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Submitted by Mike Bell 2045d ago | article

8 Reasons to Own a Gaming PC

Ah, PC gaming, the one type of gaming that's never really broken through to the mainstream western population. Sure, your mum might play a bit of Peggle; maybe your granny likes the odd game of virtual Scrabble. Maybe your Korean cousin has won the odd Starcraft tournament. But so far as the average gamer goes, the screaming majority would much prefer the convenience of a home console instead of the high price of a gaming PC. There's good reason for that too, but there are also great reasons to throw down several hundred pounds for a high-spec computer. Read on to find out why. (Culture, PC)

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mushroomwig  +   2045d ago
Good reasons. :)
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   2045d ago
Price, price and once again price, I rent most games, gaming Pc is too expensive and not comfortable. Ive played original Splinter Cell on my laptop a few weeks ago, my back started to hurt pretty quickly, same with my wrist. There is nothing that can make me sit in front of PC to play games rather than on couch and tv.
tdrules  +   2045d ago
because your posture is terrible, enjoy back pain later in life
Speak2theHand  +   2045d ago
Sorry, i wont throw my money away. I will stick with my 200-300 dollar console's and my 720p games or sub HD games and my 10 year console lifespan.
Chris_TC  +   2045d ago
@1.1: I'd wager my leather armchair (I don't use an office chair with wheels) is more comfortable than your couch.
HSx9  +   2045d ago
@ Red_Orange_Juice
Well obviously, you have a laptop, laptops are for traveling and business mostly, why would you be playing video games on it? You might as well just buy a desktop if you are going to be doing that. I play all types of games on my alienware desktop and I have no problems, and it's more fun than playing on console since you are less restricted.
Take Just Cause 2 for an example, as we speak right now, there is a mod that will allow Online Multiplayer just for PC, and it's being created by a modder! This will allow us to play with other people and cause havoc in the huge Just Cause 2 world, while console gamers wont have it since you can't mod on PS3 or Xbox 360 (on xbox you can mod some stuff).
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BloodyNapkin  +   2045d ago
I would wager my theater seating is more comfortable than your chair.
Reibooi  +   2045d ago
wow they are grasping here.

Satisfaction is lol worthy.

It's a computer: Yeah so is a non gaming PC that will be far cheaper.

Steam: Yeah steam is awesome if you are a diehard PC gamer otherwise it's nothing special. I buy 1-2 PC games every 6 months or so so steam isn't that big a deal for me. Great service nonetheless.

Graphics are better on PC yes. However there are such a lack of games that you would WANT to see better graphics in that it's somewhat pointless. It's all Medevil fantasy games and space marines. I would rather have the diversity of graphics we see on console then always been seeing the same thing on PC.

Mods are awesome. But only for certain games and they are not always easy to install and use so they are certainly not for everyone.

Mouse and Keyboard: Ok yes they may be better for RTS games but it has been proven time and time again that shooters work just as well on controller and there are game types like Uncharted and the like that I would NEVER want to play with a mouse and keyboard.

The Cost: Is still more expensive then the most expensive PS3 or 360 unless you are building a PC that can't run anything that is.

No Lights of Death: True however now you have random failures of certain parts of the computer that unless you are good with that kind of thing will have no idea what failed and what needs to be replaced.

Fact is PC gaming is a taste. It's not better or worse then a console. The things it does well it does better then consoles but there are PLENTY of things that PC's fail at. Like not having 90% of the really good games that come out or ANYTHING from Japan aside from visual novels.
eggbert  +   2045d ago
@ red orange juice
you could always just set your PC to display on the TV itself. It not that hard to do.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   2045d ago
@HSx9, I think laptop is ok in home for internet, Word, communication, etc not only in traveling, no need for desktop and I played SC to bring back some memories. Many ppl say that its stupid to buy a laptop to use it at home, but its good for everything but new games, so whats the problem and it takes less space.
I used to play desktop when games like Fallout 2, Diablo 2, Soldier of Fortune, Max Payne were out, ~10 years ago.

