Gamez: Transformers: War for Cybertron Special

Gamez writes: "We know the Transformers are all now. Is not the cartoons, it is that of the films. We've still never seen their own planet, we now change."

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budbundystyles3154d ago

Lets all stop buying "licensed" games for,oooohh say infinite? These games are always, always, always sh!te. Name a single movie/t.v. game that is even remotely playable? Arkham Asylum was amazing start to finish, and that's it. I can't believe as a gamer for 22 years and counting, it's appalling that people continue to support these "garbage" games. Stop buying this stuff, force these companies to actually make quality products.

budbundystyles3154d ago

1 disagree with no response, troll!

Seferoth753154d ago

Movie tie in games are usually crap. Golden Eye being one exception I can think of quickly. However not all licensed games are bad. Batman on the Nes, Marvel Vs Capcom, TMNT the arcade game, Kingdom Hearts, more than a few Star Wars games, a few Star trek games are good also, Mechwarrior.

When you get into games based on IP you get into a much broader range of games. This is not a movie based game just one based on an established IP. It has just as good a chance at being good as any other game out there.