IGN: Super Street Fighter IV Review

Even if it doesn't have the same kind revitalizing effect on the genre as its predecessor, Super Street Fighter IV is an easy recommendation. It's the superior version of one of the best fighting games around, offering a huge cast of 35 characters along with a far more developed online suite compared to the original version. The gameplay is fast, fun and easy to dig into, and deep enough so that you're always discovering new ways to chain combos and improve your skills. Whether you're a franchise veteran or a total newcomer, you can't go wrong with Super Street Fighter IV.

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hyderide3104d ago

let's comment like gentleman

Prototype3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

To be 100% honest I'm only gonna borrow it if that, this is what the first SF4 should have been. I don't want to hear Capcoms excuses about "future plans" or "at the time..." bs, this could have been FREE DLC of some type or just released the entire game as is instead of milking the franchise.

When SF2 first came out yes it was a bonus to play as the bosses, then hyper fighting, then the new challengers, then with the super bar; back then it was new technology being learned and tested. Now it seems all they want is $ instead of keeping their original fanbase.

They lost me as a SF believer, I'm only gonna stick to the classics

MTEC83104d ago

Everyone knew this was coming, its not even worth complaining about this. I bought SSIV knowing that the Super Version was coming, I will stick with the regular version for now and pick up Super eventually in the bargain bin. No big deal.

BYE3104d ago


Nice one, +bubbles

Boody-Bandit3104d ago

and buying SSFIV for both Tuesday morning.
I don't understand why anyone is complaining about this title especially since it's $39.99. This game is offering more updates than most sequels do and it is hitting retail for 1/3rd off MSRP. As a fighting fan I couldn't be happier. I would've gladly picked up it for full MSRP.

presto7173104d ago

Street Fighter IV I love you!!!!!

boodybandit3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

anyone looking to get in some practice send me a friends request. N4G user name is the same as my PSN and XBL info. I can't wait for this game. I lovedthe original but the online was limited with only have 1 vs 1. This is going to be great to have lobbies.

Cevapi883104d ago

why cant we have a mortal kombat remake...too much street my opinion MK had more dynamic and recognizable characters

N4BmpS3104d ago

is the charge system in this one too? I actually hated that. Was that used in older titles? Can't remember

morkendo3104d ago

super street fighter iv and marvel vs, capcom 3 will hold me good

WengYong3104d ago

And it has more content than SF4, anyone who complains is asking a lot

Optical_Matrix3104d ago

No Prototype, this couldn't have been free DLC. Are you even thinking? Capcom created Street Fighter IV as best as they saw fit. You claim to be a fan of the series, then you should know it thrives on one of the most active and voiced communities in the gaming industry. SFIV had problems, things fans wanted fixed, more characters that didn't make the cut. What do Capcom do in return for the fans? They give us Super Street FIghter IV at a budget price of £20. Super Street Fighter IV resulted in Capcom doing the following....

- More Marketing
- Rebalancing the whole fighting system
- Adding 10 new characters
- Rebalancing old characters
- Robust new Online system incl. Team matches and the ability to record fights
- Bonus Stages
- Create new animated cutscenes to fit new characters into the story
- Record new music
- Get the voice actors back in again
...This list goes on. ANd if you can honestly whine and say all of that should have been free DLC you shouldn't even be playing Street Fighter. It's brand new game for christs sakes, made off the back of the voice of the Street Fighter community. No one says you have to play it, but there are many of us that wanted all of this, and for Capcom to release it at a budget price is brilliant. So I don't see ANY logic behind your complaint what so ever.

topdawg1223104d ago

Great score, I'll put in 100's of hours on this game like I did the last one. Easily worth the 40 dollars imo. This can easily tide me over until Marvel vs. Capcom 3 comes out next year.
Anybody on PSN, feel free to add me and we can get some matches in

Chuk53104d ago

You can't epect them to give you all of this for free. That's probably the dumbest thing i've ever heard. This game is content rich and for $40!, come on. SF4 was like MGS3 great but it definitely had problems. SSF4 is like MGS3:subsistence more content,problems fixed and fulfilling what the fans wanted of the first game.

Redempteur3104d ago

i 300% agree with matrix ... the amount of work done for ssf4 is huge really. youdon't just create character for a fighting game and give them as dlc without checking balance ...

There would be a serious question if this was a full priced game ... but when it's half price , really any SF fan would be happy

i kinda enjoy the new trial system ( the first one was so hard and overcomplex .. )

Baka-akaB3104d ago

There is no way it could have been a dlc . The only dlc offering as much or more content as stuff like GTA , fallout and Dragon age dlc , with no actual changes to the gameplay , the engine , or the online code , only more content.