@eggbert, I would never put desktop in my living room.

more and more games get released weeks/months after consoles or not at all, and PC exclusive are not appealing to me at all:/

I'm not criticizing PC gaming, it's just not for me anymore :)
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BloodyNapkin  +   2045d ago
While that is fine and great. Have you tried to play lounged on a couch with a mouse and keyboard? I understand you can use a controller and it works for stuff like racing games. But reason #6 in the article says mouse and keyboard, plus you do not want to play online FPS shooter with a controller while everyone else is using a mouse and keyboard.
Proxy  +   2045d ago
I have a PC and a console.
Console cost more, because I had to buy a TV to use with it.

Sure, the computer monitor isn't as large as the TV, but it cost less, and has higher resolution.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   2045d ago
@Proxy, wouldn't you buy at least HDReady TV anyway? Let's say you choose PC gaming and then what, you don;t have tv at all or stick to the old SD one?
Proxy  +   2045d ago
Ok, so the console really only cost 600$, because I would want a TV anyways. Today it would be 299$ or whatever consoles are selling for?

Then again, wouldn't I also want a PC anyways? (Who doesn't have a PC?) Why not drop an extra 99$ on a GPU and an extra 50$ for a few gigs of good ram.

Take what you already have, add 300$; get a console.
Take what you already have, add 200$; get a gaming PC.
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SaiyanFury  +   2045d ago
To be completely honest, Proxy's right. RAM has rarely been cheaper, and even mid-range GPUs now are typically cheaper than they've ever been. I just found a ZOTAC GTS 250 with 1GB of video RAM and everything needed to run Crysis on high at HD resolutions for 115 dollars. PC gaming really has come down in price. Granted, for a quad core setup with 8 or so GB of memory, it's more pricey, but a decent mid range setup has never been more affordable. Factor in that you can readily connect your video card's output to an HDMI port on your HDTV, it's pretty darned simple. As I type this, I'm putting together a dedicated home theatre PC for all of my movies/TV/media streaming, plus games to be installed. Should be quite the setup. :)
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fullmetal297  +   2045d ago
What makes an HDTV "HD ready" anyway? A monitor is more than capable of projecting HD quality than an HDTV. Resolutions of HDTV only goes up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p) while monitors can reach up to 2560×1600 and even higher resolutions with eyefinity.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2045d ago
1-3 and 8 aren't really very good reasons...
1) Satisfaction? Many things create satisfaction...
2) So are computers not meant for gaming.
3) Not really a seller, not for me. Steam often just creates another layer of DRM.
8) Not if you buy cheap parts. You still have to spend a decent amount more for hardware that lasts.

As for graphics, mods, input options, and game costs....good reasons.
TrailerParkSupervisr  +   2045d ago
i love my gaming laptop!
Got an ASUS and with a 1G Nvidia graphics card, 6G DDR2 and a dual core, it runs most current games at high settings without frame rate issues.

Sure, a desktop can me upgraded but I paid 999.99 for this computer and figure it will be good for games for the next 2-3 years. Once its dated, I can just buy another one. Figure the 10-20 bucks I save on games buying them off steam (2-3 a month) thats 300-400 dollars a year. In 2 years the laptop almost paid for itself.

PLUS, I can sit in my recliner, lay in bed, take it on the road whatever. Laptop gaming rules if you have a decent rig....
Gestalt  +   2045d ago
About HD...
I paid $30 for my HDMI cable.

I could have bought more than a few games off Steam with that cash.
Enate  +   2045d ago
I'm not saying your wrong because someones definition of a gaming rig is all their own and about what they need. Though someone can buy a monitor just the same for their consoles. Now under the right circumstances you would be right for some people but that's the thing about PC gaming what's good for the next person might not be good enough for the next. I just find a lot of stuff sounds good on paper or in these comments but real world measures don't always add up to these what if scenarios a lot of the PC guys like to type up here.

I'll give you my personal situation this past summer, as its a perfect match for what you were talking about. You know take a little of this and a little of that out of the old into the new just a little money here an there an bam your in their like swim ware right? This is where I say not all that stuff really translates. Take my old PC dell all garbage nothing in it worked for where I was going with my new PC I built. It was ddr2 an old ass single core no PCI- E slot an the hard drive was IDE, to small and dying and the xp disk was dell only. An even if that worked oem xp when installing with a sata drive must either be burned with the sata drivers into it or added in with a floppy annoying when reformatting trust me.

