Is It Time Video Games Regained Their Purity?

While playing After Burner Climax last night, it clicked. How long has it been since most games were like this? Ten years? Fifteen years? Twenty years? Games used to be entirely based around a single gameplay mechanic. Shooting things, overtaking things, jumping on things… technical limitations demanded it. But the key was in doing that one thing well – and that just doesn't happen any more.

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....And on that note: I strongly recommend picking up Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. It's cheap, and packed with games that bring that old feeling back. Sure, there's some real classics missing from it, but after purchasing it I really didn't look back. They even include the arcade versions of some games as unlockables! How badass is that? There's even achievement/trophy support for those of you who like that stuff.

After getting that game, and trying out Mean Bean Machine for the first time in years (I despised it as a kid), I totally fell in love with it. sometimes I turn on the game just to play only that one game. To me, that was really important. I turn on a game only to play one thing, a Tetris Attack of sorts in a generation where realistic facial and body animation and high res textures are king.

HammockGames3132d ago

Yeah, Sonic's UGC makes for a heckuva' value.

There's so many games on there I don't even remember them all, but there's something for almost everybody.

The only sad part is that it's also the best release with "Sonic" in the title in the last 10 years. Ah well.

Oh, and if you like the old school approach, Afterburner Climax is awesome. Reminds me of when Afterburner first hit hit arcades when I was a kid - man did I lose some quarters on that! (definitely more than $10 total).

Yi-Long3132d ago

... but wouldn't you be much better off just installing some emulators on your PC, playing it with the 360 controller, and hooking it up to the TV?

I already bought those games years ago when I had a Megadrive (hell, I still have them), plus there are indeed a lot missing, so I find it hard for me to justify buying them all over again.

Plus, I want to play Revenge of Shinobi with Batman, Spider-Man, The Terminator and The Hulk in it!

Kakihara3132d ago

I just bought that collection (over here it's titled Sega Ultimate Megadrive collection) about a week ago. I thought I'd just pick it up for the sake of nostalgia to laugh at how crappy the games I remember fondly are now but damn, there's some excellent games on there.

Kid Chameleon is so damn hard I can't believe it. I know I had gotten way further than I am right now when I played it as a little kid without any save system in the game. Thank god I can save it now because it's taking me about a thousand attempts to get through each level.

I'm even enjoying a lot of the games I didn't own. The Shining force games are brilliant and still totally hold up and Comix zone (even though it's another damn hard game) is just mindblowing.

Anyone who ever played any Sega games of the 16 bit era should definitely pick it up.

ian723132d ago

The Sega ultimate megadrive/genesis collection is great value with some brilliant games on it.
It cost me £25 when it was released and with over 40 games it was well worth it then. Now its even cheaper.
It is suprising how well some of the games still look and play now. Streets of rage 1,2,3, Golden axe 1,2,3, Sonic 1,2,3,and other sonics, Altered beast, Space harrier, and more. Brilliant.
After Burner was a favourite of mine years ago in arcades, not long games but great to play.