E3 07: Fable 2 Preview (Combat info), New Screens & Artwork

After drawing attention to the Fable 2's unfinished state by pointing out some visual quirks and flaws in the version that we were seeing, Molyneux kicked off his presentation proper with talk of his desire to make a landmark game, one feature of which will be a revolutionary combat system. His goals for Fable 2 include combat that's "so simple that anyone can play it" and that "makes you feel cool", both of which he hopes to achieve with just one button on the Xbox 360 controller button. The X button, in case you're wondering.

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Odion3965d ago

sounds pretty dam cool kind of reminds me of Zone of Enders, that game was so freaking cool in the way that anyone could pick it up push 2 buttons and your guy would do the most amazing attacks, no one felt like a noob in that game