who here is actually even considering purchasing Natal? From what I've read here in the comments, not to many people seem interested in it or even Move for that matter.

DOMination3130d ago

The original Wii Sports was responsible for maybe 20-30 million users playing videogames that normally wouldn't. Ricochet for Natal is going to have the same sort of impact, if not more. The gap between PS3 and 360 is only going to increase.

Darkstorn3130d ago

I think it's going to be a while yet before the PS3 outsells the 360. For example, Natal is going for the casual audience and will push a lot of consoles.

In the long run, though, Sony will be victorious. Of course, the next juggernaut to take on is Nintendo and the Wii...

Motion3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

"Wii Sports was responsible for maybe 20-30 million users playing videogames that normally wouldn't"

and these people now have their casual console. They are not going to go out and buy another.

"Ricochet for Natal is going to have the same sort of impact, if not more."

In all seriousness, I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.

HolyOrangeCows3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Xbox fanboys still think Natal will be a big hardware seller?

"Ricochet for Natal is going to have the same sort of impact, if not more [as Wii Sports]"


hen Sony can afford another price drop, thats when they'll pull ahead of the 360. And thats only if Natal doesn't move consoles and Sony better pray that MS doesn't release a slim model. But if MS misses with those opportunities I just mentioned and Sony can bring the price down to $199. I think its lights out for the 360's position for second place.

Anarki3130d ago

I laughed at all the deluded fanboys making Natal bigger than it is?

ViciousBoston3130d ago

realistically they cannot release a 360 slim. If they want people to run Natal its going to require more power, a slimmer unit is going to heat up quicker. Even with the Jasper motherboard they've been overheating we had three come in yesterday with that problem we had to trade out for new ones.

Geriatric Hero3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I think Natal uses it's own power adapter. At least the development kit does.

Also, considering how similar the PS3 Move and the Wiimote are, it's possible that soccer mums will choose the PS3 and not the 360. Don't you agree DOM?

Shadow Flare3130d ago

DOMination: "The original Wii Sports was responsible for maybe 20-30 million users playing videogames that normally wouldn't. Ricochet for Natal is going to have the same sort of impact, if not more."

That comment is an absolute winner and has got my 'Most Retarded Comment of the Week' award. Well done

ForROME3130d ago

WOW, 6 yrs after it will out sell it huh? What a victory who the F&^% are you kidding, you dont lose for 6 yrs and claim it a victory

Brklynty13130d ago

Oh well that's very possible this holiday season if not by mid 2011, pass? I'd say later 2011 or 2012

Shadow Flare3130d ago

In the Xbox 360's case, selling the least consoles year after year isn't a victory either. PS3 has outsold, or matched its sales year after year. At a higher price point. Thats a victory.

otherZinc3130d ago

God of War 3 moved ZERO consoles in the States, the Industry leader. FF13 moved ZERO consoles in the States. M$ beat the PS3 in the month of March where PS3 had released GOW3 & FF13! Now What?

This ridiculous article never mentioned a game thats going to sell close to 10million copies in the States alone! Why is that. Halo 3 ODST produced a surge in console sales, look at the numbers, its fact.

All Halo games produce console sales, unlike God of War 3, the most anticipated PS3 game in history could only manage 314k for the month.

In conclusion, the 360 has Halo:Reach & that with other exclusives that sell, will ensure the PS3 will not catch the 360 in sales, period!.

van-essa3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I'm going to bookmark this page and bring it out again when Natal, slim, Reach and Gears are out and laugh at these posters... because we know we will.

3130d ago
BloodyNapkin3130d ago

Well your comment about Natal is the wrong assumption. Natal is not projected to people on this site. It is projected at people that do not already own a console, or to the people that like the casual stuff like the Wii. That still doesn't mean it is going to sell millions or even do even decent. Just wanted to point out the lack of thought in your comment.

HolyOrangeCows3130d ago

If the Ps3 had launched along side the 360, it would be selling about 4 million more than the 360.

And imagine, the year of unmatched Ps3 games would have been 2 years ago from now (rather than one). The 360 would have gone 2 years (And it's still looking like it will be longer) without surpassing the likes of Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

o, people don't think Natal will sell well, or it won't move consoles? While I personally don't see it moving consoles, unless bundled with a slim 360, Natal by itself as a peripheral will sell a sh*tload. If you don't think Natal will sell, I think you're in laa laa land...