SSF4 does all of the above , while no dlc doing it exists .


can't wait to try juri out, i bet her ultras are difficult to master from the preview i saw in youtube, people had trouble pulling it off

hay3103d ago

This is what original SF4 should be. Probably gonna get it soon.

rexus123453103d ago

The problem is I wouldn't have brought SFIV if I had known this is going to come out as an independent game.
I mean you have this new improved version of the same game that costs less. Arrrrg.

GameGambits3103d ago

I'm in that video review! :D I'm Outlaw Slevin playing as Cody against their Juri. :( I ended up losing it, but I remember it being close.

I also got to play against Jeff Gerstman from Giantbomb! :D I hope I make into their video review match up against Jeff's Honda was the stuff of legends. :D

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mikepmcc3104d ago

Happy about the $40 price point, and to all the haters, NO this couldn't have been dlc.

qface643104d ago

you seriously believe this couldn't have been DLC?

boodybandit3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

NHL, 2K sports, Halo, Gears, Ratchet, etc and so on all DLC? Why isn't nearly every sequel just DLC for that matter? I am always hearing anymore, selectively of course, what should and should not be DLC, graphics don't matter, certain gameplay elements are not needed, game is too short, game is too long, needs better online components, doesn't need online, etc and so on. Why don't we all just ditch the PS3, 360 and Wii and go back to the Sega Masters and SNES?

All the complaining, WOW. Developers and publishers are damned of the do and damned if they don't from the fans and media. It never ends and it appears people are never happy. Gaming is suppose to be fun. Why does it appear there is more negativity surrounding gaming than people just enjoying the games? Nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you buy these undeserving titles.

Okay. Slam me, disagree, rape those bubbles, call me an idiot but I just cant help but wonder why people even post on this site. It seems like more people want to bicker, b1tch, moan and chest pound over the most minuscule things (especially sales, reviews and exclusives) instead of just enjoying this amazing hobby! Sometimes it's just so deflating.

Again, I am getting SSFIV for both, I do that with most multiplatform games (I am a geek that way), hit me up if you want to play on PSN or XBL. Guarantee you will have fun with me. I actually have more fun getting my ass kicked than winning.

N4BmpS3104d ago

DLC has strict limitations, your probably only looking at it as "Oh all I'm getting is new characters" but there's more under the hood so No it couldn't have been DLC.

qface643104d ago

im not saying it should hbe DLC im saying it COULD have been as in the fact that its actually possible

WengYong3104d ago

Awesome point. Bottom line is it wasn't just characters they changed, and the fact that its cheap as chips means it is quite possibly the best value for money game that will come out this year

Optical_Matrix3104d ago

Don't be such an idiot. There's no way this could have been made optional DLC. And even if it was, with this many changes, it would have been more or less the same price. You can't make something, that add's 10 new characters and REBALANCES THE WHOLE system to an existing game. Why? It would split the community fanbase. DO you not know anything about fighting games? Imagine going online in SFIV and someone has downloaded character DLC that rebalances everything, but you haven't. How is that going to work? You're essentially playing two different fighting systems. Hence why, an overhaul like this has to be a seperate title. End of story. Your wrong lol This could not ever have been DLC unless Capcom wanted to ruin the sense of balance in SFIV community.

JoySticksFTW3104d ago

Don't fight it, bubbles. Just let it happen. Just let it happen...


(Just kidding... No bubbles were hurt in reply to boodybandit's comments)

Baka-akaB3104d ago


Your point will be moot as long as no dlc bringing as much changes will exists .

And even if it was posible (wich isnt the case anyway) , you guys very well know it wouldnt have been butchered into multiple pieces costing more than the 40$ disc .

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BYE3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

For anyone who's interested there's a live stream from Capcom Unity with people like Daigo, Justin Wong and Alex Valle playing SSFIV, hosted by Seth Killian.

I don't know how long it goes, it might not be up anymore an hour from now!

CRAIG6673104d ago

thanx man,cant wait for release day!

p.s,Diago is crazy good with dudley!

presto7173104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


EDIT: It seems Daigo has left. So we wont be seeing a Daigo Vs Wong

BYE3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Daigo takes a break at the moment but he was beasting with Hakan earlier.

Right now the players are people from the crowd. It says in the lower bar when Daigo is playing.

presto7173104d ago

Justin vs Daigo was so f**king crazy. Best of 5. Game 5 of 5. Final round. Double K.O. Draw.


Darkfocus3104d ago

was not expecting a tie at all. that double K.O was awesome

JoySticksFTW3104d ago

Just watched it... that was a movie type ending :)

BYE3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Yeah, that match was awesome.

Here are the highlights for people who missed the stream:

Video 2 is the one with epic ending :)

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amilimos3104d ago

so i'll probably buy this cuz i mised it when i sold it and this is only 40quid

spunkee3113104d ago

You guys are buying Super Street Fighter 4 for both systems? Why? Man I would love to blow money like that for no reason.

Anyways, I'm excited about this but dissapointed they took away some modes as well. Even though they added some. I'll pick it up and see what's up for the PS3.

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