What The 'Halo' Movie Would Have Looked Like

Cut to yesterday at E3. Microsoft was showcasing Halo stuff, but it was this one piece of media that really caught my eye. Apparently, Blomkamp worked with WETA studios and created some live action teaser trailers for the would be film.

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TheMART-sucksdick4023d ago

Alot of pissed off fans. (i'm not starting a flame war)

BIadestarX4023d ago

What do you mean by fans? I didnt know hd-dvd fans come to a gaming site. Most xbox 360 owners do not own hd dvd players. heck.. not even 10% if not less. Why do you Sony fanboys like to mix hd-dvd with the xbox 360? Because microsoft supports hd-dvd and created an addon? Microsoft also said that if blu-ray wins they may concider making a blu-ray addon.

Besides by the time this movie is out... will it matter that is released on blu-ray? back when Sony was trying to push BetaMax and lost to VHS sony had to swallow their pride and release all their movies on VHS... now that was a bit embarrazing.. but money talks... now why would it matter to microsoft or xbox owners if halo the movie comes out.. on blu-ray?

Bloodmask4023d ago

Get over yourself. If the Blu ray drive wasn't made by Sony you wouldn't give a crap about it.

A video games console is no place for a format war to begin with. There are way too many threads on this site about HD media.

And Bladestar is right. HDDVD has nothing to do with the 360 and or Microsoft for gaming. It is just an optional purchase.

It is sad Sony used you to win the format war and you applaud them for it. Do you support communism too?

iceice1234023d ago

I thought they were going to announce the movie picked up and that was some footage, was dissapointed to find out it was just Peter Jacksons project.