Silent Hill V Debut Teaser Trailer Plus Release Date

Konami's acclaimed horror series is back with Silent Hill V debut trailer.

More info will be reveal in October issue of EGM. September 4th is the game's release date.


Initially, GameVideos listed Silent Hill V as a PS3 game but in Konami Press Confrence, the game was announced for "Next-generation platforms".

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Phantom_Lee3997d ago

is this the big announcement?

T-Virus3996d ago

All I know is sucks. What's with the slow download? Only for me.

risk3996d ago

yeah...gamevideos ftl

MK_Red3996d ago

Oh my God, of all the games on E3 and announcements, this is the one that made my day. Got to get my hands on EGM October issue. Cant wait for Silent Hill V.

[email protected]3996d ago

Seriously, this one will be multi-platform for sure. or maybe a Timed Exclusive.

MK_Red3996d ago

The game is multi. Check the story update, Konami annouced the game for next-gen systems.

e-ray3996d ago

Also, the game's release date is not September 4th, the mag's release date is. Looks like we'll have to wait until then for more info.

Bloodmask3996d ago

After Resident Evil 4 though I don't know. I think with RE5 and Silent Hill 5 it could be clash of the titans.

I think Capcom will give Konami a run for their money.

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The story is too old to be commented.