Kotaku: Who Won The E3 Press Conference Smackdown?

Although many feel that Sony had the overall best presentation, Kotaku says that Nintendo beat out Sony and Microsoft, at least based on pageviews to Kotaku's press conference coverage. It's worth noting that Microsoft had a bit of an edge since its presser was held last night - but the boys from Redmond still only came in at a distant third place.

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Loudninja3936d ago

Really, they can never give Sony there props

Honeal2g3936d ago

Sony has officially redeemed them selves IMHO and honestly Nintendo's was the worst out of the 3 ..... WiiFit ..come on that was WEAK..some sick games yes but sony won E3 followed by Microsofts Perct Storm ...then wii

Satanas3936d ago

Agree with both of you.

...Wiifit? Come on. I sincerely hope not even big Nintendo fanboys thought that they outplayed Sony and MS.

Omegasyde3935d ago

Kotaku really needs to get over their hate for Sony.

This was pretty pathetic article, and I am sure Kotaku lost alot of creditibility as well as supporters. Cheap move.

EZCheez3935d ago

This was based on site hits after the briefings, not the writers personal opinions.

While I was watching G4 coverage, after the Sony briefing writer Brian Crecente (who writes for Kotaku) said he himself thought Sony had the best briefing.

Don't get me wrong though, it was difficult to listen to all of the Sony coverage pre-brief on G4. No one could say anything about Sony or its exclusive games without adding some little negative quip.

IPlayGames3935d ago

Since they where on top last gen they have to prove themselves once again and even though they did with these trailers critics aren't going to let up until the games are out and sells are up.

gEnKiE3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

i would have to say that sony defintely owned this years e3....but then again their are a ton of loyal nintendo fanboys and since their results are based just on page views, its kind of worthless....

sony fan3935d ago

Oh NO! WEll, there is always next year, maybe by then my beloved wait beyond system will be able to beat that sweet as peice of technology that keeps kicking our butts, that damn wii; you are formidable foe my friend but one day my 600 dollar system will have better games. year...maybe.

Texas GMR3935d ago

I love my 360 and really don't plan on buying a PS3 for a long while, if ever. (maybe for a blu-ray player :-) )

I thought Sony had the strongest showing. They needed it though to silence alot of critics.

Killzone looked very good and MGS4 was just another CG (have to wait for the TGS to see gameplay)

Let's hope we don't see both these games at the next E3. :-)

Props to you Sony! Good job.

kspraydad3935d ago

I swear Kotaku posted that graph to indicate how many handjobs Crecente got from company reps.

Hey Crecente...maybe if Sony revealed their 8GB/Camera/GPS/Blender PSP they would have won? Jerk.

uxo223935d ago

I agree, Sony pretty much rocked the house. I enjoyed M$ also. But for me Nintendo was a bit dry and boring. The wii is selling pretty good right now and you can see the arrogance dripping off of their spokesperson, and rightfully so. They deserve the recognition that they are receiving. But me personally, I will never buy a game for my Wii that I can get on my PS3 or My 360.

Mario and the gang, yes. Madden, call of duty, and any other high powered game; NO WAY. But, I think the Wii is good at what it does. Besides the wiimote and numchuck I really don’t see anything else nextgen about the Wii.(But it is fun though..haha) IMO.

Not trying to bash the Wii, I’m just stating how I feel about it.

eLiNeS3935d ago

I would never buy a game for the PS3 or the Wii if on the 360. Sorry but need those achievements to get the most out of my gaming, even if the graphics happen to be a hair better, not likely. Oh yeah, need the force feedback as well.

M$ won in my eyes just because of the line up of games coming THIS YEAR.

Sony next for what is coming SOMEDAY.

and Wii last.

uxo223934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I tend to agree with that. I do the same thing. the primary reason I bought the PS3 was the exclusives. (Should be getting pretty nice soon.) But, all being the say for a couple of reasons I would purchase the 360 version also. One because the 360 is what most of the people I know own, and second that gamer score.

So, yeah your on to something there. :)

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The General3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

However, on N4G, and across the boards, everyone one is cheering for Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 which are both exclusive to what? Yes the PS3. Something must have been wrong with the poll, but we all know that on N4G, Sony definitely came out on top. Sure, Halo was shown, and we got a glimpse of Wii Fit, but both pale in the amount of attention give to the release of the Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer.

Sony and PS3 have finally proven two things: 1.) The PS3 fans were right all along and 2.) Sony is ready to take the throne once again as the king of the gaming industry.

I encourage Ps3 fans across the board, to give other ps3 fans bubbles because after today, we all deserve them. Your loyalty has been well rewarded. And it gets better because next-gen touch-sense-rumble might be making a special appearance this fall.

Killzone 2 For The Win BABY!!!

Daewoodrow3936d ago

calm down, you sound like a cult leader.

The General3936d ago

After so much doubt and ridicule from non-Ps3 fans, who even manage to sway others from the Sony bandwagon, every good news gives us PS3 owners more reasons as to why we should believe in the PS3. Now many neutral campers and those who defected will now realize the true power of the PS3 and comeback to their senses. It feels so good to prove the masses wrong and that's why I rant and chant. Because in general, i generally know, that as The General, i must make the Unrivaled Power of the Ps3... General.

PS3 for the Win Baby!

