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The nature of Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake is fun and each game mode will always make you smile – on the go. Its presentation stands out with colorful and bright cartoony visuals. Its simple yet innovative style, deep customization, tongue-in-cheek humor, along with a plethora of game modes makes Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake one of the best titles currently available on the PSP and indeed one of the best transitions from the PS3.

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NateNater3105d ago

Well what are you waiting for, an invitation? Go get one!

Cloake3105d ago

With this and games like Peace Walker coming out, it seems like Sony is trying to bring more online multiplayer to the PSP.

T3mpr1x3105d ago

Yeah, it's great. Gotta wonder how much longer until the next PSP though...

user94220773105d ago

Yes, there is a demo for the PS3 version of Fat Princess.

despair3105d ago

damn this, peace walker, mod nation racers and littlebigplanet for psp seems like its time to get one.

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