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Submitted by Games4M - Rob 2115d ago | article

Why you should buy a PSP GO

Games4M: PSP Go, probably the gayest name for a device since the Nintendo bumlove, and one which I instantly turned my nose up at. Of course the PSP Go's name isn't the only thing that is making people want to pelt it with shit like some kind of medieval witch.

So with all the hate flying around why do I find myself with a brand new PSP Go in my pocket? (Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, PSP)

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Nicaragua  +   2115d ago
Your right it is definatly more of an adults device.

Im gonna get a psp for MGS:Peace Walker, i'll probably get the "go" if i can find one cheap enough.
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-Alpha  +   2115d ago
Adults device, lol.

Sorry, immature.

I see no reason to buy a GO. Here's a better idea: By another PS3 for $50 more.
Method  +   2115d ago
More expensive than a PSP-3000
No UMD drive
Smaller screen
Still unplayable in sunlight
Still has interlacing problems
Three hour battery life
Can't replace the battery
Digitally distributed games cost the same as physical copies
Can't play older PSP games
Can't buy used games
D-Pad and analog nub are positioned awkwardly
Impossible to do "the claw"
Shallow D-pad/Buttons
Edges dig into your hand

No thanks, I'll stick with my vastly superior PSP-3000

The PSP Go is Sony's biggest gaming related mistake they've ever made and anyone trying to glorify it is only lying to themselves
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darthv72  +   2115d ago
got mine used but in new condition off craig list...
I set a limit for myself of no more than $150-ish. Seen lots of them selling for 170 to close to 300. Thing is about the 300 ones, they claim they are loaded with all sorts of games. I dont doubt that but if you try and change the user access to the psn store it will invalidate the games.

I like it. It is small yet manageable in my big hands. So far if have killzon liberation as the only UMD based digital game. I also have a couple of RTYPE ps1 classics as well as stardust. Oddly, the guy I got it from was an ex wwe wrestler. It still has pics of him and various other celebs/wrestlers like steve-o, hulk hogan, iron sheik and more.

He said he didnt want it anymore so he sold it to me for $150.
raztad  +   2115d ago
@some guys above

If you read the article all you posted is irrelevant to the writer.

PSP Go portability and slick form >> everything else, was his point.

I tend to agree with him. The slick PSP Go is something I wish I could to afford w/o remorse. I so want one, the bulky psp-2000 of mine doesnt make the cut anymore, but I'm not rich and it's hard to justify $250 buying a device I already own.
Games4M - Rob  +   2115d ago
Ok so its not far off the cost of a PS3, buts its also around the same price as an Ipod touch

They both play music
They both play video
They both have wireless for internet browsing.
They are both a similar size.

The only difference is that the PSP GO plays quality games and dosnt force you to use the digital torture of itunes.

Now apple sell lots of Ipods and nobody rants about them being insanely overpriced. I think the PSP GO is a better device and so am happy with its price.
-Alpha  +   2115d ago

Perhaps. I'm not going to argue with you man, those are good points. I dont really care much about the PSP anyway. I just think that it's not worth it, especially for existing owners. Why buy a PSP Go if you own the original, especially if the best it offers to them is digital distribution and a new design?

As for new owners, I think only die hard portable gamers who, for some reason haven't got a PSP 3000 yet, would buy the GO. Casual portable users could just pony up $50 for a full featured console if they don't already have a PS3.

Anyways, again, not much of a PSP user, but that's my thoughts. The article is nice though.
hamoor  +   2115d ago
mature device???
Psfan999  +   2115d ago
Your posts are usually very intelligent, but that was just stupid. The psp GO is a great device that is great for adults. I can put movies, music, games and pictures. I see adults carrying around laptops, portable dvd players, and mp3 players and I think "the psp can do most of what those devices do, as one device".
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-Alpha  +   2115d ago
"The psp GO is a great device that is great for adults"

I didn't say that it wasn't man.

"I can put movies, music, games and pictures"

Can't you do that with PSP 3000?