Edit: Yeah, Natal will move consoles, but only if its bundled(IMO).

2Spock3130d ago

Thats coming from someone who got burned in another thread and can't back up their comments. Sad truly sad.....Anything that comes from your mouth is hogwash sorry. If you can't walk the walk when you talk the talk your comments mean nothing.

Anon19743130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

When you consider how many faulty consoles there have likely been for the 360, it's not too much of a stretch to think there are probably just as many working PS3's as there are 360's out there.
Even conservatively, if there's 40 million 360's out there and 30% of the original ones failed and that number came down to about 10% or so afterwards, if half of those failed consoles owners went back to the point of purchase and dealt with the store (which most consumers do instead of dealing with the manufacturers warranties) or simply bought a new 360 (a quarter of the 360 owners I personally know simply bought a new 360 - either upgrading to the Elite because they heard they were more reliable or buying Arcade's for cheap and slapping their hard drives on them) then there would be anywhere from 3-5 million 360's that were actually replacement consoles.

That would certainly help explain why for some time now, company's like EA and Ubisoft have reported PS3 revenue was often on par or better than 360 revenue. If the 360 really had an installed user base nearly 20% greater than the PS3 we would surely see that reflected in software revenue or sales, however that's not the case. Multiplatform titles often sell the same, if not better on the PS3 and software revenue also tells the same story.

Knowing of the 360's hardware issues it really isn't that much of a leap to connect those two dots together.
The PS3 and 360 are tied right now.

Edit above: OrangeCow is 100% correct. That's easy enough to verify, just look at the sales numbers from each company's investor relations's site. If the PS3 and 360 launches were lined up, at this point the PS3 would be quite a ways ahead of the 360. As is, even if we don't line up the console launch dates, since the PS3 released worldwide it's outsold the 360 head to head ever since. There was a point where the 360's lead was closer to 9 million. Now that's down to 4 million. What do you think's been going on there?
Edit below: Meaningless argument, really. At the end of the day the PS3 has been selling faster than the 360. There's no way you can spin that.

soxfan20053130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

If PS3 had launched along side 360 in 2005, it would have cost more than $500-$600 because Blu-ray technology would have been more expensive in 2005. We all know that prices drop over the years.

PS3 probably would have launched at $700-$800 in 2005. You can't just use 2006's numbers and assume they would have been the same in 2005.

@above - maeningless? To you maybe. You can't adjust a launch date by a year and just assume all other factors would have remained the same. "Selling faster" over a shortened time frame is not the same as "selling more" from beginning to end.

Hallmark Moment3130d ago

I guess there is a group of people not liking Microsoft selling 40 million consoles. I hope we don't see damage control articles and related articles every day. Is this the 3rd or 4th related article in response to the 40 million 360s sold news?

Boody-Bandit3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Cool van-essa and I think I will join you with the whole book marking thing. Why? Because I want to see if you stand by your word good or bad several months to a year from now. When Sony releases 3D, MOVE (a perp that will work with nearly any title by itself), PSN Premium, GT5 (1 of the biggest franchise titles in gaming history that has yet to be released on this generation console), a ton of new IP's that only appears on PS3 hardware and most of their other tried and true franchise titles over the next couple years their sales are going to continue to grow in numbers per units sold each month/year.

I can't help but shake my head in confusion at people that think Gears of War 3 (the 3rd installment of a game on this generation console), Halo Reach (2 versions plus a spin off RTS game was already released), Natal (a motion device that we still know next to nothing about other than it will more than likely require the use of a controller to play anything not extremely casual) and a Slim (price points is what moves console, not their appearance).

Can people be any less ignorant and actually try to use some common sense for once on this site? The 360 has been at the mainstream price point for quite a while now and it's sales have pretty much remained the same over the time accept for the initial spike once it hit that mark.

What do you think will happen when the PS3 hits $199.99?
If Sony hits that mark in 2010? It wont take more than a few to several months for them to take over the 2nd spot (in my opinion as a gamer, the 1st spot since I really don't see the Wii as a gaming console) and never look back.

