Yoshida Comments On Move Competition: Natal And Wii

SCE Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida has given his comments on the competition for PlayStation Move: the Xbox 360's Project Natal, and the Nintendo Wii.

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Wizziokid3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Edit: oh yeah my bad, I think Move and Natal will both sell well but personally both are nothing special, or I haven't seen anything outstanding yet

lokiroo4203072d ago

Did you even bother reading the title? move competition

whateva3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

ain't that cute! lol

someone give it a bottle maybe it will go back to it's Mama or the Old Folks Home! which ever way it came from.

Rumor3071d ago

with maturity, unlike some opposing company's pr *cough*greenburg*cough*
"NANA NANA boo boo, we are better than u,u"

i agree with him tho, i am curios also e3's gonna be hot!

Neo6043071d ago

Even the motion plus is 1:1, the Wii is so lastgen.

Bu bu bu but the salesss!!! The Wii #1.
You are saying a ford is better than a lamboghini, not that ford is a bad car.

Blaster_Master3071d ago

Agreed, I bought Red Steel 2 brand new so I can get the Wii motion plus bundle, yeah it can do more with motion plus, but its not really a giant leap. The Move seems to be very accurate, and it looks as if though using a sword will be alot more natural feeling then the Wii motion plus, If anything it really is just a waggle controller, and it sucked so I sold it.

Sez 3071d ago

Yeah like Keven butler was so mature with the pew pew pew. Guess you need to stop talking about greenberg if butler is doing the same bs PR ok.

Greywulf3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

But its sad that you're comparing the two. And thers only 1 "pew pew pew" to about 20-30 anti-sony comments from Greenberg.

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kevco333072d ago

Let me guess? He loves playing with his kids on Wii Sports...

NateNater3072d ago

We don't know much about Natal so it's hard to say a lot about it. Therefore, I'm gonna have to agree with Yoshida on this.

Hopefully at E3 we'll find out how Microsoft is able to get past the limitations of not having a controller.

mjolliffe3072d ago

Well we'll get a much bigger insight as to what Natal will offer when they announce the full list of launch titles at E3 :)

Valay3072d ago

Wii MotionPlus makes things much more precise.

SpaceSquirrel3071d ago

Not surprised by his stance.

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