Long story short I'm just pointing out how a lot of the time the little of this little of that scenario doesn't always work. I ended up building a rig that ran up a final tab at about 1500 which could probably be built for 500 or more less now and to be honest anything less and I wouldn't even consider it a gaming rig. That's just me though every story is unique but knowing what my rig is capable of and the numbers people post for lesser system on this site on the daily. I can't help but see a bunch of people lying on system far less capable then mine posting better numbers which I know isn't possible.

Though anyone who points it out in a PC thread is usually instantly disagreed with by the circle jerk club that normally floods PC threads. So an well thought out real world experience opinion like mine is usually thrown to the wolfs because I can't be lied to like the other guys who lack the equal PC knowledge. If you actually read this far thank you for your time.

Oh an just in case for those who were wondering here are some stats on my rig.

Amd 955 Black Edition 3.2ghz(Won't overclock till my Zalman 9900)
M4A78T-E Asus Motherboard
EVGA 275GTX Overclocked to FTW
4gb of amd ocz gold ram DDR3 at 1600mhz(plan to add 4 more)
1tb barracuda 7200rpm
Xcilo WW full tower case
Saitek Eclipse II keyboard
Windows 7 64bit home premium
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amogrr  +   2045d ago

"Mouse and Keyboard: Ok yes they may be better for RTS games but it has been proven time and time again that shooters work just as well on controller"

You sir, are high.
sid4gamerfreak  +   2044d ago
I could on and on and on to say how the pc is THE best gaming platform but im guessing you all know that...
Mike Bell  +   2045d ago
Yup, already pointed out - made the change haha, not sure how I missed that one while proof-reading!
KieranD  +   2045d ago
This is really good and is also good and you should read it no I didn't write it what a preposterous statement.
FragMnTagM  +   2045d ago
I can has
some of what you are smoking?
KieranD  +   2045d ago
Haha, go check the author on the actual site. Drugs are bad kids.
amogrr  +   2045d ago
Haha. Bubbles for the both of you :)
midi  +   2045d ago
I want a free PC now Mike.
LuckySkunk  +   2045d ago
I agree with 7 out of 8 of these reasons. That is like 99% or something, which is very high.
Fishy Fingers  +   2045d ago
87.5 :)
KieranD  +   2045d ago
Get you, guy that can do maths.
Fishy Fingers  +   2045d ago
No, guy that can use his PC calculator.

Reason 9?
KieranD  +   2045d ago
Haha, true true. I'll keep it in mind for future features ;D.
Alexdude333  +   2045d ago
LastbornSmudg3  +   2045d ago
Yea, the two very important factors are the DIY build-a-computer and the price. Both which are the biggest stoppages for people creating their ideal gaming rigs.
tdrules  +   2045d ago
my Mom built her own computer, first time ever.
You ever seen how ridiculously detailed the motherboard manual is, that is all you need...
FragMnTagM  +   2045d ago
It depends on what brand of PC motherboard you are buying. I have put together many computers and I have seen many motherboard manuals be very sloppy, not correct ones for the motherboard, or even no manual at all. I do agree, however, that there are really good mobo manufacturers that have nice directions.
Lightningz  +   2045d ago
Nice list, I should really exploit my PC's potential a bit more than just GTA:IV...
BetaChris  +   2045d ago
Some good reasons here. Laying the groundwork for a "state of PC gaming" piece later on in the year, perhaps?
mcgrawgamer  +   2045d ago
my consoles are nice additions to my pc, but neither get the love that my pc get's or as I like to call her the "midnight rider"
Mystee  +   2045d ago
Gaming on pc
I still use my pc alot for games. I enjoy playing on both console and PC.
ktchong  +   2045d ago
Aother reason why PC is superior to Xbox, PS3 or Wii
The article forgets an important reason: full backward and future compatibility.

When you buy a console, backward compatibility is always an issue. Xbox 360 does not play all Xbox games. The current PS3 SKUs do not play PS2 games.

However, PC is always 100-percent backward compatible. You may have to tweak some settings in Windows to get an old game to run correctly, but you know every old PC game is playable on today's systems.