"I see adults carrying around laptops, portable dvd players, and mp3 players and I think "the psp can do most of what those devices do, as one device"

But my argument isn't that PSP sucks, it's that the GO has a limited appeal to:

-People who already own an existing PSP
-Hardcore portable gamers

It's a very expensive device and that's the greatest fault: It is nowhere near the amazing capabilities of a PS3 yet it's priced just $50 below it. It seems like a waste of money in comparison. Now, like I said, a hardcore portable user should totally buy the GO, but if he's so hardcore he should already own a PSP 3000. And if he owns a PSP already, what's the point of a small update that isn't even a new PSP machine but just an updated revision?

Couple that with the rumors of a PSP2 coming out and the GO becomes a questionable buy.
Psfan999  +   2115d ago
I agree that the rumors of a psp2 do make it less appealing, but it's still great and I would rather buy a psp go than a new ps3. It has a long way to go but with the right support it could be a great console, and I still stand by my belief that it is an adults device.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2115d ago
What i learned from the PSP and PS3 is Dont Buy At Launch!
Library is limited and/or poor
Price is ugly

1-2 years down the road
Price is acceptable
Strong library

true, is just that i never considered getting a 360 at launch just my opinion. I like the go design Bluetooth connection etc, but the lack of support is what ruins it. I dont mind paying more for my games, or not being able to sell them afterwards because i knew this before getting the Go. What i didnot expected was Sony's lack of support. Crisis Core missing from PSN speaks volumes of what the real PSP Go experience is like, a crippled PSP experience at a higher price
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-Alpha  +   2115d ago
@GamingisNotaCrime and PSFan
Gaming: You can say that about nearly every console. Imagine those poor RRoD suckers at launch. I don't even think the 360 has a good launch line up. When Did Halo 3 come out again?

The PS2 had one of the best launches though.

And PSFan, I'm sure the GO is great, but again, for non-PSP owners. Otherwise it's just an overpriced revised device of something you already own. Money that can be better spent elsewhere, especially towards a PSP2. That's the only problem I see with the GO: Pricing.
wicko  +   2115d ago
I'll stick with my PSP 2000. Mainly because I can play PSX games and other emu's on the go :D But honestly I would have seriously considered a PSP Go if it had 2 thumbsticks and a UMD drive (or at least some way to transfer games I own to the Go).
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2115d ago
I agree!

The minor advantages that the PSP Go brings is negated by it's weakness. In fact, it's weakness far supersedes any advantage it may have and is in turn just a crippled device.

The lousy game support alone kills it let alone anything else. Even the employees at the retail store recognized this and recommended the PSP-3000!!!
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Psfan999  +   2115d ago
True, and that's exactly why I haven't bought a GO yet. I'm hoping for a psp2.
N4g_null  +   2115d ago
So he bought it for porn, adult device my azz. Problem is the iphone does the same and has cheaper games. Hell i may even get a droid just to watch the iphone and droid fight it out! the go is not a console its a better zune that's all.
NotSoSilentBob  +   2115d ago
I still have a 1001 that works fine. I have a carry case where I can fit 4 UMDs and 1 in the psp itself. I don't like the idea of DD for the simple fact just about any UMD I can go buy for half the price of the game on the PS store and lend it to my friends or sell it if I don't use it anymore. I guess it is a matter of personal choice.
Games4M - Rob  +   2115d ago
Oh yeah, if you do a lot of trading in with games then its clearly not for you.

Personally though i love the digital downloads and having the games tied to your PSN account means that they are transferrable between devices.

Hopefully when the PSP2 comes along it will be backwards compatible with all the current PSP games and so its not like the downloaded titles for the PSP GO is dead money.

