Apple grabs 72% of Japanese smartphone market

Electronista writes:

"Apple virtually dominates the Japanese smartphone market, MM Research Institute found in a new study. By the end of the fiscal year ended in March, the iPhone had 72.2 percent of the field with 2.34 million units on Japanese. Its next-closest rival, HTC, had just 11.1 percent, while local phones didn't register until third place Toshiba's 6.8 percent."

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TheHater3161d ago

Japanese only buy Japanese made product? You know, since that all I been reading from people on this site and other website.

raztad3161d ago

So true. LOL. I think it's safe to say that's a myth.


I got to hand it to Apple. They're doing something right...

Icyhot3161d ago

I hate Apple for it's overpriced products, but even I admit that the iPhone has just stormed the entire mobile industry like nothing ever has. A single phone has just pushed so many developers to up their game and I give Apple full credit for that. 72% market of possibly the worlds most leading tech country is crazy.

I also admit that none not even MS can hold a candle in front of Apple in marketing. Apple can even sell turd wrapped in gelatin if it came to that.

Godmars2903161d ago

This proves without a doubt that Japanese hate American products, which is why they don't buy the 360.

Not because MS screwed up marketing the 1st Xbox in Japan, nor the 360's issues.

Icyhot3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

^^^^^ Ummm.. Apple is an American company and iPhone is an AMERICAN product :/

So how can Japanese hate an American product and yet 72% of them buy an iPhone? Maybe Apple knows something MS doesn't about Japan and how to sell stuff there.

Baka-akaB3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

i always laughed at the claims of console xenophobia personally .

The 360 failed it launch because of it's poor japanese centric launch line .

When you launch a console without new tech (as in dvd instead of a new disc format like blu-ray , without built in wifi ) , and with the worst japanese launch line possible (Ridge Racer 6, Every Party, Perfect Dark Zero, FIFA 06, Tetris and Need for Speed Most Wanted and i believe Kameo) of course you'd would fail .

You can't even play the movie player and media center angle , and got squat corresponding in their taste in gaming .

Folks from here never get that . Imagine any console launching in USA with don-pachi , dynasty warriors , idolmasters and culdcept saga . Likewise it would bomb

BYE3161d ago

Just because Microsoft doesn't have success in Japan it doesn't mean other American companies can't.

Microsoft is generally disliked among the majoritiy of people outside the US. Bad associations with Windows at their working places might play a role or the fact that they still have the image of the big, greedy, monopoly.

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silvacrest3161d ago

apple is doing well, funny thing is nokia still has the majority of the smart phone market worldwide

personally, im all over android at the moment, HTC are certainly coming up strong

MEsoJD3161d ago

is the only Apple product of worth to me. Even today so many companies struggle to make a phone with the greatness of this Jesus Phone.

God I can't wait for the Iphone HD, 4, or whatever that leaked one everyone saw on gizmodo.

zag3161d ago

I'd want to know how many people they asked first bet it's over 500 people down at the local apple store in Tokyo.

Noctis Aftermath3161d ago

@1.5: you didn't notice the sarcasm in 1.4s post? i thought it was extremely easy to notice.

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mirroredderorrim3161d ago

Lol. You guys. Japanese like Apple products(i don't know why). They're still as xenophobic as ever.

Baka-akaB3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Yeah right , and that why so many young folks consume so much american food , so much pepsi and coca , while mostly wearing Gap, Benneton, Guess, Banana Republic, Diesel, Levi's , and also while listening to pretty much every international hip hop and rnb icons ... or basically while living in world of warcraft .

corneliuscrust3161d ago

generally ruled by trends. If iphone is seen as "trendy" they will jump all over it like they did with the DS

Nathaniel_Drake3161d ago

Uh you just contradicted yourself

silvacrest3161d ago

thats not just young Japanese, thats young people period

Nathaniel_Drake3161d ago

Why did someone disagree with me mirroredeorim contradicted himself big time saying they are xenophobic yet saying they like apple doesn't make any sense, the Japanese are not xenophobic they just gravitate towards better technology foreign or not, can't anybody see that?

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frankymv3161d ago

Apple is the hottest tech company on the planet......PERIOD

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Baka-akaB3161d ago

Lol where is that idiot , that kept repeating apple products only sold in America ?

Baka-akaB3161d ago

mm i've got my answer , he's there lurking amidst one disagree , if not all of them :p

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