AND, you can be assured that whatever games you invest into buying today will run in the future on a PC.
BloodyNapkin  +   2045d ago
That's actually not true. Sure you can get older games to work with a newer PC, but what about newer games or newer tech on a older PC. Alot of things will not work with a win 98 machine new hardware games etc and it hasn't for a while now. I know what you are saying with current tech, but that does not make it fully backwards or forwards compatibility.
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SaiyanFury  +   2045d ago
And don't forget on a PC: ROMs and emulators. If you wanna really talk about backwards compatible video games, you can play pretty much everything back as far as the PS2, provided your PC is powerful enough to handle it. :P
BloodyNapkin  +   2045d ago
I don't see how you people can agree with him. When it is a fact i repeat a fact it is not 100% backwards or forwards compatible. I don't understand what emulators have to do with not being backwards and forwards compatible. I just tried to install SCC and it said my system did not meet the requirements, so how is that compatible for ya. I have a old dot matrix printer i would like to use also and guess what i cant use. I see issues like this alot.
amogrr  +   2045d ago
You've misunderstood. He said 'future' compatibility, not forward. No one will try running crysis on win98, but will clearly expect it to work with Windows8. No one will run Uncharted 2 on their PSOne, but aren't fully assured of it running on their ps4 either.
labwarrior  +   2045d ago
Reason #1: Keep video cards companies alive
Me ? Nope, i prefer saving those 20.000$ on PC hardware and actually buy games and enjoy other things with the money

But i have to thank those that even though PC has zero exclusive 3D games worthy of anything, do buy new gaming PCs, thanks and congratulations on your choice, if it was not for you, the graphics would have been like Wii still

I hope Alan Wake (and Fable 3, Gears 3 etc etc) does not make PC gamers move to consoles, i mean having zero important games is rather devastating

PC is grand for its 2D advenures like Whispered World and strategy games like Heroes though, and old adventures/RPGs that wre not on consoles, but you DONT need a gaming PC for those,i play them fine on my Laptop
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tobebech  +   2045d ago
The whole RTS and MMORPG genre says hallo, as well as a big chunk of RPG games. And of course most of the hardcore fps's.

The most played online game is still on PC, just saying :P

EDIT: To the ones who disagree, care to comment? World of Warcraft is the most played online game.
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kevnb  +   2045d ago
well actually
consoles have very few exclusive games worth talking about. Especially the 360. Should I quit pc gaming because I cant play halo reach? Ill take Star Craft 2, Diablo 3 and the witcher 2 thank you very much.
catch  +   2045d ago
While I like the idea of having a good gaming pc and can definitely understand the appeal it just isn't for me. I like to chill on the couch with a controller when I play (mouse and keyboard never has and likely never will be comfortable or enjoyable for me) and the majority of games I like don't go to pc anyways.
tobebech  +   2045d ago
I have 2 major reasons
1# The games, the games and genres i prefer are best played on a pc with a keyboard and mouse.
2# I can use it to surf the internet, listen to music, do my homework and all the other stuff. My Pc is the only media machine i got in my room.

But that is just my personal preference.
Omega Zues  +   2045d ago
What the?
Look, I have a ton of respect for PC gaming. I my self am guilty of having two 5870's (my gawd the power) but always rambling on how PC is sooo much better then consoles isnt going to win you any prizes.
SebastianSB  +   2045d ago
The article still says "seven reasons"
Smutchings  +   2045d ago
I have but one gripe with this article, the title says 7 but the article gives 8...

Overall the arguements put forward seem fair, but they are not enough to move my away from my PS3 and Xbox 360, with a 32" HDTV. all 3 of these together cost less than a high end gaming rig, and i get a lot more out of them (like multiplayer, and a remote without a stupid dongle).