I love it :)
GeoScore  +   2115d ago
ok.. the "gayest"?
look... if you can't speak proper english then don't write articles you moron..
Games4M - Rob  +   2115d ago
errr.... thats absolutely perfect English, you can find it in pretty much any dictionary.


look, if you don't know proper English then dont comment on articles and make a twat out of yourself - moron.
PotNoodle  +   2115d ago
Regardless, it is a very juvenile writing style. The last time i heard someone describing something or someone like that, i was in secondary school.
GeoScore  +   2114d ago
I didn't say it wasn't a word, but the context is off and you know it... It makes your article come across as very immature..
playstation_clan  +   2115d ago
the same reason why people buy ipads
its cool
VenGencE999  +   2115d ago
Why suckers should buy a PSP GO
PotNoodle  +   2115d ago
I agree with the topic, i don't particularly like the writing style though.

But i have a PSP 1000, but could not use it. The shape and size kills my hands, i can't use it for longer than 15 minutes. I hated UMD, and actually made a post on a forum before the PSP Go announcement, or even hints - that i would love a smaller sized PSP which is based entirely on digital download.

So went out to get my PSP Go as soon as i could, and love it. The PSP is a really underrated platform, there are so many fantastic games on there which no one has heard of which is a real shame.
Tony-A  +   2115d ago
The very first redesigned PlayStation I'm ever gonna buy is gonna be the PS3 Slim. I've never owned any "Slim" version of a PS product.

I'm still sticking with the 3000 (at least until the PSP2 comes). I'm the kind of old-fashioned guy that enjoys physical copies (except for music, because of speed and convenience):

~Blu-Ray > Digital Distribution
~Retail > DL Games
~PS360 > OnLive

Someday that will change. It's not time yet.
VirusOz  +   2115d ago
Actually saw a PSP Go in person today.
My friend let me play with it for a couple of minutes, it's pretty cool. It's light, and feels much better then the original ones. I say it's not worth going out and buying one if you already have an original.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2115d ago
dont make the same mistake i did
get a 3000 and play Crisis Core, im missing out on this game and cheap umds available in stores. PSP Go support is awful, DONT BUY IT
midgard227  +   2115d ago
for its ups it just isnt good enough to drop my red gow 2000 model.

birth by sleep wont be avialable for download and crisis core still isnt up there yet.

why wud i buy this when i cud easily buy a 16 gig memory stick and do the same thing while having all the old goodness from the 2000-3000?
RecSpec  +   2115d ago
Sony's weak policy on digital copies killed the Go.
I feel sorry for people that only own a Go. There are games where they will think, oh that game looks awesome, then realize it's not for their system. Come on.

But yeah, there's that AWESOME Peace Walker bundle that comes with a PSP Go. So that might change things up a bit...oh wait, it comes with a 3000.

The PSP Go is a luxury item, nothing more.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2115d ago
luxury item
im actually considering rebuyong a 3000 when they go down in price so that i can get my hands on some gems that PSN is missing
The Go is great as a console, but the support (lack of) is KILLING IT
hatchimatchi  +   2114d ago
you summed it up right there.

there is nothing more infuriating or frustrating than owning a system and not being able to play games for it.

There are so many games I want to play but I cannot because of Sony's lack of support.

I really hate the pspgo, a good concept gone horribly wrong.
glassjoe2k8  +   2115d ago
Someone's gotta Christian Bale crush :)
I really hope no one here is stupid enough to believe this guy posting about PSP Go, FF7, and using such awesome grammar and lingo is really a high powered yuppie lol. Seriously, you're some fat college freshman at best who got a PSP Go for his high school graduation. Either pedal your bike to Gamestop and trade it in for something worthwhile or keep your pathetic lying mouth shut. Peace.
Jerkstore81  +   2115d ago
The gayest? Really?
Are all the swear words in this article and the snotty tone really necessary for the writer to get his point across?
washingmachine  +   2115d ago
why buy a go,you get limmited games. with a umd based psp you get all
PoSTedUP  +   2115d ago
psp 3000 is where its at. just bought socom ans motorstorm and my ps3 hasent been getting any love from me ever since.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2115d ago
Let's wait for PSP 2...Maybe this year.
genesis013185  +   2115d ago
I think alot of you are missing the point. I got the GO about a month after it came out and I can say i'm enjoying it alot. No the GO isn't for people who already own a PSP 3000, 2000, and whatever else numbers they have. It's not for hardcore portable owner (cause I myself am very far from being a hardcore portable player), I bought the GO, because mainly I like it's design. I can fit it in my pocket without walking around looking like I have a CD player in there and buying digital content doesn't bother me at all. People need to see the GO for what exactly it is...ANOTHER OPTION FOR CONSUMERS.
Trroy  +   2115d ago
As the owner of both a -2000 and a Go...
The Go is my preferred handheld.

