Killzone 2 Comparison - E3 2005 VS E3 2007

The stages have been set. Sony have finally unveiled their much anticipated title for the PS3. Here is the first comparison to see how close the new gameplay is to the CG trailer which was shown in 2005.

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Blabbermouth3806d ago

thats crazy it looks that close to the 05 trailer, like what others have said, it looks better in certain aspects. I didn't even realize that until I saw these pics.

Shake3805d ago

Im a 360 fan but when I saw this I got really happy....I dont know why.Does this mean im turning into the dark side?No...I must stay in the light

StateofMind3805d ago


You're a gamer first, I hope. A gamer appreciates this sort of technical achievement no matter what. Now find some excuses to get pissed off at your 360 so you can put a PS3 next to it.

VendettaWFT3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Is that everyone and I mean everyone completely forgot about that first screen shot they posted a couple days ago of the Helghast guy, and how much flak Killzone 2 and the developers were taking from that one picture. I tip my hat to him, he said "just wait till you see this thing in motion" and I'll be damned cause he was absolutely right. Everybody who was hating on that picture and on this game just got completely "shut up" by this trailer. Congrats GG and Sony

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TriggerHappy3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

even better than the 05 trailer graphically, animations could use some tweaking though.

The General3806d ago

The only competition E3 2007 Killzone 2 had was its E3 2005 trailer and now, it has surpassed even that in only "pre-pre ALpha". Truly amazing. Nah, Forget that, that is Ridiculous. EVERY and I Mean EVERY PS3 fan was right. Killzone 2 owned and not only owned the E3 2005 trailer, but owned everything. If you don't own a PS3, you just got owned by Sony's E3. So no more excuses, next-gen touch-sense-rumble might making a comeback this fall, so right now is the time to go and get a ps3. Great games coming out this fall and in 2008, all paving the way for the end of the current Next-Gen, to give rise to the New Next-Gen Era, The Rise Of Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4.

It's feeling so good right now to be a PS3 OWNER. My Savings and Wallet have just got owned.

P.S. - PS3 fans, give other PS3 fans bubbles because you were right all along, so let's celebrate with a E3 2007 PS3 After Party Bubble Fiesta.

Killzone 2 for the Win Baby!

sloth4urluv3806d ago

Are you blind?
Dont get me wrong it looks great, but im not going to go asfar to say that it looks better than the pre rendered....
You can obviously tell that the pre render has much higher poly models and higher resolution textures.

EZCheez3806d ago

I also seem to be one of the few that thinks this looks better than COD4. The trailer looked awesome but the live demo wasn't THAT impressive. It almost looked like a new SOCOM game.

@General. I will support you in your bubble spree, even though I never really argued that it would own. However, that doesn't mean I wasn't hoping for it too.

sak5003806d ago

Look at desperate fonybois imagining it to be better than a pre-reendered CGI. Man wake up and stop sucking on phil's d!ck. This is an avg looking game, even Hour of victory had better graphics than this but look what happened to it 2/10 by gamespot. The A.I is at par with Far Cry. Gamers would know what i'm talking about.

So since you guys haven't had a decent fps in a long time, this blandly colored ps2.5 title is looking awesome to you.. You guys have no taste.

Master of Menace3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Actually, not that real.

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SimmoUK3806d ago

Wow they really did it gameplay pawns the trailer well done guerila...

unbiased3806d ago

Mart said it would be immpossible to ever do the trailer.
sorry guys but if Mart said it, it must be true.

Creepa at GameManx3806d ago

This has Surpassed the 05 trailer Real talk

fenderputty3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

It meets and surpasses the 05 trailer. It's pretty damn even if you ask me. There's some give and take. Honestly ... I can't believe it looks as good as it does. The new extended gameplay footage makes me giddy.

EZCheez3806d ago

My wife laughed at me while I giggled watching this. Same for the GT5 trailer.

Synex3805d ago

Killzone 2 and GT5 also made me pretty giddy. My friend I had over to watch sony's E3 conference stopped everything he was doing, even if he was talking and in the middle of a sentence, and starred at the tv in "Awe" when GT5 and Killzone 2 played. Also, he happens to be a X360 owner and always puts down the PS3 every chance he gets. I think his chances just lessened. :D