Daewoodrow3936d ago

And that's exactly my point, right there. You bought the damn thing, why do you need a reason why you should beleive in it? Have faith in your own decision, marvel in the splendour of your judgement. Sitting there typing all that obnoxious diatribe doesn't make anyone believe in you, and drumming your opinion into others just makes us dislike you.
Nothing you say will make me hate my console, nothing you say will make me buy a PS3, and nothing I say will affect you equally. So spare others from suffering your convictions.

pwnsause3936d ago

lol that was funny what you said

D R Fz3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Lol, excuse my bros he can be so pro-PS3 at times. But you can't blame him, Sony did have a strong showing as well as the other consoles. In the end, we all win. It's because of us, Killzone 2 looks so good, and it's because of us, that games to come will have to reach the bars of innovation and gameplay that we have set. We don't want good games, we want great ones, AAA titles and that's why when Games like Killzone 2, MGS4, Crysis, Halo, Mass Effect, Smash Bros and etc. come out, they do not only show the power of each console but the power of the consumers. We as gamers have built the games industry and our power is unrivaled.

So everyone put aside all bias because in general, all gamers win.

sak5003935d ago

I gave bubbles...Not to the idiot raving fanboi the general but to Daewoodrow. You gave it to him man.

eLiNeS3935d ago

there aren't to many Xbox fanboys out these days. Must be because they are to busy playing the multitudes of games they have for there systems when the PofS3 fanboys are going to be waiting sometime for there so call HALO killers to be coming out on there over priced so Sony is price cutting it most likely again before the holiday's systems. It must suck to be out so much money with so little to play right now. Don't worry, it will get better, SOMEDAY!!!!

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Bloodmask3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

The only reason you disagree with this article is because it said Sony didn't win the Show.

I think people should give you bubbles bc they are interested in what you said not bc you think you deserve them. Every post I read of yours you are begging for Bubbles.

Look at all the disagrees. I guess that people should give you bubbles bc they aren't interested in what you have to say. Must be all the PS3 boys on the prowl.

ITR3936d ago

I gave you one.

I tend to lose bubbles if I talk about BD issues or HD issues.

ER1X3935d ago

I'm tired of everyone asking for bubbles too. 4 bubbles, 5 bubbles, 12 bubbles, 1 the end of the day wtf can you do with bubbles. If you want bubbles so bad make a bunch of new accounts and give yourself bubbles.

Odion3936d ago

Killzone was a big deal, but except for that and the MGS4 trailer the rest of their conference suck, like everyones elses, really piss poor E3 imo

LeonSKennedy4Life3936d ago

So Infamous, New HOME features, a new PSP, GT5:Prologue trailer (which KILLED PGR4 and Forza 2), and Haze's exclusivity weren't good enough for you???

ArduousAndy3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

"So Infamous, New HOME features, a new PSP, GT5:Prologue trailer (which KILLED PGR4 and Forza 2), and Haze's exclusivity weren't good enough for you???"

Infamous was ok it seems like a generic you can be a superhero or supervillian. Like i stated in another post we need more then just that to say its the greatest thing ever (i know you didnt say that but the way some people have been reacting)

Home looks OK. My brother who loves his PS3 said it best. How long till this gets taken down because of improper content. What is going to stop someone from posting nude pics of themselves or other inappropriate items. Also the things it can do is pretty neat. But in the end its just too similar to things that are already out (second life and Sims)

The new psp looks like the old so looks alone is rather eh however its features are intriguing I am curious to learn more.

GT5 all we saw was a car driving on a ever changing track Phil's comment about the Hd version being the most downloaded item on Psn isnt news first its a free game second at the time of its release was when PSN had a severe drought of items. And to say it killed PGR5 or Forza well lets wait for it to come out. Lets face it GT5 can look pretty but what takes the cake on Forza is the design a car feature.

Haze is only a timed exclusive. So it just becomes a big "we got it first deal" I mean my brother got the IPhone stood in line to get the dang thing and you know in a few months theres just going to be a better version out there. Same thing with Haze.

In all personal opinion i think all 3 were kinda dull. Its stuff we have already seen. We have heard of nothing down the pipe for either of the 3 companies. MS got blasted for it yesterday and Sony as well as Nintendo did the same.

But when it came to showing it off even though im a hardcore xbot i think Sony did the better job... HOWEVER Jack Trenton in Home talking about getting chicks was creepy.

@disagree I get a disagree? For what that Im an xbot and think the games on the ps3 were ok But they stole the show?
or the Jack Trenton in home thing? cause Im sure he will share the hot chicks

Odion3936d ago

So Infamous, New HOME features, a new PSP, GT5:Prologue trailer (which KILLED PGR4 and Forza 2), and Haze's exclusivity weren't good enough for you???

Infamous was a short trailer for an unknown IP, that we know nothing about.

What Home features should have WOW'ed me? Being able to jump into a game from anywhere? that was a given, I am still not sold on Home.

I had my hopes up for more PsP improvements, i was expecting more then a smaller version with more USP's.

Well considering its not GT5 and I am not a huge racing fan no it really didn't interest me that much, and it did blow Forza 2 out of the water, I also think it looked better then PGR4 but it didn't blow it out of the water. But again if I am not playing ugly games I am not going to be mad because yours look sexy. P.s. on this one I have to use this move because i hear it all the time- GT5 has been in production for like 5 years and its coming out a year later of course it should look better then Forza 2.

Hazed is timed and frankly wasn't a big blow because its not a game thats gathered a lot of interest in the PC/360 community. I would be ok if this game was just for the PS3