My opinion is slightly biased though, as I am a mac user and so would not consider buying a pc of any kind at the moment
tobebech  +   2045d ago
You could get a good gaming rig for the price of a 360 + PS3 + HDTV. You also has to remember games are cheaper for the PC. You can also do a lot of other stuff on your pc too, however if you prefer mac, i can see why pc would be a bad choice for you. It is all about personal preference.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2045d ago
Well, the console owners only are the Lazy people, they need to read this article.
SebastianSB  +   2045d ago
If excess work was a measurement of quality blu-ray players would have treadmills.
BloodyNapkin  +   2045d ago
How are people that play on console only lazy?
djfullshred  +   2045d ago
LOL, yeah sitting on for butt while PC gaming gives people plenty of excercise & ambition in life compared to sitting on your butt playing through a console.
tobebech  +   2045d ago
I don't think you prefer a console because you are lazy. I think maybe it is more about the games, the controls, and the general way things works.
BloodyNapkin  +   2045d ago
Well i think that is a dumb comment. How can anyone saying playing a game on a console is more lazy than play one on the PC. But the fact of the matter is i keep calling you people out on your comments and you fail to reply. I mean if you are going to spew non sense then have enough balls to back up your statement instead of posting for the sake of being a fanboy.
Stranjak  +   2045d ago
I never tried PC Gaming really...
I've always had sub-par PCs
Might have to get an upgrade now, cos of this :P
magicwalnuts  +   2045d ago
You can get a gpu that will play most games today on high settings for under a hundred bucks. Both Nvidia and ATI offer some serious bang for you buck.
djfullshred  +   2045d ago
The main reason I no longer play games in front of my PC is that my big plasma HDTV & surround sound system connected to my PS3 in front of my comfy couch kicks azz.
#21 (Edited 2045d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kevnb  +   2045d ago
I play my pc on my tv too
surround sound, wireless controller, 1080p its wonderful.
djfullshred  +   2045d ago
I know that's do-able, but I aint putting a PC in my living room.
cain141  +   2045d ago
I need a new PC period haha
Flindo  +   2045d ago
gaming PC
I have a gaming laptop, it has a low battery but it does what I need for gaming.
iceman2885  +   2045d ago
2 major reasons they forgot to mention...
1. Starcraft 2
2. Diablo 3

(Well, I guess it doesn't have to be a 'gaming' computer per se since Blizzard keeps their reqs relatively low)
jy_mrnd  +   2045d ago
PC gaming will always have cheaper games and give you a better gaming experience all around.I use to game on consoles until i discovered PC gaming.Why game on a console when all multi platform games play and look better on the PC.PC gaming and STEAM will always be superior to consoles!Only console fanboys will disagree.
magicwalnuts  +   2045d ago
Although, unfortunately AAA titles are starting to go for 60 bucks on the PC now as well. BUT! the games are still generally cheaper thanks to DD services such as Steam and Impulse because of the sales!
Pandamobile  +   2045d ago
Only Ubisoft and Activision price their games at $60 on PC. AAA games from EA, THQ, 2K, SEGA, Betheda, etc still cost the regular $50, often times with a preorder bonus of 5-10%.

The only reason for a $60 PC game is pure greed on the publisher's part. I love how Activision and Ubisoft price their games higher than everyone else and offer a lesser experience than everyone else.
Graydon  +   2045d ago
PC Gaming is awesome, and Mouse & Keyboard setup is definitely the way to go for most games. I am not a fanboy, seeing as I still enjoy playing games on my Xbox 360, but I am a PC gamer now!
Paul Hudson  +   2045d ago
Nice article, very good KD.
Onsyman  +   2045d ago
I don't agree with most of the reasons:
1. just like all mac users, some people like to get their gaming kit ready for action(aka consoles) and not having to do a full research for every component so that they will synchronize perfectly with each other.
2. every ordinary computer can execute those functions, no reason here for a gaming pc
3. Steam is nice I'l agree with this one, although not that different from the Live or PSN.
4. this one's true, pc's will always be built better.
5. mods are awesome, but again, you will need to find your way around to play them and get them in all sorts of ways.. not everyone likes that kind of commitment
6. can't argue on that one.
7. also, can't argue here
8. this one I can't agree with, pc's break all the time, hardware and software, while consoles are usually break-free if you treat them well enough, the problem with the pc is that it's for multitasking, and uses all of it's resources all around, while the gaming console is built for gaming solely, and nothing else will interfere.
KieranD  +   2045d ago
On your first point, often it's not nearly as hard as you think to be sure of compatible components, it requires basic knowledge but isn't too hard. If you're stuck, so many online forums are more than willing to offer advice. It's not too hard if you do a bit of research.

I agree basic functions don't require huge power, but that's not what I meant in this. The more demanding-yet everyday- tasks such as file conversion and oh-whatever-else can be quicker with more power.

A lot of mods set themselves up/have instructions in the installation or on the site you got it from. Mod-DB makes it all easy tbh.