BTW. Just so you fanboys and guys with multiple trolls accounts(case in point N4G account directly above me) know. I don't care how many disagrees or bubbles you take because there is not one person with common sense that can debunk what I just wrote. I game on both consoles regularly and I am not trying to win any brownie points by saying that. I am merely pointing out I AM A GAMER and not a blind flag waving AHOLE. What I posted is reality, deal with it.

Rock Bottom3130d ago

360 Damage control from psxtream?!! Does not compute!

soxfan20053130d ago

I'll debunk it. You say "just wait until PS3 hits $199". What about 360? Are you just assuming it will never have another price drop of it's own? What do you think will happen when 360 cuts $100 off of it's price?

To be fair, if you are going to forecast a $100 PS3 price drop, you have to give the same allowance to the 360 as well. That would be reality.

darthv723130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

my prediction is holiday 2011 if not then spring 2012. No worries though as that is about the time the next xbox and wii may get announced (E3 2012).

I think the majority of sony fans are really put off that another console (other than nintendo) is really giving sony some stiff competition. So much in fact that denial is rampant among both sides.

SNES didnt overtake the Genesis in the amount of time nintendo had hoped. It eventually did but by then we were looking at ps1 and saturn. Sony will get there but it is just taking a bit longer than it took for ps2 to overtake DC.

Boody-Bandit3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I see comprehension escapes you while ignorance consumes you but thanks for proving my point.

tatotiburon3130d ago

another year, same story "bu bu bu but at the end of the year ps3 will outsell the xbox 360"...the slim launch wasn't suppose to do that last year?

BYE3130d ago

The install base is already on par, if not in favor for the PS3 due to the massive amount of rrod replacements counting towards it.

tatotiburon3130d ago

yes because nobody use the warranty and bought a new console...right

soxfan20053130d ago

You really believe that, during the next 8 months, PS3 will be reduced in price to $199, while 360 will remain stagnant in price?

Wow, and you call me ignorant.

WildArmed3130d ago

YAY for rebuttal articles.

Either way, i dont care when they will tie in numbers.
Coz it won't make my 360 any worse or my ps3 any better.
I'll love em the same about b4 and after!
Now birng ont eh games from e3

boodybandit3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

he based his opinion off of where things are now with MS and Sony and what they are going to be offering over the next several months to a year.

He only made reference to what "might" happen when the PS3 hits the $199 mark. Quoting his original post: "What do you think will happen when the PS3 hits $199.99? If Sony hits that mark in 2010?"

He wasn't basing his opinion off of a PS3 drop in price. He put it in terms of addition too. At least that is what I took from his original post. All these sales articles are silly. Does it really matter which console or games sell more? Does it give anyone any more or less enjoyment out of gaming because of them?

SSFIV 4/27 GUYS and Gals!
Hit me up. I'm getting it for both and I prefer friendly player matches to ranked (PSN/XBL = BoodyBandit)
BTW I am an older gamer and my reflexing are slowing so you younger bucks should be able to get the drop on me. ;) Don't be shy. Hit me up.

Aquanox3130d ago

Are you guys aware of the hype behind Natal in the non gamer comunity?

I was in the fence until now but after seeing the dozens of reports all over Europe (where the thing it making a Pop-Star like tour) in mainstream news, well... it seems that Sony will never have a chance of getting close to it once it gets released. Man it even has its own E3 Keynote.

Information Minister3130d ago

Aquanox, I live in Europe and I have no idea what you're talking about.

Hallmark Moment3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

It is nice to see PS3 supporting media are starting to man up and admit or realize Sony will not be able to compete with Natal. Maybe it will cool the console war heat or at least keep it from doubling because of the 360's 2010 year. I know PS3extreme tried their best to talk up PS3 at the same time admitting Sony has their work cut out for them.

People are talking about the wrong match up. Never mind the gap between the PS3 and the 360 that will be history because the real fight will between Microsoft stealing current and potential Wii owners once Natal launches. Microsoft and Nintendo will be duking it out for the rest of this generation and the next.

