Capcom Apologizes for Not Telling Users of Final Fight DRM

Kotaku: Capcom acknowledged that copy protection in the PS3 version of Final Fight: Double Impact requires an always-on Internet connection to play the game, and apologized that a notice of such DRM was not given at the time of purchase.

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Demons Souls3158d ago

No point in spending money on any of their games to begin with.

Simon_Brezhnev3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Thats Scamcom for you no matter how much im probably going to love Marvel vs Capcom 3 i cant even imagine what their going to do with that. Thats really not an apology they did this on purpose if consumers new before hand they would had lost sales.

VampHuntD3158d ago

Didn't know that, glad I didn't buy this before. I'm normally connected but I'm not gonna support that I MUST be. What if I have an internet outage and wanna play Final Fight? Can't? CRAP.

ballsofsteel3157d ago

they aren't sorry the full well knew people would be angry about the DRM but they waited for all the people excited about this game to but it first without looking and then told us. many capcom is the new EA imo