Ten Things You'll Love About the Halo: Reach Beta

Whether you love Halo or hate it, it's impossible to deny that developer Bungie knows exactly what they're doing in the multiplayer arena. Sure, "real" war games like Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 are a lot of fun and provide a welcome (and necessary) counterbalance to the sci-fi-heavy combat found in the Halo games, but there's a good reason why the Halo Game du Jour is always near the top of the list of Xbox Live's most played games: the multiplayer team at Bungie knows what works and they stick to their formula. This was never more evident than on GameSpy's recent trip to the developer's studio just outside of Seattle.

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-Alpha3133d ago

All of this sounds breathtaking. I am praying on my knees I can get in without ODST.

I have a question: Is there a reason no one has never called out lack of dedicated servers? I don't lag in Halo much, but does Dedicated servers cancel out matchmaking systems? Just wondering...

I love how the beta is so freaking huge and how it's coming FOUR MONTHS before release. Bungie truly cares to go out with a bang.

Blaze9293133d ago

Only 'regular' people who can get in the beta without ODST are people who played Halo 2 on one of those random dates and got in.

As for you're questions - no one is saying anything about dedicated servers because Halo never really needed them. It's not like LIVE doesn't support dedicated servers or that it cancels out anything (Left 4 Dead 2 supports it) but really it's because Halo runs well with whatever system they use which is P2P I think?

Like ODST and Halo 3 for example, at least in my experience, never had any connection issues or lag etc.

What we REALLY need to be asking is how all this stuff surrounds multiplayer from all these sites and previews etc...and not one person has mentioned how many players this game supports -_-

Unless I missed it? The ViDocs make it seem like a massive battle so I'm thinking they bumped it from 16 to now maybe 24...32 would be nice. Nah 24 is the sweet spot.

masterofpwnage3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

yeah i hope so to.
i have to buy a new 360 because it broke so i dont want to buy odst just for a beta.
also im buying the ps3 first so, i think i will just wait for the full game to come. i hope the single player is good because i dont have xbox live and i dont think im ever getting it.

idk im not into the whole pay to play, epecially when psn is free and most likly i will be playing more multi games online.

edit alpha
why you making a big deal out of this, alot of games has beta you know.

but yeah the first time i played halo 3 online at my friends house it lagged pretty bad. Maybe it was internet connection, idk. but i played it a couple weeks back at my other friends house and it was better.

Lich1203133d ago

Ive had some really laggy games of Halo. All around though Id have to say its the least laggy non-dedicated game Ive played. Im actually very impressed with bungie for their network handling.

That aside, Im excited for the beta. I feel like Halo needs a re-imagining at this point and hopefully thats what they're doing with Reach.

MiamiACR3133d ago

I'm sure there will be more then 10 things we will love about the Beta. Can't wait.

Fanb0y3132d ago


You can rent it for a week? It's more than possible to get the full beta experience in a week. After all, it's only four maps and a couple of modes.

SixZeroFour3132d ago

@fanb0y - they arent putting all game modes out on day one, they are releasing them at certain points so the ppl can focus on those gametypes rather than having a whole bunch of ppl going off into one gametype and not trying the rest

given that the beta will last about a 3 weeks, id say they would dedicate 1-2 gametypes each week and then switch to a different one the next week, but dont quote me on this

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mcgrawgamer3133d ago

my buddies and I have really been out of the halo loop for a long time but the more I'm hearing about Reach is tempting me to go get a used copy of ODST so I can give this beta a hands's starting to look and sound really good.

theIMP3133d ago

I'm with you man. I didn't play Halo for at least a year (i think more like 18 Months), but I bough ODST for all the maps and to practice a little before the Beta. I can't believe how much fun I still have with this game, and after all the resent videos on the beta, May 3rd can't come fast enough.

cliffbo3133d ago

yeah bungie know what they are doing they copy epic's unrealtournament and claim to be original there is nothing in halo any of them that aint been done in unrealtournament and just as good if not better.

Reeperdotcom3132d ago

And you're commenting on this article because?..... -_-

divideby03133d ago

I have purchased every halo game xcept ODST and I have been a day one charter Gold paying member.
Halo is all about SP to me...I despise Halo MP...BUT I am so much liking Reach MP. Just to play the beta, I am looking where I can pickup ODST for cheap to play the Reach beta.
If I buy an old used copy of ODST, can I still play the Reach Beta ?

mcgrawgamer3132d ago

yep. a used copy of odst will get you in the beta. now this isn't etched in stone or anything but I'm told the beta works similar to the crackdown halo 3 beta. access to the beta is in the game menu; but just for good measure make sure your box has a copy of the flyer indicating access to the beta that's what I did anyway. Picked up my copy not even 3 hours ago. traded some crap in and paid like 10 bucks for the game.

TooTall193132d ago

I got rid of my 360 when I got a ps3, but I might get a 360 again for this game. I love split-screen online and only 2 ps3 titles offer this :(

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