Rampant3130d ago

Sony had their chance with the Slim. They won't sell enough to tie the 360 before this years holiday season and then MS releases the heavy guns. Halo + Fable + Natal will probably kill even the Wii for a few weeks.

weazel3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

As a happy European, I also haven't seen jack of the media coverage. When is the media-circus coming to Wales mate? I'm sure that given the fanfare you say its received, we'll all be given the day off to go and see it, as it seems to be the technological second-coming.

(Hallmark -what?!? Just ......what?!?!??? You can't be serious pal?! Really!!!!)

Rampant3130d ago

Aquanox: Yeah, the Natal video from E3 has some 4 million views on Youtube, that's really crazy. The highest ranking Move-video has around 250000 (The Socom 4-demo). So yeah, Microsoft marketing wins again.

ForROME3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

@Shadow Flare

I dont agree, the deal is generations typically go 5 yrs, with the economy like it is, I would say 7 yrs is being more realistic now, just because SONY supports THEIR product 10yrs doesnt make this gen a 10 yr cycle.

Whats the real deal here? Xbox came in and took a LARGE piece of the pie that SONY never thought possible, Xbox gets 3rd> or even 2nd, its still a victory for them, they did something no one thought they could

I personally think SONY will win globally thats not debatable to me, however what equals victory is debatable and I think Xbox can claim more from this gen than SONY can.

However SONY has learned where they fouled and I dont see it happening again. PS4 I believe will dominate

weazel3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

"If you can't walk the walk when you talk the talk your comments mean nothing"
On hep-cat street, you better bring the swing when you fling that ding, or you're gonna get burnt. Stop talking in fuc*ing broadway slang dude. I thought that he'd justified his comments pretty well, but "hogswash"? Fu*k mate, please. Over reaction par excellence.
(Rome - You're talking sense, but the lessons need to be learnt in time for ps4.)

spacetattoo3130d ago

NATAL will sell like hot cakes to wives, female and kid gamers.

1. women love to shop and if you get in with them, your going to make millions. only will take one game.

2. casual market is still taking wii by storm. which means, motion controls is still big and the market has not got sick of if, hardcore gamers got sick of it, not casual market.

3. most of the people on this site are to biased to see a product that is going to float off the shelf..

4. Hype for this product after what xbox does with marketing, you seem to forget how good M$ markets a product and they have been quiet lately, Maybe preparing for war.....

NATAL WILL SELL MILLION AND ONLY WIDEN THE GAP. ASK YOUR GIRLFRIEND WHEN SHE SEES IT ON TV. my girl only knows about it because of me, she is dyeing for this product..


Anon19743130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Natal will not sell. Who's the market for it? Casual gamers? Casual gamers aren't going to line up and pay more for a product with no brand recognition. Everyone knows the Wii, everyone knows Mario and the family friendly aspect of it, everyone knows Nintendo. The Xbox 360 is still primarily limited to the US market.
If I may offer a friendly rebuttal to your points.
1. women love to shop. But what is there appealing about the 360 compared to the Wii? It's big, it's noisy, it's bulky, what's with that giant camera thing? What do you mean that has to sit at the top of my entertainment stand. My wife looked at a picture of Natal on top of an entertainment unit over my shoulder and said "You are NOT putting that thing in my living room."
Natal is atheistic death. A sensor bar and tiny console like the Wii is going to win out over Natal with women every time.
And, all their friends have Wii's already. Natal has zero brand recognition going for it.

2. casual market is still taking wii by storm. You said it. Taken by the WII, not buy the 360. The 360 dropped it's price to under that of the Wii and it still couldn't make a dent in the Wii's sales. The Wii is what people want and you can't tell me for a second that a casual gamer who walks into a store is going to consider buying a bulky 360, Natal and Milo for more money versus the sleek package of Natal with Mario and other instantly recognizable characters for less money and walk out with a 360. There's simply no way that's going to happen.

3. most of the people on this site are to biased. Don't be an idiot. Most fanboys on this site are fanboys. Most people on this site are actual gamers who can't discuss issues without being shouted down by fanboys.

