Nintendo Europe Reveal Nintendo DS Summer Line-Up

In addition to the revelation of the Wii summer line-up, Nintendo has also announced an incredibly creative line-up for the Nintendo DS, kicking off with the puzzle-filled Rooms: The Main Building. Set in a dark and mysterious house called 'Rooms Mansion', the game plunges players into a virtual world based around 90 challenging sliding puzzles, each with a brain busting twist.

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Lucreto3131d ago

No Dragon Quest :(

I was hoping to get it during the summer.

SpoonyRedMage3131d ago

It's not the first time a Square Enix game has been left off a Nintendo release list so I wouldn't get too worried.

Stealth20k3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Dragon quest 9 is coming this summer, they are wrong.

Thats also one of the worst gaming lineups ive ever seen. The US sure does get the ds garbage.

Also I assume that soon square will announce the release dates for ff gaiden and dragon quest 6.

And atlus isnt done with the ds yet so hopefully they will announce localizations for something

kevco333131d ago

This is a European schedule, and knowing Nintendo Dragon Quest will be delayed til the kids go back to school - if kids talk about it at school, it will sell. That's the way low age rated software often works in the UK.

Stealth20k3131d ago

It didnt say european schedule in the article

kevco333131d ago


"Nintendo EUROPE Reveal Nintendo DS Summer Line-Up"

Stealth20k3131d ago

Eh what your saying makes sense. I am glad because dragon quest ix would make that horrific schedule actually decent.

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