The Ladies of Lost Planet 2 'Kill Big' Too

PSLS writes:

This latest trailer shows off the "ferocious females" of Lost Planet 2 in action.

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Scolar Visari2832d ago

Didn't play the first one, but I might check this one out.

T3mpr1x2832d ago

I played the first one's demo and was not impressed, still need to give this one a shot...

ps3gamerkyle2832d ago

Nice video. I wasn't a huge fan of LP2, but it's starting to grow on me.

user94220772832d ago

Got in to the multiplayer demo, could be some improvements but overall a massive jump from its predecessor.

doctorstrange2832d ago

Hope its better than the 1st

Cloake2832d ago

I dunno--I'll have to wait for the reviews on this one. Co-op multiplayer appeals to me, but the game looks kind of like another generic shooter.

NJShadow2832d ago

I gotta say, I played the demo for Lost Planet 2 and wasn't so crazy about it. Perhaps I'll give it another shot, not sure yet.

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