4. Hype for this product after what xbox does with marketing. Hype isn't going to sell Natal because casual gamers don't listen. Casual gamers aren't on game websites, they don't watch the shows, they don't buy the magazines. They might have seen Natal in Time magazine but probably didn't read about it. Most casuals couldn't tell you what Halo is. And on top of this, if you think Microsoft is going to blitz the world with a huge ad campaign, think again. Microsoft Entertainment has struggled for quite some time and they just finished canning over a thousand Xbox employees on top of slashing their marketing budget by almost $100 million. There's no way we're going to see a huge marketing campaign like they did back in Halo 3 days anytime soon.

Natal won't make so much as a ripple because it's simply too late to slap motion control on the 6 year old 360 and say "Look! New product!"
Ask yourself, historically how have consumers responded to expensive console add ons that are supposed to increase the consoles functionality? Casuals will not choose Natal/360 over a Wii, and those casuals who already own a Wii will not buy a second console to play more Wii-type games.

HDgamer3130d ago

To tie with the 360 they have to get rid of all their 1st party studios, charge for glitchy online service, get rid of exclusives and just pay for timed multiplatform games and dlc, use old and outdated tech, release a ps3 with no hard drive, sell it lower than the wii, then boast about multiplats and sales without using common sense.

Skizelli3130d ago

Do people actually worry about this stuff? When I'm sitting there playing a game, I'm not wondering how the console war is going.

ThanatosDMC3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Time wise, PS3 all ready outsold the 360 by several months. Also, there's a lot of 360s on shelves and almost no PS3s to be seen in stores.

RumbleFish3130d ago

BS! I am convinced that there are more PS 3 sold and working than 360s sold and working. For example: as you can see on the Battlefield Stats site there are 850 303 XBOX players and 848 506 PS 3 players in BF BF2. This is practically the same amount of players. Since the PS 3 comunity is far more wide spread between the different genres of games (25% of my friendlist are GT 5 Prologue-ONLY players e.g.)and there is a amount of Blu Ray-only PS 3s out there you can assume that there are more PS3s out there sold and working than 360s.

BloodyNapkin3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Was that really necassary? To start cussing at someoen when no words was voiced your way. And 2spock was referring to a article i burnt cows on, and actually it was quite a few things in a single post he was directly lying about and i called him on it and he failed to reply. So yeah his comments mean hogwash when you are a lying troll.


Have planty PS3's where i live at.

commodore643130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )


All I am seeing is a lot of p3 fans ignoring reality.

Since launch, SOny has done EVERYTHING it can to catch up.
Since launch, Sony has:

- dropped the ps3 price by 50%
- released a completely new slim model
- released most of its heavy hitting exclusives
- failed to capitalise on KZ2, MGS4, LBP and UC2 sales
- failed to impress with the much vaunted 'home'
- failed to capitalise on its bluray advantage
- failed to catch up to the 360.

To be fair, the ps3 has caught up some of the gap in sales to the 360.
However, if we are all honest, the rate at which it has done so, has been underwhelming to say the least!

In addition, looking to the future, apart from GT5, what does Sony have coming up that is supposed to impress consumers?
There is no price drop left, no slim redesign left, no 'home' left, no GOW3 left, etc.. you get the drift.
Only GT5 is left, right?

MS may have had their nose bloodied by the all-out Sony assault, but it ain't over yet. In fact, the intelligent amongst us may realise that MS has far more to offer from here on in, than Sony does.
Before you disagree, let's consider the facts, below.

Consider for example, MS upcoming features:

- Alan Wake
- Halo reach
- Gears of War 3
- Natal

Quite honestly, how ps3 fans think this will not shift a few million additional 360 consoles is beyond me.

To add insult to injury, MS has repeatedly stated that Natal will launch like a new console and will be promoted like a new console.
This is a big investment by MS, with a big expected payoff.
I am forecasting that this 'investment' by MS will also include
A slim 360,
A pricedrop
at the same time as Natal.

After 5 years on the market, MS execs can celebrate the 40+million 360s sold as a major success.
The next two years will surely expand on that success.
Given the above facts, that's really just common sense.

Dandiego3129d ago

Its funny thinking about the guy sitting at home thinking about this kind of stuff... I wonder when the PS3 will tie Xbox sales hhmmmm

cliffbo3129d ago

more importantly WHEN will 360 tie with

Dee_913129d ago

I doubt either really will
I thought that it was already a tie since ps3 came out 5million behind xbox ?

