New Greatest Hits/DualShock 3 Bundles Revealed

Four of the latest Greatest Hits games on the Playstation 3 will be bundled with a DualShock 3 controller.

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Echo3073155d ago

This seems like kind of a strange thing to bundle together, but it's an awesome deal. It $55 bones just for a DS3, so you're basically getting a great game for only $5 more.

I could see the Uncharted bundle being the most popular. Just about everyone who owns a PS3 has played Uncharted 2, but I doubt nearly as many have played the original, which is also a great game. Perfect time to give it a spin.

thereapersson3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

I'm always in need of more controllers, and if they bundle them with games that I don't already own, I'll most certainly be taking advantage of this.

I never picked up Resistance 2 when it came out, so maybe if they do the bundle with that game I can finally take the plunge. Resistance: Fall of Man is one of my most-favorite games this generation and I'd like to play the sequel, to see what's next for Hale.

Darkfocus3155d ago

but wouldn't it make more sense to bundle extra controllers with splitscreen games?

thereapersson3155d ago

Well, obviously the games are still available in their standalone form for $29.99; this is just for those who want an extra joypad but feel they could use a little extra value with their purchase?

Hell, even if I didn't really need a new controller, I'd probably go for one. Getting more for less is not something you see a lot of these days, ya know?

Yi-Long3155d ago

... however, knowing SCEE, Europe will be skipped once again.

One DS3 costs 60 euro(!) here. Luckily I just bought a bunch from Hong Kong for 275 hk dollar a piece, which is about 25 euro. :)


That's a sweet way to attract new PS3 owners to old games (expanding their base for sequels) as PS3 only comes with one controller and many people get a second with the console.

I for one think they should reserve this for new IPs, or at least focus more on them. InFamous for example is a great game that definetely deserve an expansion in it's base before InFamous 2 roll out. I have some close friends that have a PS3 but didn't bought InFamous simple because they didn't knew it... Most of them borrowed the game and I have to remind about giving me it back. Same thing happened in Uncharted 1.

mugoldeneagle033155d ago

I was always pissed I sold Killzone 2, and have been in need of a new controller. Looks like this and Red Dead Redemption will be my May purchases.

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NYC_Gamer3155d ago

now this is perfect for everyone wanting to buy another controller..

whateva3155d ago

guess I'll get the Resistance 2 bundle!

how come I never seen that Uncharted bundle before? this is a good way to sell controllers.

ThatArtGuy3155d ago

I already have all of them. The only one they packaged that I don't have is Infamous.

despair3155d ago

i saw the Uncharted bundle on Amazon a while back but I think its over now so no luck there. this is a great deal but sony really should release more bundled PS3s and games as there are not many and no new ones that I know of recently, even with great titles releasing in the last 6 months.

Vinster3155d ago

Nice! I could see this as being good seller with multiplayer games packed in.

thereapersson3155d ago

Now, if the game only had co-op, this would seal the deal.

ThatArtGuy3155d ago

Resistance 2 has two player splitscreen. LPB is a good multiplayer game too.

N4BmpS3155d ago

Okay Awesome it's like your paying what 4 or 5 bucks for the game I'll buy the LBP one since I haven't played much of it.

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