The Best Halo-Themed Xbox 360 Ever

This Halo-themed Xbox 360 was made by the guys at Weta Workshop.

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-Alpha2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

What happens if it gets RRoD?

militant072922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

open your yes, its clearly that you can replace it.

he didn't use 360 case

edit: this picture show what i mean the piece of metal isnt attched to xbox360 case

-Alpha2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

So it's just a model? How can you replace that, it's attached to the rest of the Theme.


Oohh, I see. Nice eyes. Also, it looks like it has a faceplate.

This is actually a pretty nice theme, I'd want one. It seems to hold the console safely vertically. Mine's horizontal. Fear of disc scratching makes me keep it that way.

xTruthx2922d ago

it has a thin panel on each side holding the art work. But it is a 360 case

tatotiburon2922d ago

i'm sure the people on Weta used a jasper model with any problem so far

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SeanRL2922d ago

First of all, that looks amazing, really nice work. Oh, and 1.5, RROD still affects many xbox's.

tatotiburon2922d ago

right now the probability of a jasper model to get RROD is the same probability of a PS3 to get YLOD

SeanRL2922d ago

1.5 said the RROD doesn't exist, I realize the failure rate is lower now, but it's not like the RROD doesn't exist. Where do oyu get those statistics from anyways?


It will still be in second place?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Well, yes, Xbox have the most failure rate than Wii and PS3. Still have the problem Jasper Chip.

Microsoft declarations just lie in my face.

xTruthx2922d ago

lol militant07, you really have bad eyes huh. Even tho I never said it was attached to the 360. That pic you post it proves it is mounted to the 360 frame

PS3Freak2922d ago

Ya, the RROD definetly still exists, nice try though.

Related to this article. That is actually a really sweet Xbox, i'd buy that.

Mr Logic2922d ago

Not gonna lie that's pretty awesome looking even for a non Halo fan.

SeanRL2922d ago

Nice try, nice try what?

AEtherbane2922d ago

Thats actually pretty sweet! Funny how you can't shoot through walls in Halo anyways :\

SixZeroFour2922d ago

@Therealspy03 - thats the one i was looking for, i remember seeing it in another article showing the best 360 case mods

tatotiburon2922d ago

any proof that jasper models still have rrod issues??....any fanboy please?


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rod_furlong2922d ago

I like it in theory, but...not in my house.

ChrisW2922d ago

Hmmm... I really don't understand it.

The left side is cool with Master Chief jumping back and shooting...

But the debris coming out the right side is odd at best. The angle is wrong and it doesn't match the damage his gun would make (why not use a Brute Shot?)

Silentmerc3nary2921d ago

You're thinking waay too much into this. Point is, it looks awesome! Who cares if the geometry doesn't match up.

Tolkoto2922d ago

I hope he's not blasting out anything important.

2922d ago
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bbretterson2922d ago

Shouldn't Master Chief be doing that to a PS3?

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