(1) Lugging around UMDs sucks, as the article states
(2) The screen is way better than any other gaming handheld on the market
(3) 16GB of internal storage would cost like $80 to add to my 2000, so the price wasn't really an issue, since I see the benefit of losing the physical media.
(4) The controls are better than the regular PSP -- anyone who says otherwise never tried one, or is a NBA star with huge hands, and was probably sad when the original XBox controller design went away.
(5) UMD is a dying format. I doubt UMD games will be playable on future Sony handhelds. Digital copies, however...
(6) Bluetooth connectivity rocks -- I use the Go as a home console AND a portable. Heck, the games are better than the Wii, and the graphics are almost as good -- my opinion, of course.
(7) Save anywhere, any time, any game. The internal drive allows you to dump the current state of ANY game to the drive at ANY time. The ultimate handheld feature, EVER, in my book. This one point alone kicks the tail of pretty much every other handheld in existance, for someone who plays on the bus, etc., and doesn't always have the luxury of getting to the nearest save point.

I have never, ever heard anyone who actually owns a Go complain about it -- because it was a good fit for them from the start. I went and sold off most of my UMDs, and repurchased the ones I wanted to keep (like Monster Hunter) from the PSN store... I couldn't be happier. There are like 15 games on my Go right now, a couple digital copy movies (you get them free with Blu-Ray, a lot of the time), a load of music, and I still have 18GB left (I bought a 16GB expansion card too, because its honestly that useful)
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PSNTomaz  +   2115d ago
PS.You can buy a PSP for about $208 on
Vinster  +   2115d ago
As someone mentioned you can snag one of these around $150 or less on ebay or craigslist.
Solbadguy  +   2115d ago
The only disappointing thing about the Go is the PSN game selection. If I were able to get all the games I had on UMD then I'd be completely satisfied.
Nicaragua  +   2114d ago
The only game which i would want to play and is missing from the PSN store is crisis core.

Wipeout, Various MGS games, GOW, Disgaea are all on there - they would keep me happy for months.
execution17  +   2114d ago
lol lots of hate for the PSP Go
my PSP Go's battery last longer then 3 hrs 6 hrs tops, the Dpad and nub are perfectly placed, hated the old PSP design had a big strain on my thumbs, yes the screens smaller but not by much and it doesn't make a difference, and edges dig into your hands? the hell you come up with a complaint like that. so all-in-all the Go is awesome just the price sucks but the loading times are greatly reduced :)so quit b*tching about it and don't buy it if you don't like it
Subzero200x  +   2114d ago
Why you should buy a PSP GO
silvacrest  +   2114d ago
the pspgo had potential but it was let down by sony

imma wait for psp2 or psphone
hatchimatchi  +   2114d ago
Here's my advice
Avoid the pspgo like the plague.

This handheld is quite possible the most worthless gaming device i've ever owned.


Sony does not support the POS. What the heck is the point of buying a gaming device if you cannot even play 25% of the games available for the system?

You know what sony released on the psp store last week for game downloads? I'll tell you,


Freaking Uno

Thanks sony, I spent $300 on a handheld so I could playing effing UNO. Crisis Core, the entire back catalog of games....who gives a fart about those, I want to play UNO when i'm on the go.

Not to mention there are games on the psp that literally do not function on the pspgo, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are covered in lag and won't play correctly and Silent Hill Origins was messed up for a few months before konami finally fixed it, the cutscenes were all cut extremely short within the game.

