E3: GT5: Prologue images

GT5 prologue images from E3.

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jromao3972d ago

after this GT5 trailers and pictures are anyone willing to play another racing game ?? This is perfection.

Maddens Raiders3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

and Polyphony have responded to critics with a deafening Lion's Roar, as GT5 has clearly set the bar at: Excellence.

These cars *are remarkable.

Blankman3972d ago

another set of photo realistic gt5 screens. I need to see it in motion in gameplay this is a little unbelievable for me

djtek1843972d ago

this is way too realistic

novaIS3503972d ago

Thank you polyphony for being so awesome. Thank you for melting my face

nice_cuppa3972d ago

its all fake.
and even the fake vid (with track morphing during race) there was no contact at all.

damage ?

no !

Kaneda3972d ago

I guess you never saw GT HD demo...PS3 is capable of that kind of graphics...

damage will come for GT 5... calm down

wipeout3972d ago

tooo bad it only released on the PS3 . . . , polyphony did great job on Ps2 as well , it looked photo realistic as well , PS3 is another enhancement , and the company has done a great job of modeling the car since GT1 . . if they release it on 360 , heck it will look photo realistic as well . . . marketing strategy people

jromao3971d ago

Pity there are guys who born two days ago and have no idea what GT from Polyphony is, damage are in GT5 in racing cars, after game release it will be later upgraded on-line to more features about it, due realistic damage they are doing.

And... yes, that's in-game videos, if you never saw it running at Le-Mans last race this year, search for that trailers, then open your windows and trow that 360 crap away.

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The story is too old to be commented.