Halo 3 Updated Single-Player Campaign Preview

Bungie showed off the first level of the game, titled Sierra 117. Not wanting to spoil some of the plot developments revealed at the beginning, the action picked up about a third way through the level. What's interesting is that the Master Chief and the Arbiter have now teamed up, and they and a small escort of Marines must make their way through a Covenant-infested gulch in order to rendezvous with Sergeant Johnson and a couple of Pelican transports.

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WastingOne3971d ago

Just downloaded the a brief preview of it from TeamXbox. Very nice, can't wait for the Sept. 25th.

Daz3971d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Good read

A part from the artical:

So how does it look, a question that's undoubtedly a question on millions of Halo fans' minds. Keep in mind that after some grumbling by fans about the graphics in the recent multiplayer beta, Bungie stressed that what was seen did not represent the final look of the game. Well, what we saw wasn't quite final, but the graphics were undeniably better and more advanced than those seen in the beta. The game pops out right at you. The visuals are clear and crisp and bright and colorful. There's a lush quality to the forest gully, with lots of ground clutter and towering trees. Most noticeable is the almost lifelike sunlight poring through the forest canopy. Halo 3 makes considerable use of high dynamic range lighting so that shadows look dark but at the same time, sunlight looks almost saturated. The animations and character models are also well done. The Master Chief encountered alien brutes in green camouflage armor that looks really cool and plausible, and it's possible to strip a brute of his armor with gunfire or explosions.

Lol all 3 of us got disagrees for what liking halo lol so sad

BADBOYEK43971d ago

beautiful game the colors,lighting,the textures are all amazing.You have to look at the E3 demo when they get to the part where they are shooting the guns look how clean the guns look just beautiful.

Odion3970d ago

woot woot, i cannot wait!

Odion3970d ago

woot woot, i cannot wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.