Apple Limits Number of Lifetime iPad Purchases

"Many early adopters of the iPad are probably familiar with Apple's rule that limits the number of iPads a customer can purchase to two units. What most probably aren't aware of is that there is apparently a lifetime limit to the number of iPads a consumer can purchase. One blogger found this out the hard way..."

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cain1413129d ago

That seems a little surprizing to me.

tmurder3129d ago

I want to like Apple so much, but sometimes they make it really hard.

cain1413129d ago

Every company does stuff like this though...

Ziriux3129d ago

Why would they do that and limit them selves of money.

cain1413129d ago

The two per store limit makes sense so people don't just sell them overpriced on ebay by buying the entire inventory.

thegamereviews3129d ago

Stupid really, I want like 5

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