"Games" That Should Go Away Forever

There are some games out there the gaming community wishes to not acknowledge. SFX-360 lists five of them.

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Dr Face Doctor3105d ago

...really kind of dumb. I approve any way because I AM A DOCTOR and I have been raiding the medical cabinet recently.

Rixynator3104d ago

need for speed series needs to go

SKUD3104d ago

SONIC needs to go. Resident Evil series is on the endangered species list.

juniordee3104d ago

So Tiger Woods should go away because he doesn't like golf? That's like saying Gran Turismo should go away because some people don't like cars. Tiger Woods games are quality games (most of the time) and should definitely stay. Lots of people play them, including some hardcore gamers.

What I think should go away is people writing dumb articles because they're bored.

W S K3104d ago

forever is a long time....very long, to be specific LOL


to say that a game should go forever is somehow stupid
i think the consumer should ignore the game "forever"...maybe ;)

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