If/When I buy a psp-3000/psp2. I'm going to make a video, me burning the pspgo.
Trroy  +   2114d ago
I see 7 games for the PSP last week...
Uno, XS Moto, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!, Hysteria Project, Homerun Hitters, Shogi, and Charge! Tank Squad! all got released this past week on the PSN store.

Crisis Core not coming to the Go (yet) is probably S-E's fault, not Sony's. And the PSP GTAs are freaking brilliant handheld games -- I think about 95% of the handheld gaming population, who enjoys GTA at all, will agree with that.

You say that the store has only about 25%, of all titles ever released on UMD, for the PSP. If you throw in the PSOne games and minis, the Go can probably play about 35% of all PSP games ever made -- and the significant majority of big releases are included in that number.

The kicker is that those 35% games are available at any time. You don't have to eBay for them, or dig through stacks of half-busted UMDs at used retailers to find them. They are right there, on the store, and frankly, most of them are pretty cheap. Most retailers carry what.. 20 PSP games at a time? Tops? The PSN store has something like 500, including PSOne classics you just plain can't get at retail any longer?

Sure, you can have FF7, FF8, etc. on your PSP-3000. And also, be ready to dish out a good $30 - $40 for a mem stick large enough to hold just those two. ...and if you wanted FF7:CC that badly, you probably already bought a PSP long before the Go was released, and thus, you have a UMD drive.

The above poster was pretty foolish, if he really bought a Go for FF7:CC, which wasn't available on PSN before the Go, and wasn't in the list of PSN titles that would be available when the Go released (which Sony released publicly). That's like buying a PS3 for the Mass Effect port you're "sure" is coming.
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hatchimatchi  +   2114d ago
hmmm, call me crazy but i bought a pspgo so that i would be able to play psp games. Not psx classics or psp minis, minis were non existent when I bought the pspgo. Besides, the minis are over priced garbage and are usually ports of .99 cent iphone games. Also, I have a ps3, so if I want to play psx classics or the minis I can do so on my tv.

The pspgo is horrible, why have a system when the library is so limited. Sony does not support it the way they should. This is fact, I realize sony doesn't own the rights to every games on the psp but when you release a digital only system you should be prepared to release the games people want, not UNO.

As for the GTA games, yes I know they're brilliant and I really want to play them. However, the digital downloads of them are a complete mess for the pspgo, they do not run how they should. See this forum thread.

(The thread is 9 pages long...)

If i'm coming off as someone who hates the psp in general, that's not the case. I have about 16 games on my pspgo and most of them I love. What I hate though, is the lack of support. I'm willing to give sony my money but apparently they don't want it.
DannyVenom  +   2114d ago
Good article with good points, funny stuff too.

I had an original PSP which I traded in, I don't think handhelds are my thing. I totally agree about the iPod Touch price relation though.

Keep it up.
knifefight  +   2114d ago
Hahaha, no thanks.
DannyVenom  +   2114d ago
You're being naive.

So, so naive.

So, very, very, very naive.

Stop being naive.
Bobby Kotex  +   2114d ago
His reasoning for not getting the PSP 3000 is that it's 'geeky'. This fool is delusional.
artsaber  +   2114d ago
The only reason someone should buy a PSPGo is...
If they find it in a Pawn Shop for cheap. I am a supporter of Sony products, they are usually great quality overall, but someone had a crackpipe in their mouth and up their azz when concepting this thing. I'm sorry, people may disagree, but I am 20 times more interested in a PSP2. I'd give someone $50 for a PSPGo, that is about it.
remanutd55  +   2114d ago
i really love my psp GO ,carry it with me everywhere i go , it got me back into handheld gaming ( with the help of some key titles too lol ) by the way ModNation Racers psp Demo is sweet!!!!! lol , hope to see Peace Walker and Valkyria Chronicles 2 on psn the same day they come out in UMD
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