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MaximusPrime3131d ago

IMO PS3 has been selling more than xbox 360 from day 1

Christopher_Walken3131d ago

Well that's not really a matter of opinion

Anarki3130d ago

Nah, the first year, Microsoft out sold them due to the high price point. It wasn't until Sony slapped the PS3 with a price drop that the PS3 started to outsell the 360.

When the ps3 SLIM released, the ps3 went even further to outsell the 360 by alot more.

If Sony announce another PS3 price drop; I believe these numbers would tighten up alot faster over the next year or so. Mostly because, Gran Turismo 5 is due to release this year, aswell as Move.


With the PS3 Redesigned, people call that PS3 Slim, the outselling start from that, and official sources confirmed that, PS3 is outselling Xbox World Wide. If someone is disagree, is just because the person don't want to accept the truth.

If Sony launch the official PS3 Slim or another price drop, I figure more massive sales.

Anon19743130d ago

When you look at the official numbers, from the point where the PS3 became available worldwide to the point when the slim launched, about 3 years, the PS3 outsold the 360 head 2 head. After the slim launched the PS3 really took off but even before that the PS3 was still outselling the 360 worldwide. You just have to look at each company's investor relations sites to prove that's true.

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Omega43131d ago

It won't ever tie, Natal and a Slim 360 will make sure of that.

Plus MS said they will outsell the PS3 this generation and they don't want to look like fools so they will do ANYTHING to ensure victory.

Chris3993131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Final Fantasy will sell more on the 360. Really, how did that turn out?

Should I dig up the Peter Moore classic reel clips about how there was no RROD? How, and quote: "Things break, ya know?" and "Failure rates, those are a moving target."

All companies lie (including Sony) to get our money. Your continued glorification of what is clearly one of the greediest, least consumer-friendly corporations around just makes you look like an idiot. It's fine to like video-games, I get that. But as a consumer, get a clue. My God, you're the perfect mark for corporations: blissfully unaware, possibly with more money than common sense.

I hope that you are just a joke poster who says stupid things for kicks and to get a rise out of fanboys. If you're serious with what you say and believe, get help. Like today. Get off the computer and check yourself in for a nice little vacation with the men in the white coats.

Chaostar3131d ago

It's really hard to predict sales this year as both systems are entering the strange and fickle world of casual gaming. To be honest my gut feeling says that the motion controls for PS3/360 will sell as accessories and not draw in much new interest from either camp, which I'd be glad of for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, and in all honesty just a wild stab in the dark considering I haven't played either, I think both are 'not quite there' with motion input yet. I just get the feeling something is missing.

Second but most importantly, GAMES will continue to dictate the success/failure of consoles, which will lead to innovation in graphics, gameplay, sound and story and generally better games.

Games are why I bought all my consoles and as long as they continue to improve I couldn't give a flying money turd which one of them sells more hardware.

Anarki3130d ago

You cannot be serious? You really believe what Micro$oft says?

mfg, 360 fanboys are more deluded than I thought.

3130d ago
mrv3213130d ago

Does Microsoft still count shipped as sold? I wonder is that also counts the sheer number of 'fixed' consoles they've shipped :P

Yeah Natal will sell millions, something that hasn't been demonstatrated to work with the current demographic. We don't even know if it will support live... LOL.

And the slim, that's what the world needs a smaller and cheaper xbox... in the same way the world also needs another world war.

Let's no forget Microsoft history and the fact the 360 is showing it's age more than ever, DVD9. NO universal HDD... NO wireless.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Besides, he is a liar.

Lying make you comfortable?

One of the worst things from a user.

weazel3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

And you will happily support a company that uses such convoluted strategies to marginalize users in relation to profit? Kudos dude... I bet there's a million stocks at madame whiplash's primed 'n open, with the amount of outright masochism and violation that seems to be going on this gen.

Douwantit3130d ago

"And you will happily support a company that uses such convoluted strategies to marginalize users in relation to profit? "

Obviously you do not know what them words mean...ROFL

Rhythmattic3130d ago


"Plus MS said..."

As Doctor Zachary Smith would say....

"Oh, the pain, the Pain."