Xbox 360 Division Pushes $165 Million Profit For MS Q3

The Entertainment and Devices Division of Microsoft, which includes the Xbox 360, PC games and Zune, showed a $165 million profit on revenues of $1.67 billion for the quarter -- alongside record revenue of $14.5 billion for the company as a whole for that period.

For the first three quarters of the company's current fiscal year, Entertainment and Devices Division revenues are down five percent, to $6.46 billion from $6.68 billion. However, profits are up a tremendous 242%, moving from $249 million for that period of 2009 to $851 million so far in 2010.

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mcgrawgamer3130d ago

good to see Microsoft progressing nicely with their gaming endeavors. I wish all 3 console makers well.

Now I'll sit back and wait to see the comments from everyone else...
-those who blindly follow one brand or the other
-those who critic the brand they know or care nothing about yet continue to make predictions on said consoles demise
-and finally those who troll this site simply for the purpose of causing trouble....

*grabs popcorn*

DSI3130d ago

Great Job MS, doing great with the 360.