Okamiden Proves the Stylus is Mightier Than the Remote (Or Controller)

Brian Crecente from Kotaku writes: Okamiden manages to walk the fine line between artistic and interesting, delivering a portable gaming experience that is a pleasure to watch and play.

I spent about a half hour with the localized version of the DS title last week, settling down into a chair to tap my way through a small section of gameplay.

In Okamiden players take on the role of Chibiterasu, the wolf cub of Okami's Amatersau. Throughout the section I played through, Chibiterasu had sidekick Kuni, the son of the original game's Susano, riding on his back.

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hatchimatchi3130d ago

definitely, I can easily see the stylus being the best for a paintbrush mechanic in a game. It's like trauma center on the wii, it's good but it's so much better with a stylus.

NateNater3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Yea Okami is the type of game that was meant for the stylus from the beginning. I'm glad they decided to make the second game on the DS.

phalanx_mark3128d ago

what makes the wiimote tricky with Trauma centre and driving feeling off with a steering wheel is down to doing stuff in free air which wasnt supposed to be done in free air. FPS Gun wielding and Sword wielding feel okay because that was meant to be done in free air. But a steering wheel is normally attached to a dashboard. Importantly with Okami a brush is used to paint on something solid not in empty space.

NateNater3129d ago

If they make another Okami game after this, they should consider making it work with PS Move, Natal, and/or WiiMotionPlus if it was multipat of course. That would be pretty fun and I see it as a kind of game that was meant for motion controls.

gamingisnotacrime3129d ago

instead of 2d use of the brush, lets see those developers use their creativity in a 3D environment Brush, one can only dream

Honky Kong3129d ago

gets no attention on n4g
i was really impressed by the vid!

gamingisnotacrime3129d ago

with the stylus is like havink the brush on your hand, even better than okami on the Wii
This game will be a blast on the DS, so perfect for that platform