Stone Giant DirectX11 Benchmark Demo Released

BitSquid and Fat Shark have announced the release of their Stone Giant DirectX 11 benchmark application, now available for download. The demo was created as a way for BitSquid to show off its new game engine which boasts support for DirectX 11, Nvidia's '3dVision' stereoscopic 3D and more.

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zaz123104d ago

great, I will upgrade to dx11 this fall


Yeah, besides Crysis 2 is coming, full experience with DX11.

mittwaffen3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

DX11 isnt even worth jumping on; by the time alot of useful games come out you'll have upgraded.

Crysis to will not be a long term game; why would it be worth getting a 500 dollar card to run it well enough at dx11 to enjoy the SP and meh-MP?

You have SC2/D3/WoW holding back graphics for alot of the industry.