PC's do break, but it's a lot more fixable and you can often fix it yourself rather than sending it somewhere with PCs.
Onsyman  +   2045d ago
I'm right there with you on the pc thing, I love building my own pc and checking for the appropriate parts, but I just don't think every gamer should go through this process in order to play games, and I think it's one of the biggest reasons pc gamers stick to pc-only games while non-pc gamers will always prefer a console version of a game(unless it's a shooter, or rts ofcourse, I don't understand how you can play an rts on a console)
TABSF  +   2045d ago
Well Lets get to the facts people

Did Microsoft or Sony give you more than 1 years warranty when the 360 and PS3 was originally released no!!! RROD and YLOD anyone, I have been through 1 360 and 2 PS3s

AMD, ATi, Intel and Nvidia will give extended warranty and depending on ATi and Nvidia Vendors they will give double life-time warranty
RAM manufactures will also give you life-time warranty
PSU manufactures date how long the average life span of the PSU will be such as 50,000 Hours (8 years without power down)
HDD or SSD also have life span printed in hours.
My SSD life span is 1 million hours mean time before failure

Basically console manufactures would never put these claims or fact on their own product because they can't do it, they only give you 1 year free because the law says they have to.

Asus made my Mobo, ATi made my GPU, Intel made my CPU, Kingston made my SSD, Samsung made my HDD, OCZ made my RAM and PSU. All these companies always provide more than the law says and some claim that I will die before the component do and guess what I believe them 100%

Also who says you can't game on a PC in your living room with a 52" or 108" HDTV with 360 or PS3 pads
Pandamobile  +   2045d ago
One of my favourite aspects of PC gaming is the amount of choice we are offered.

We're not forced into an online service we hate. We're not forced to use one type of input device. We're not forced to use the same type of hardware. We're not forced to play the game the way the developer intended, etc.

I can also push my hardware beyond what the manufacturer inteded too. Add a little bit more voltage, increase the clock speeds, turn up the amount of RAM cycles, and bam, you can squeeze like 5-20% more power out of your computer.

I can guarantee you that of the hundrends of millions of PC's out there, no one has the exact same PC or desk setup as I do. Part of having a personallized, unique setup just adds to the satisfaction of having a setup like this.
TehSalez  +   2045d ago
And 1 reason to not own a gaming PC: No games.
TABSF  +   2045d ago
No games hahahahaha

PC has more exclusives then any other platform

60 of them are multi-platform but well over 200 are 100% PC exclusives not to mention the PC mods, freeware games and the fact PC versions of all multi-platforms are far superior

Amazing games in each genres

PC it only does everything
TehSalez  +   2045d ago
Amazing game in each genres????? SAY WHAT???

The list you sent me are a bunch of RTS and RPG games. The rest are all multiplats. Where is the variety?. And btw, I have a PS3 and recently got a gaming PC (Got it instead of a 360, cause if you have a PC you have a 360, only better. No fanboy, but its just a fact).

What I'm trying to say is that exclusives on PS3 have a hell of a lot more variety.

And yes, Mods are awesome.
#30.2 (Edited 2045d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Pandamobile  +   2045d ago

Oh the ignorance of some people.
TehSalez  +   2045d ago
And also, those games are a bunch of 6.0-8.0 games. wtf, they're not even AAA games.
#30.4 (Edited 2045d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TABSF  +   2045d ago
Don't go on reviews myself

Aliens vs Predator got 67% Metascore

That would not even class for a Single A, yet I think its great AA for me

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 got 86% Metascore

It is classed as a Triple A game, yet I think its terrible and sub C at best

Always take reviews with a pinch of salt and remember these people always get bribed to highly rate a sh!tty game
TehSalez  +   2045d ago
I couldn't believe AvP was getting Sh*tty reviews cause I love the AvP games and movies. So I bought it on day 1 and it simply sucked. Short campaigns, repetitive gameplay, and MP got boring fast. The reviews were right. The game deserves a 67 on metacritic.

And Modern Warfare 2 got 86 on PC. The game is AAA on consoles. But I hate it too.
#30.6 (Edited 2045d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
tobebech  +   2045d ago
The PC got more than enough games, most PC gamers know that a games does not have to be AAA to be good.
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