The Histories Of Fighting Games

Kotaku writes: "Here's a look at both the peaks and valleys of the fighting genre, as explained by Capcom, and the countless non-Capcom fighting games, as selected by Kotaku, that helped shape the landscape of fighting titles over the past two and a half decades."

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Ziriux3158d ago

Street Fighter easily the best in the series.

Ziriux3158d ago

Hands down, one of my favorite fighting franchises that I hope makes a great return to the next gen systems, it's long overdue.

darthv723158d ago

always was a fan of fatal fury 2, art of fighting, world heroes and of course samurai showdown.

Darkstorn3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Soul Calibur - best fighting game franchise ever!

3158d ago
RedPawn3158d ago

Love way too many fighting games for there innovations, and diversity.

Good Sh!t!

WengYong3158d ago

Virtua Fighter and Tekken took it in a new direction. SF4 bought the series back, as good as SFIII was it didn't appeal to people other than hardcore SF fans.

Tekken needs a mention, it was amazing in its time.

But SF is my favorite ever

specialguest3158d ago

In fighting game history, Street Fighter 2 is still king of them all. All thought I'm a huge MK2 fan and top tier player, the MK series would never come about had it not been for the success of SF2.

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mau643158d ago

Sould Caliber is fun and I like Smash Bros... I'm a noob lol

Ziriux3158d ago

Sould? New title? Yea Soul is one of my favorite fighting franchises.

cb8103158d ago

Nothing like a good fighting game to release some aggression

Carnage12903158d ago

Street Fighter all the way.

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The story is too old to be commented.