Hydrophobia size under 1GB; will come to PS3

In a recent podcast interview, the leads of Dark Energy Digital revealed their upcoming XBLA title Hydrophobia will hit with a file size under 1 GB and confirm that the game will not be an Xbox exclusive.

Interview starts at about 37:00 and details of the Xbox/PS3 distribution start at about 55:00 into the show.

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Dr Face Doctor2825d ago

Perhaps not the best choice in images, but cool noose nonetheless.

Darkstorn2825d ago

Trine is only 345mb and is one of the best looking games around. It's amazing what they can do with compression these days.

2825d ago
darkequitus2825d ago


Procedural synthesis, that is what they said in the Edge article.

tdrules2825d ago

well that was inevitable, the first time I saw Hydrophobia was in OPM UK

thereapersson2825d ago

I remember reading about this game a couple years ago, and seeing it being listed for both systems. Then it completely disappeared off the radar, and suddenly reappeared as a seemingly 360-exclusive title. I even remember the developers saying they were leaning towards 360 development because their PS3 tools weren't ready at the time or something. It's all really vague because the information isn't exactly fresh in my mind anymore, sorry...

Anyway, it's nice to see this game coming back around again. The concept is certainly interesting enough -- and the form factor (downloadable, only around 1GB) is also enticing. If it's priced right (10 bucks or less, unless it has more than 5 hours of gameplay), I might pick it up.

Here's hoping there's a demo.

Proxy2825d ago

First PS3 game I was interested in. I like simulations like this.

I think the game was scrapped but then someone said "lets just release what we had, and sell it as a downloadable title."

Cajun Chicken2825d ago

1GB download? No thanks. I'd rather get the full game with all the episodes on a disc.

thereapersson2825d ago

I liked the way they released the SIREN episodes over the PSN, for example.

Cajun Chicken2825d ago

Yeah, well, guess I'm a hypocrite, I did have to snap up Ratchet and Clank Quest For Booty the week it was put up on PSN and bought Wipeout HD.

Still, wasn't this a retail game back in the past?

Demons Souls2825d ago

Looks like the 360 lost yet another exclusive.

avengers19782825d ago

That's cool, this game looked pretty good.

Lionhead2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Sweet now more people can play it =D

I remember reading the-warrior aka Zero007 touting this as one of the 360's big exclusives for this year haha

CernaML2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Oh come on. Everything that illiterate waste of bandwidth types will always backfire and make him look like a complete moron. You should know this by now.

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The story is too old to be commented.