Infinity Ward Loses 7 More in 1 Day, Their Biggest Loss Yet

It seems that today may have been an exceptionally bad day for Activision as 7 more developers have left Infinity Ward.

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DaysUntold3105d ago

I can't imagine that they can keep going with Modern Warfare 3, or at least they won't be on schedule. Even when they do get back up and running it won't be the same. Can't wait to see what Respawn puts out.

Chris3993105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Perhaps more than the last one, even. How many of you will have it on your trophy/ achievement lists by this time next year?

Try not to be hypocrites and remember this disappointment when the next COD turd get's shat upon us. Do your duty as a consumer and leave it to rot on the shelf. The ONLY thing that corporations understand is money, and what we (consumers) chose to do with it. You want to make a statement, don't buy the game.

Sorry if that sounded rude, but gamers can be a pretty unmotivated when it comes to social causes :)

lelo2play3105d ago

Well i guess ... they are going to work with ...
Respawn Entertainment (Electronic Arts).

-Alpha3105d ago

I hope it hurts Activision. I don't consider this a loss for Infinity Ward. They are free to gravitate towards Respawn Action. They'll still be the same old guys with a new name. I am not too concerned about Activision's brother EA since they seem to be a little less evil these days. Hell, even DICE stood up to them and made sure Map packs stayed free

Greywulf3105d ago

But much like the PC boycotters.

im sure everyone will buy it.

Therealspy033105d ago

kinda feels like a guild break up. and if it's anything like a guild break up...the newly formed guild (company) will likely fail after the first release.

kaveti66163105d ago

You're saying we should pre-emptively ban the next Call of Duty game because you KNOW it's going to be trash?

Isn't that a little hasty? I mean, I expect the game to suck as well, but I'm still going to keep an open mind about it until it releases and we actually know if it's good or bad.

What if, by some slight chance, the next CoD that IW releases happens to be a great game and does a service to Call of Duty fans everywhere? Am I supposed to boycott it just because of the mistakes of this MW2?

Chris3993105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I never meant to conjecture or assume that the next Call of Duty game would be either good or bad.

I've never enjoyed COD myself, so to me, the whole series is rather "turdish". That opinion does not apply to everyone else and their satisfaction with the series. I was saying that if you, as a gamer and a consumer are truly appalled by Activision and this whole scandal, that you should, on principle, probably not purchase the next COD. To do so, and then come on N4G (or wherever) and post your disdain makes you look rather flippant.

That's what I was saying. If you are disgusted by Activision's practices, take your money elsewhere. Period.

Hope that clears things up.

bakasora3104d ago

This is so ugly. Money is ugly.

Silver3603104d ago

You deny people their need to be creative. Demand more of the same thing every day. Deny them any ownership of something they created. Hold back on their bonuses. Money they need to make up for their low pay. And then fire their friends under shaky circumstances. I guess Activision didn't realize that even though they may own the studio they don't own they people or their talent. Of course Modern Warfare 3 is going to suffer lead designers have the title for a reason. Expect massive delays or a so so game.

Cevapi883104d ago

i wouldnt be surprised if they change the name of the company...its basically a shell of its former self....from this point on Treyarch will probably make better games...yet everyone played down their games since they only did WW II, yet that is how IW started out

what would make sense is if they actually had Treyarch continue the MW series since they understand the mechanics and graphics having borrowed it from the 1st MW

we will see when both companies release their games to see if these employee losses will actually be detrimental to the game...until then, its only speculation

Inside_out3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

When they lose their lawsuit ( ex IW people ) and Activision wins theirs which no doubt will happen, They will probably have restrictions on the type of game they can make and it cannot be in competition with any Activision game...Why do you think they are in such a rush to get things going...these court cases take yrs...Don't be surprise if Activision gets an injunction against these 50% of any profits from whatever game they and see...these guys are giving Activision all the proof they need....

People love to hate Activision, but everything Activision has said has come true...they were talking to EA ( former employer )Activision claims that they wanted to leave with COD franchise ( wishful thinking ) and all the employee's from IW...of course the contract is iron clad so they get fired for they are working for EA and have taken several key employee's with them...this will get ugly......uglier for these two greedy idiots....

If MW2 fell on it face, who would lose IW or Activision... exactly....Activision foots the bill for EVERYTHING...their salaries, all production and promotions and advertising....more will come out as the court case gets going....This is all about greed and these 2 idiots from infinity ward....

BTW, anybody who thinks these guy were underpaid are crazy...they just signed a huge contract BEFORE MW2 came out...LOL...COD MW1 was huge...wait till the court transcripts come will see clearly who was the greedy party....EA has promised these 2 guys the world and they took the bait...plain an simple....

AEtherbane3104d ago

Remember how Infinityward was created by a bunch of angry devs leaving EA to make their own game.... Watch how it happens again as they all leave Activision for another start up.

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GUCommander3105d ago

So absurd....Look at the chaos and destruction Activision has caused to such a talented and otherwise stable development company. You deserve it Activision. You wanted Infinity Ward to be yours, you wanted to withhold royalties, you want to be evil...this is what you get.

ape0073105d ago

IW is too good for them, activision is like $$$ and quality later,IW has a tremendous talent and a truly inspiring studio, one of a kind

what happened is really crazy, I mean no one expected this to happen

IW was my one of my favorite studios in this generation, cod4 and mw 2 are truly amazing, last time I logged into mw2, saw more than 600000 playing, it's phenomenal

what a sad day for gamers

Anarki3105d ago

I think it's safe to say that Infinity Ward is no more...

GiantEnemyCrab3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Agreed. And so is the end of me buying any further Call of Duty/Modern Warfare games. IW was the only reason I put $$$ into the franchise. Come to think of it, it is the only Activision title I actually buy anymore.

I look forward to whatever Respawn does.

theEnemy3105d ago


first thing that came to my mind after reading this.

Maybe they will release the Modern Warfare 2 Game of the Year Edition for quick $$$ first before dropping the ball.

phello3105d ago

Boom boom boom you reap what you sow

also bobby how do you like them apples you fat f*cker

barakiu3104d ago

what will the militarists sow for their support of war crime?

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